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Publication numberUS1313108 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 12, 1919
Filing dateJan 31, 1919
Publication numberUS 1313108 A, US 1313108A, US-A-1313108, US1313108 A, US1313108A
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nord and a
US 1313108 A
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A1PLICATION FILED JAN.3I, 191 9. 1,313,108.

Patentd Aug. 12, 1919.

2 SHEETS--SHEET avwentor /j, I


APPLlCATlON FILEDJAN.3I,19X9. 1313.108.

Patented Aug. 12, 1919 2 SHEETS-SHEE I' Z.



Application filed January 31, 1919. Serial No. 274.282.

To u/i ll'lwm it may ('ro-mrm'n Be it'kuown that we. 'Svinua: Noun and "i't'n'u anlxu i\-i\"uunsox, citizens of the United Statesiesidiugat Sekiu. in the couutynof l2lll!\l'll,"'htilt0"Of Washington, have inreuted a new and useful Loading-Boom, of

\\"lricli the following is a specification. This invention relates to booms tor use in loading logs tlie principal. object being r-boo n which can be inf-Is @Ai'hereas heretoiry to employ tongs only.

With the foregoing and other objects in View. which will appearas the description proceeds the invention consists of certain novel details of coustrm-tion and eoinbination of parts which will be. hereinafter more fully-described and pointed out. in the claims it being understood that various changes may be made :in the construction and '-a!rraugeluen'tofthc parts without departing from the spirit. (ii-sacrificin any of the ad- \-'anta; ms of the invention as set forth in the appended claims. v

ln the. accompanying drawing the preferred form of the invention has been sh wn, in said drawing.

Figure. l is a diagrauunatic View of the boom and the apparatus with which it is used.

l igfl is a plan view of the said apparatus. i

Fig. 3 is an enlarged plan view of the boom.

Referring to the figures by characters of r c'lerence l designates an arcuate strap or Vol\'e. pro\'id(d in its ends with e \'e bolts 2. To the yoke are secured opposed angle brachets 3. bet ween which-are titted the ends ot diverging beams 4. which are bolted together and to the lu'acltets 3. as indicated at At a suitable point between the ends of the beam a spacing block 6 is located. this block being held in place in any manner desired, as by means of tie bolts 7. luterposed between the beams adjacent those ends there of remote from the yohe'zire connecting bars 8 arraugml in pairs and provided with terminal ears 9. bolted to the beams. The bars of each pair are connected by a strap 10, and each bar has longitudinal series of apertures 11. whereby the strap 10, can be connected adjastablv to the bars. The bars of each pair are zuljustabl v engaged by links 12 ex,

Specification of Letters Patent.

"with the log to be handled.

Patented-Arie;12,1919 I (ending from the ends of sheaf f blocks which can be adjusted to lnw l ositi sired between the bars ofaeaclr pair tar-hing the links 12 fr0n 1 t. he. ing them along the bars,i and t.hri 1 ing the i l i to tlle bars, th I erlesof open: ings in the bars sbeingsadt tedt e I .fastt un the the bolts or the like used to links. -.--'lie rods 14,,can-bedo at d csi IQt l i n order-10' I b0, spreadiugz: in using the boom herein describe yoke 1 is placed astride anu 1st s huatree trunk ;,properly, dresscc 1c is,.e.\'teuded t-hrouglythe, (W I the yoke and is engaged by a supporting eable 1'? tied to the mast. A chain 18 is attached to eye. bolts 2 and is extended around the mast 15 as shown so as to hold the yoke 1 against the mast. Guy lines 1-) are extended from-the upper portion of the mast and secured to stumps l. or the like.

The outer end of the boom is supported by --ahles 2O fastened to the mast. and mounted to travel on the outer cable 20 is a, carriage 21 to which is-conneeted a sheave block 22. A eahle 23 engages and supports the block 2'. and one end attached to a, ring it supported on one of theguys 19 and held by a line A crotch line 26 is connected to the block 22 and has its lower ends mouably engaging the blocks 13 and provided with grapples or tongs 27 or with hooks 28. These tongs and hooks are adapted to engage a log L for the purpose of lowering it. onto or lifting it from a car C mounted on a track '1 adjacent to the mast 15. I sheave blocks 29 areconnected to the mast 15 and also to one of the guys 19 and are engaged by a haul back'line 30 secured at. one end to the outer ends of the boom .12 and at its other end to a drum 31 of the operating engine 2-32. The cable 23 is extended over a sheave 33 connected to the mast. and is then extended downwardly to another drum '34 driven by the engine. In using the apparatus the cable 23 is paid out so as to lower the crotch line 26 and thus correspondingly lower the grapples and hooks which are then placed in engagement The cable 23 is then taken up so as to cause the crotch line 26 to pull on the grapples and hooks and grip and lift the engaged 19g, After 1.10 ,What isclaimed is:

41. The -combination with a mast, of a boom mounted to swing therearound, asupporting cable connected to the mast and to the boom, a carriage mounted to travel on said cable, a sheave block connected to the carriage, a cable anchored at one end and extending through the sheave block, guides for said cable, means for taking up and paying. out said cable, a crotch line connected to said block and extending through the bo0m,"'guides in the boom for said line, and log engaging elements carried by the crotch b00111 including beams diverging from one end, said beams being connected together at '2. The combinationwith a mast, of a said end, a yoke attached to the. beam at said ends and straddling the mast, means connected to the ends of the yoke and extending around the mast for holding the boom to the mast, means for supporting the boom from the mast, said means including a cable secured to the mast and boom, connecting bars arranged in pairs and secured to and between the beams, sheave blocks adjustably mounted between the bars of each pair, cables connecting the outer end of the boom to the mast for supporting said end,- a crotch line extending past the sheaves of the boomand provided with log engaging elements, and means movably engaging the crotch line for raising and lowering it. relative to the boom.

In testimony that we claim the foregoing as our own, We have hereto aflixed our signatures in the presence of. two witnesses.



W. T. RAYMOND, I Ans'ron Fanxsm san.

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