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Publication numberUS1313386 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 19, 1919
Filing dateMar 17, 1916
Publication numberUS 1313386 A, US 1313386A, US-A-1313386, US1313386 A, US1313386A
InventorsL. Jones
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US 1313386 A
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1 13,386. Patentd Aug. 19,1919.


.To all whom it may concern.

Be 1t known that I, LLEWELVYNYV L. downs, a e1t1zen-ofthe United States, residing at Battle Creek, in the county of Calhoun and nection with the accompanying State of Michigan, have invented. certain new and useful Improvements lILFIlIlIlGlS, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to a funnel.

The principal object is to provide an im- I :when the member vl0 is' closed. position, .a grooved? is providedv i'nQpIateIIS and therein is disposed anannular gasket 13 of rubbe'r Or a -n-mat r l---.; e .xzlosure. aasis -in Eig. :3 engages this proved and more satisfactory article of this nature which will automatically close to prevent the flow of liquid therethrough or overflow upon the filling of atanln or other receptacle. qsj .f'

A very important object is the provision of a construction wherein the closuremem- 'ber may be so disposedwhen in an open position, as not to be in the path of flow of the liquid. 7

Another object is to. provide the article in separable sections in order to facilitate .the insertion of the closuremeans as well as the cleaning and repair of the article and its different parts. I

A further object is to provide a seat for the closure member having a channel to mounta gasket'to cooperate with the closure member in order to provide a substantially liquid-tight joint. i

With the above and additional objects in view, and such as will hereinafter appear from the following description taken in condrawings, the invention has been embodied in one preferred form as illustrated in saiddrawings, wherein 7 Figure 1 is a view partly in elevation and partly in section showing my improved funnel associated with a gasolene tank;

Fig. 2 is a cross sectional view-on the line 22 of Fig. 1, and Y Fig. 3 is a fragmentary vertical sectional view showing the closure member in closed position. 7 Y Referring specifically to the drawings, the improved funnel essentially comprises sections 4 and 5, respectively beingthe usual flared receiving section and the spout section. Each section is provided with an en larged. portion 6 separab'ly, connected by means of screw threads at 7. v

\Vithin the enlarged portion 6 of the spout section 5, a p1ate8 is disposed, and preferably fastened to the enlarged portion as by meansof soldering it at its outer edge. This plate 8 is provided Wltll a relatively large .-App1ication filed March 17,1916.

' 'struetion, and

detachability be readily inspected, repaired or Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Afig, 19,1919,

1 Serial maps.

the spout pivoted; to the plate: for as at 11. Due to the enclosure member when 1n open position is out of the path of flow of the-l quid. In-o'rder'to form a better joint material and as a' result a substantially liquid tight joint is provided. V c

A crank arm 14 is connected to the closure opening 9 in alinement with the out let 20f 5, andthe outlet opening orfla-red portlonft. Saidopening 9 maybe closed by a 1 11? i k 1 i vertical movement .largement. of the; portion ,6, is ,seen in,

Figs. 1 and '2, th e member at 10, being of any suitable 0011-1 I extending through the opening 9 and'terminating in an enlarged eyelet 15. Said eyelet 15 is enga ed by an enlarged eyelet 16 of a lever 1? .pivoted on a pin 18 extending diametrically of and fastened to the spout '5. The lever 17 also-is provided with an eyelet 19 and to the eyelet 19, aneyelet 20. is loosely connected. Said,

eyelet 20 forms part of a rod 21 which mounts a float 212 at its lower end. Guide eyelets 23 maybe provided interiorly of the spout 5 to insure proper positioning and traveling of the rod 21.

It is clear that the funnel is capable of use generally. However, in the drawing I have shown it in connection with a gasolene tank 24. When thus used, preferably an annular collar or rest 25 is fastened on the exterior of spout 5 above its lower edge in order to rest on the boss 26 of the tank.

The closing member and its actuating mechanism are for the most part preferably secured in position when theparts or sec tions 4 and 5 are detached. Through the of these sections, any of the parts may replaced.

In use,while the gasolene or other liquid is being poured through the funnel, the

closure member 10 is opened and disposed out of the path of flow of the liquid and at an inclination to the vertical and resting against the interior of portionsfi of section 4. The liquid being poured through the funnel gradually rises in the tank 24; until it contacts with the lower face of the float 22 and as it continues to rise, accordingly, raises the float, rod 21, 1711138 lever 1.7 and and closure rnenlber 107. tomprovicle a sulbstantiallyofl-set portion, a

to the opposite side otthe vertical whence plate positioned within the enlarged portion it falls into engagement withthe gasket 13 provided 7 with an opening, an annular forming a substantially liquid tight joint groove surrounding said opening having a therewith in order to hold the liquid remaingasket secured therein, a closure disk pivot- ;ing; inthe funnelabove. the closure member; allyrconnected to the said plate and adapted as seen in Fig. 3. As a result, only a, preto be disposed Within the ofiset portion when determined quantity of-Iiquid is supplied-to in a vertical position to avoid the flow of sthe'receptacle and overflowing in the process liquid passing through the funnel, and to 10 0f pouring is avoided. p

- i Since merely the preferred embodiment to'provide a water tight valve, and operatengage the gasket when in a closed position has been illustrated and described, it is to 1ng means positioned within the spout of the be understood thatchanges in the details of funnel below the 'closure' disk, operable construction may be resorted 'to provided through themoveinent ofthe liquid.

15 they fall within the spirit and scope of the In testimony whereof I affix my signature a 7 appended claim; in presence of two witnesses.

I. claim? I v LLEWELYN L. JONES. combinationwith a, funnel comprising Witnesses? I 1 v sepa Able upper and lower sections, said sec- :7 ML BSS-H TWEL tionsbeingjenlarged at'their'iunction so as C.v T. 'FRENGH'.7

T Qopie: of this' lia teat pay-be' obtainedfor 1m cents 'eacii,iby' addressing the Goxnmis'sicner of Patents;

1 -Was l ington, D, G.-

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