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Publication numberUS1313610 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 19, 1919
Filing dateSep 23, 1916
Publication numberUS 1313610 A, US 1313610A, US-A-1313610, US1313610 A, US1313610A
InventorsB. S. Robertson
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Stomach-pump attachment
US 1313610 A
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I APPLICATION FILED SEPT- 23, I9I5. 1,313,6100

Patented Aug. 19,1919.


. I}, lr wentsrs Attorneys Witnesses W. ST. CLAIR AND B.-S. ROBERTSON.



1,313,610, Patented Au 19 1919.

w. Inventors u s31 .Koberrifisom Att Pn eys UNITED F I WALTER s'r. QLALR. AND BEDFORD s. ROBERTSON, or ROCKYMO-UNT, VIRGINIA.

STOMACH-PUMP ATTACHMENT. -J p To allwhomitmayconcern:v I i Be it known thatwe, WALTER ST. Gianni and Bnnronn S. RO ERTSON, citizens of the United States, residing atRockymount, in the county of Franklin, State of Virginia, have invented anew and useful Stomach- Pump Attachment, of which the following is a specification. I

By way of explanation it may be stated that. when astomach pumpis being used on a pa. tient who is in convulsions, or i s otherwise incapable of subjective controlof his acts, the jaws of the patient frequently closehon the'inlet tube of the stomach pump, thereby choking off the inlet tube, and renderingthe entire pump useless. Further, under the conditions above mentioned, the inlettubeof the stomachpump frequently is bitten apart, and the'patient swallows the severed end. I

In view of the foregoing,,the object of the invention is tov provide novel means,

mounted on the inlet' tube 'of a stomach pump, whereby the patient will be prevented from closing his jaws on the inlet tube, and choking the inlet tube or severing it.

Itis within the province of the disclosure I to improve generally and. to: enhance the utilityof devices of that type to' whichithe present invention appertains.

With he above and other objectsin view which will appear as the description. proceeds, the inventionresides inthe combmation and arrangement of parts and in the,

details of construction hereinafter described and claimed, it I being understood that changes in the precise embodiment of the invention herein disclosed, can be made within the scope of what is claimed, without departing from the spirit of the invention.

Inthe accompanying drawings Figure 1 is a side elevation of a stomach pump, to which the device'claimed hasbeen applied, parts being broken away, parts appearing in section, and the connection which is adapted to bridge the pumping mechanism being shown out of operative relation to the pumping mechanism.

Fig. 2 is an elevation wherein a modified form of the invention appears, parts being shown in section;

Figs. 3, 4 and 5 are views similar to Fig. 2 but showing, each, a modification in the invention;

Fig. 6 is a fragmental elevation showing a hinged connection used in Fig. 3; and

a hinge usedin Fig. 5

Specification of Letters'lPatent. P t nte 1919; Application filed se temberza eie. Seria1No. 121,839.

Fig. Sis a transverse section showing a further modification in the invention, the pumping mechanism being omitted, and the member which adapted. to bridge the pumping mechanism being. shown in part only. I r

In the .drawlngs, there is shown a stomach pump comprising an inlet tube 1, an outlet.

tube 2, and an intermediate bulb"p ump3j pump, however,

connecting the tubes. The may be of any desired form.

In one form of, he inventlon, there is provided an incompressible {tubular guard 4,

made of metal or some other substance having sufficient strength so that the tube-4 cannot be'crushed between the patients jaws. The guard 4 is equipped with an outstanding flange Shaving openings 6 adapted to receive a bandorother connector 7,.which may beelastic. The band l passes around thehead of the, patient and holds the guard 4 in place; Owingto the fact that, as shown inthed1*awings,the guard 41s of tapered v form, the inlet tube 1 of the stomach pump may be introduced readily through the guard.- The guard. is .of sufficient diameter.

so that the inlettube 1 may be adjusted longitudinally. The fiangefinot only. serves as la pointof attachment for the head band.

may. be surroundedv by a resilient protector 8, such as a tube of rubber, the function of the protector 8 being topreventj the teeth of the patient from being injured when the;

tube 4.

In Fig. 2, the numeral 9 designates the n lettube of a stomach pump, the outlet tube is shown at 10, and the pump proper appears as 11. The numeral 12 denotes an incompressible uard tube having a resilient protector 14. The guard tube 12 is equipped with a curved extension 15 adapted to span the pump 11. Connected with the extension 15 is a flexible element 16 looped around the outlet tube 10 as shown at 17. The numeral 18 designates a detachable connection on the end of the flexible element 16, whereby the loop 17 may be formed. Owing to the construction above described, the guard '7, but, also, serves to protect the handjof f i the operator, should the patient vomitf desired,- the tubular incompressible guard f4:

tube may be held in a retracted position, when not v 1 As shown in Fig. 3, there is provided an incompressible tubular guard 19 surrounded by a protector 20. An arm 21 is hinged at 21m theguerd e k-"fl x b e element 23 05 the kind hereinbefore described is attached to the free end of the arm 2l-and isheld at one end in the formof a "loop 24 by a connector -25, for the purpose hereinbefore set forth. The hinged connection 22 preferably embracescotiperating ears 26 on the parts 19 and 21, and a]: pintle 27 extended through the guard tube appears at 32 and is surrounded by 'a resilientprotectorSS. One'end of the uard t 3 s qu ed with a P o ti eye 34 to which an 21111125 is pivoted by means of an eye 36,5the arm 35 in the present instance. being in the form of apiece of wire. The arm 35 at its free end carries, as before, a flexible element 37 formed into a 35 loop 38. as hereinbefore set forth.

Although the flange 5 has been shown only inconnection withthat form of the in i' ntion i h i d picted in Fig. '1, it will.

be understood that the flange may be applied to the other forms of theinvention if desired.

It will be understood that in all forms of "the invention, the inlettube is freely adjustable, ongitudinally, through the incompressible guard.

In Fig. 8 of the drawings, the incompressible guard appears at 50 and is surrounded by a'protector 51 of the kind hereinafter set forth. The guard 50 has a bell-shaped end 52 formed into a circums'cribing rib 53 copielpi. this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressingthe-Commissioner of Patents,

and a peripheral flange 5 1. plate 55 abuts a insttherib 53 and. ies thin t e tour of the flange 5 1. Securing elements 56 which may be .rivets unite plate 55 with the rib 53. Rivets 56 carry strips 57 supporting buttons58 adapted to be connectedwitha flexible element like that shown in Fig. 1. The plate 55' is provided with a reflecting surface on its outer face, so that by reversing the device on the tube "1, this reflecting surface may be used to illuminate the mouth and throat of the patient. As indicated at 30, the flexible element 30 and attendant parts, of Fig. 4, may be used in connection with that form which is depicted in Fig. 9.

An inspection ofthe drawings will render it evident that the device forming the sub-- ject matter of this application may be removed readily from a stomachpump, to-permit sterilization and cleanlng.

Having thus described the. invention, what is claimed is A stomach pump comprising an inlet tube; an outlet tube; a pumping mechanism interposed between the tubes and connecting the tubes, the pumping mechanism being of greater diameter than either tube; an incompressible tubular guard wherein the inlet tube slides; and a connection having one of its ends attached'to the guard, the connection bridging the" pumping mechanism and terminating. at its other end in a releas able loop engaged around the outlet tube and of smaller diameter than the pumping mechanism, the pumping mechanism having a three fold oflice, in that it constitutes a liquid-handling means, a stop limiting the" backward movement of the guard, and a stop for the loop thereby limiting longitudinal movement of the connection and a forward movement of the guard- In testimony thatwe claim the foregoing as our own, we have hereto afiixed our signatures in the'presence of two witnesses.





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