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Publication numberUS1314269 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 26, 1919
Filing dateApr 1, 1919
Publication numberUS 1314269 A, US 1314269A, US-A-1314269, US1314269 A, US1314269A
InventorsJphilip Kempter
Original AssigneeGeuder
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US 1314269 A
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Patented Aug. 26, 1919.





Specification of Letters Patent.

Application tiled April 1, 1919. Serial No. 286,650.

To all 'whom t may concern:

Be it known that I, PHILIP KEMPTER, a citizen of the United States, residing in Mil- Waukee, county of Milwaukee, and State of Visconsin, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Shipping-Cases for Films and the like, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof.

My invention relates to shipping cases for films and the like. Such cases may be used for shipping any fragile material which requires a strong, liglit-weight container.

I have as an object of this invention the provision of such a shipping ease which may be constructed entirely of metal, preferably sheet metal, which will stand service without rapid deterioration.

I have provided a case which is of such configuration and outline that a plurality of such cases may be readily stacked in any way that is convenient without having eX- posed parts which would cause interference.

The case is light in weight and entirely fireproof. It can be carried about readily by bringing a handle into proper position.

Other objects will be apparent as the description proceeds, and I will have it understood that my invention is not to bey limited to the showing in the drawings, but rather to the scope of the claims which follow the description.

In the embodiment shown in the drawings,

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a shipping case with the cover closed;

Fig. 2 is a section through the cover and the front wall of the ease showing the cover closed, and the means for retaining it closed;

Fig. 3 is a section through the cover and one of the hinges with the cover closed and showing in dot and dash the cover in the open position; and

Fig. 4 is a plan view of the sliding bolt used to lock or retain the cover closed.

Like refei'ence characters relate to like parts throughout the several views.

In the form shown, the case is substantially rectangular in configuration and slightly wider than deep. It has side walls 5 which are made u of a single piece of sheet metal which as been folded back upon itself, as at 6 in Fig. 3, and is provided with a stifl'eningl wire 7 the sheet being folded or rolled about such wire at its edge, as at 8. The body portion of the sidewalls is corrugated in any desirable manner to provide stiffness. As shown, these. corrugations comprise three parallel ribs 0. These corrugations do not extend all the way around the walls, but are discontinued in the front portion of one wall to provide space for pasting a label, as at 10. The strip from which the side walls 5 .is made is preferably lap welded at the back side of the case.

A bottom 1l of sheet metal is bent to the form shown in Fig. 3 at 12, and envelops the lower edge of the side wall member 5. The bottom 11 and the lower edge of the side wall 5 are preferably spot welded at 13, as this will not affect the metal by destroying its temper. Any other suitable means, however, may be used for fastening these parts together.

In order that the top of the shipping ease may present a smooth surface, so that eases may be stacked on top of one another, suitable depressions are provided to receive hinges, handle and retaining device.

The cover 20, which is generally of rectangular configuration, has a depending rim 21 which is adapted to closely encircle the upper edge of the side Wall member 5 outside of the doubled over portion 6. The cover is provided centrally with a depression 22 which extends forward, as at 23, to the surface of the front edge of the rim 21, where the rim is not so wide, as clearly shown in Fig. 1. In this depression I have mounted a suitable bail-like handle 24 which is carried on a strap 25 secured by suitable rivets at 26. The forward depressed portion 23 carries, by suitable rivets 26', two U-shaped strap members 27 and 28. These members 27 and 28 coperate with the upper surface of the depressed portion 23 of the cover to slidingly guide a bolt or retaining member 29, which, in Figs. l and 2, is shown in a position to hold the cover closed.

A suitable leaf spring, as 30, is fastened to the bolt 29 and slides underneath strap member 28 and the bolt 29 is provided intermediate its ends on the under side with a slot 31 which is adapted to coperate with the head of a rivet 32 to limit the motion of the bolt. A suitable enlargement 33 at the inner end of the bolt serves for gripping the same to slide'it.

Fastened to the inner surface of the side walls 5 at the front of the case is an upright member 34 which is adapted to pass through a hole 35 in the depressed portion 23 of the cover 20.4 The upper end 36 of the upright member 34 is provided with a hole 37 in alinement with the sliding bolt 29 vand through which this bolt is adapted vto be passed when it is desired to retain the cover in vclosed position. To provide means for sealing the case, so that tampering may be prevented, a small hole 38 is provided on the outer end of the bolt 29. Any suitable sealing wire may be passed through this hole.

As shown in Fig. 4, the bolt 29 on its outerend has a shoulder 30 which abuts againstthe upper end 36 of the member 34, and this definitely limits the outward movement of the sliding bolt 29.

, By reference to Fig. 3, wherein I have shown the improved hinge for use on the receptacle, it will be seen that the cover member 20 has been depressed as at 40 to provide a space in which one part 41v of the Y hinge may be suitably fastened as by rivets Y 42. The free end of this part of the hinge isrolled or vfolded upon itself as at 43 to provide an eye. f The back side wall 5 carries riveted thereto a fixed member 44 which is also provided with an eye 45. A suitable link 4G is fastenedin these eyes. A cover has been shown in open position in dot and dash lines, and it willbe clear that in such position it has been entirely freed from the top of the receptacle and is out of the way when access to the receptacle is desired.

Afterthe metal parts above enumerated have been assembled, the entire device is subjected to a galvanizing process, whereby all parts are covered with a protective layer f of zinc, so that corrosion isprevented and in order to give a finished appearance to the case.

The inside of the case is lined with a suitable jmaterial as fiber. This material is f shown as made ofthree pieces, one part being close to the inside of the side walls 5. The other part of this lining 51 is carried by the bottom 11,v and the third part 52 is carried by the cover 20. Any suitable means may be used for holding this lining in place,

whereby the lining may be readily removed and replaced. Y

WhileIj have shown and described as an embodiment of my invention a shipping case of right prismatic configuration, peculiarly adapted for the accommodation of reels of films, I desire t0 have it distinctly understood that it is within the province of my invention to construct the case otherwise, as,

. for example, cylindrical fr'usto-conical or Y frusto-pyramidal, in order to adapt the case for protecting articles of other congurations, and the drawings should therefore be considered as illustrative, and not as limiting the invention.

' I claim:

l. A sheet metal cover `for a receptacle having a portion thereof depressed to receive a hinge member and another portion thereof depressed to receive a handle and a retaining device, said depressed portions eX- tending completely to the edge of the cover.

2. A sheet metal stamping for the cover of a receptacle, said stamping having continuous rim pressed therefrom, a depression pressed in the body portion of the stamping and near the rim for a hinge niember, and a second depression in the' body portion provided with a hole for` receiving Ya receptacle carried member, said` second depression providing space to house a remeans therefor, and ahandle and a sliding bolt with its associatedretaining means in saidV second depression.

4. A cover for a receptacle comprising a sheet metal stamping having one portion thereof depressed to lreceive a hinge mem-L ber, a hinge member fixed to said stampingi in said depression, a second .depression to receive a handle, a sliding bolt and retaining means therefor, a handle and a sliding bolt with its associated retaining means in said second depression, and means to limit the sliding of said bolt.

.5. A Shipping case having sheet metal walls, a sheet metal bottom, anda sheet metal cover hinged'to the walls, saidv walls being corrugated for strength, the bottom' being welded to the walls, said cover carrying a handle and means-for retaining the cover closed, the cover being depressed to house said handle and retaining means whereby a smooth surface is presented.

6. A shipping case comprising an all metal outside which includes side walls, cover and bottom,'the bottom weldedto the walls and the cover carrying sealingY and retaining means whereby access to the interior may be prevented, and a fireproof lining for the, allf metal part. l Y

7. Ashipping case having 'on the topi thereof a hingedV and sealable cover'within the upper surface of which'is provided space for externally housing a hinge and a sealing device, and a'hinge and a sealing device mounted in such space whereby the cases may be securely'stacked4 on top of one another.

8. A shipping case of non-cylindrical configuration, said case having a hinged and scalable cover within the upper surface of which is provided space for externally housing a hinge and a sealing" device, and a hinge and a sealing device mounted in such space whereby the cases may be securely stacked in any fashion.

9. A shipping case comprising a bottom generally rectangular in configuration, a cover generally rectangular in configuration, side walls intermediate said bottom and said cover, all such parts being of sheet metal, the bottom welded to the Walls and the cover hinged to the Walls, said cover completely surrounding the upper ed e of the walls and having its upper surface e ressed centrally and provided with a hole a jacent the edge of the cover, a fixed member carried by said walls and adapted to pass through the hole in the cover, and means carried in the depressed part of the cover for fastening the same closed by engagement with said member.

10. A shipping case comprising a bottom generally rectangular in configuration, a cover generally rectangular in configuration, side walls intermediate said bottom and said Copies of this patent may be obtained for cover, all such parts being of sheet metal, the bottom welded to the walls and the cover hinged to the walls, said cover com letely surrounding the upper ed e of the Wa ls and having its upper surface depressed centrally and provided with a hole adjacent the edge of the cover, a fixed member carried by said walls and adapted to pass through the hole in the cover, said member having an opening therein in the portion thereof above said cover, and means comprising a slidable bolt carried in the depressed part of the cover for fastening the same closed by being passed through the opening in said member.

11. In combination, a receptacle, a sheet metal cover therefor' and a hinge therebetween, said cover being depressed to receive one part of said hinge whereby a smooth surface is presented, said part being rolled upon itself on the free end, a 'second part of the hinge being fastened to the receptacle and rolled upon itself at its free end, and a link passed through both said rolled portions whereby the cover may swing clear of the top of the receptacle.


ilve cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patenti, Washington, D. 0."

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