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Publication numberUS1315268 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 9, 1919
Filing dateOct 26, 1918
Publication numberUS 1315268 A, US 1315268A, US-A-1315268, US1315268 A, US1315268A
InventorsM. N. Wise
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US 1315268 A
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L'. M. N. wlse.

GENERATOR. Mmc/mon man c. 2e. ma.

PatentedSept. 9, 1919.


manners y STATESPATENT ennnnnroni ToaZZ tolli/.om it; mayconernf M i Beit known that 1 Lnsnin M, .Ni isn, a citizen of the` United SELLGS, and le liflQlLt;

of McKeesport, inthe county of: Allegheny `and State of Pennsylvania,have invented certain new and; useful?\llinprovement1` in Generators, of Whicln` thevfoflloyvnngi is1` specilication. 1.15 t

My invention relates to improvements in gas generators, and itconsists.` in L the con-f` struction, combination and arrangementofi` parts as herein described and claimed..

An obj ect of my invention is to provide a generator, adapted more particularly for generating gas under extremely high pressures, one of' the foremost principles of the invention residing in the means for equalizing the gas pressures in the fluid and chemical containers.

Other objects and advantages Willappear in the following specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawing in Which- Figure 1 is a` vertical section of the iinproved gas generator, and j Fig. 2 is a plan View of the coupling.

The gas `generator comprises a chemical container 1 and a fluid container 2. Both of these are provided with screw threads 3 and 4 respectively at the adjacent ends, and by this means are joined together through the medium of a coupling 5 which also acts as a partition between the tvvo containers.

Both containers have annular raised portions 6 which in practice are knurled, to facilitate gripping them in unscrevving them from the coupling. The coupling 5 has a central dome 7 With a duct 8 and lateral opening 9. The passage of the fluid from the container 2 through the duct 8, is controlled by the valve 1 A boss 11 provides the bearing or mounting for the valve 10. A gland l2 includes a packing 12a which prevents the escape of gas out of the bore in which the valve operates. A gas equalizing pipe 18 is fixed in the coupling 5 as illustrated, and terminates near the roof of the container 2.

In practice the upper end of the pipe 13 stands Well above the level of the Huid. The purpose of this pipe, is to convey gas `from the container 1 to the top of the fluid conn tainer 2, thus filling both of these chambers with gas at an equal pressure. c The dropping of the fluid at the duct 8 Will thus continue Without interruption. This generator p p Sp@cinica/tion of Letters-Patenti A implication-emacatchers2c, isis l saranno.

Patented Sent minis;

isillenlded for the generationifofgas under @Xtlefnelrz Shinn pressures, .21ST has already Meinl-Qdi 'Lted Qbyiously a rise of Pressure the container 1 toi any considere able extennjwoulcl once causethe fluid to eiise cvving or drapping` out ofr the duct 8.

Gas is conducted out of the container 2 by i ai connections1141s:` i `The bore of the connection .-'rsoinevvhat flared at the exposed end, to facilitate the filling of the container 2 with fluid, When the union 15 is removed for the purpose. The pipe 16 secured to the connection 1&1 by the union, leads to any suitable gas container or any desired device such as a ilterer.

It has been demonstrated in practice, Vthat the gas pressure inside of the generator becomes so great that the turning of the union.

15 is almost impossible, by reason of the tension on the threads. The pet cock 17 at one side of the container 2, enables the relief of' the gas `pressure on the inside so that theunion .15 may be turned.

While the construction and arrangement of' the generator is that of a generally preferred form, obviously modifications and changes may be made Without departing from the spirit of the invention or the scope of the claims.

I claim 1. In a gas generator, a gas receiving container, means for conducting away the gas including pipe connections with a union, and means including a pet cock for preliminarily relieving the pressure of gas in the container to enable the unscieiving of the u nion for the rem-oval of the pipe connec tion.

2. A gas generator, comprising a chemical container, a fluid container, means for periodically dropping the fluid upon a chemical in the chemical container to generate gas, means joining Athe upper part of the fluid container for conducting away the gas, said means including pipe connections and a unio-n joining them, and means including a pet cock enabling the relief' of the gas pressure on the inside of thefluid container so that the unionl may be unscreived.

8. A gas generator, comprising a chemical container, a Huid container, means for periodically dropping the fluid upon a chemical in the chemical container to generate gas, means joining the upper part of the fluid ric . @qlliiliner pipe 13u prevents, thisin the` naliiienalready stat-.edm l l container for conducting away the gas, said means including pipe connections and a union joining them, means including a pet cock enabling the relief of the as pressure lcn the inside of the fluid container so that container with a threaded rim, a Huid con- Y tainer with a threaded p art, acombined cou# pling and partition joining the two containers, ademe having a duct and fluid opening formed in the coupling, a valve regulating Copies of this patentA may'be'obtaned for the size of the opening to ycontrol the dropping of fluid from the upper to the lower container, an equ'alizing pipe fixed in the partition and communicating with the gas space in the chemical container and the gas space in the fluid container above the fluid, to equalize the gas pressures and prevent the impedance of the dropping of the fluid by excessive gas pressure in the chemical container, a gas connection having a bore with a flared entrance to facilitate the pouring in of fluid, a gas pipe joining the connec* ti-cn, a union making the connection between the two, and a pet cock for the relief of gas inside vof the fluid container to enable the unscrewing of the union.


ve cents each, by addressing 'che Commissioner of Patents, Washington, D. C.

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U.S. Classification422/236
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