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Publication numberUS1316624 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 23, 1919
Filing dateJan 23, 1919
Publication numberUS 1316624 A, US 1316624A, US-A-1316624, US1316624 A, US1316624A
InventorsLouis Lucas
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US 1316624 A
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1,316,624. Patented sept. 23, 1919.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Sept. 23, 1919.

Application led January 23, 1919. Serial No. 272,651.

To all whom it may concern: i

Be it known that I, LOUIS LUCAS, a citizen of the United States, residing at the city of Jamestown, in the county of Chautauqua and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Candlesticks, of which the following, taken in Connection with the accompanying drawings, is a speciiication.

The invention relates to holders for candles and similar articles; and the object of the improvement is to provide a simple and durable sheet metal Candlestick in which the two lparts may be quickly and easily struck up and assembled by means of suitable dies at low cost, providing a strong and durable Candlestick which is adaptable to all sizes of candles and similar articles to be held upright; and the invention consists in the novel features and Combinations hereinafter set forth and claimed.

In the drawings, Figure 1 is a perspective view of the Candlestick with a Candle in dotted outline therein. Fig. 2 is a crosswise sectional view of the Candlestick showing the construction and arrangement of the same. Fig. 3 is a. plan view of the blanked out metal sheet for the saucer portion of the candlestick before shaping; and Fig. at is a similar view 0f the upper resilient clasping portion before shaping by means of suitable dies, the two parts when assembled forming the completed candlestick. Fig. 5 is a perspective view of the upper or clasp portion of the Candlestick separated from the lower or saucer portion.

Like characters of reference refer to correspondino` parts in the several views.

In the drawings, the numeral 10 designates the saucer shaped lower portion which is struck up from sheet metal in attractive designs, being shown square and having an integral handle 11 at one side extending outward from the curved rim 12.

The candle or similar article is supported in an upright position within the saucer by means of the spring clasp shaped portion 13 which is made with a wide base 14 so as to give a bracing strength to each of the tapered jaws 15 of the spring clasp 13. The jaws 15 are turned upward at 16 on each side along the line of the base 14. The tops of the jaws 15 are each slightly curved to fit the round sides of the candle. The central portion 14: is made broad and square so as to form a square firm base which firmly supports the candle central of the saucer 10 with a spring clasp jaw 15 on each side.

The spring clasp portion 13 is attached to the saucer 10 by means of interlocking lugs, 17 on the saucer and 18 on the clasp portion 13, which lugs 17 and 18 are struck from the sheet metal by the forming dies, suitable shaping dies following the forming dies in shaping the two parts, as shown. One of the lugs, preferably 17, is cut short sufficiently to insure the easy insertion of the other lug 18 through the hole 19 made by shortening the lug 17, and the shortened lug 17 then passes up through the hole made by striking out the lug 18. The shaping dies for the clasp portion 13 also press the two lugs 17 and'18 into flat cohesion with one another so as to form a substantially iiat surface on the upper and under sides so that the butt of the candle has a flat support.

It is accordingly apparent that the parts may be quickly and easily struck up at low cost, preferably from sheet brass, and the assembling Iprocess becomes a part of the shaping and forming thereby providing a strong and durable construction which may be made in pleasing designs as desired; and that the clasp portion is irmly held by the broad base 16 and interclasping lugs 17 and 18 as well as by the lirm pressure of the metal parts upon one another during the process of assemblage. The spring jaws 15 may be compressed toward one another or pressed apart.

.I claim as new 1. A Candlestick comprising a struck up sheet metal saucer having a lug struck from the central portion thereof, a spring Clasp portion having a flat base, and a lug struck from said flat base which interfits with said lug in said saucer to firmly interlock said parts together when assembled under pressure.

2. A holder for candlesticks and similar articles comprising an upper clasp portion having adjustable spring jaws and a broad base, a lower saucer Shaped portion having a handle on the rim of said saucer integral a. struck up 111g central thereof, a ing struck therewith. 10 from the central portion of said broad base In testimony whereof I have aiiixed my of said clasp portion interfitting with said signature in the presence of two witnesses.

5 lug in Said saucer and ypressed together in e LOUIS LUCAS.

holding engagement to firmly support said Witnesses: clasp portion in an upright position on said A. SANDBERG, broad base in the center of said saucer, tn'd CV. "SwA'NsoN.

Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents erich, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents, Washington, D. C.

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U.S. Classification431/294
Cooperative ClassificationF21V35/00