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Publication numberUS1317261 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 30, 1919
Filing dateJan 25, 1918
Publication numberUS 1317261 A, US 1317261A, US-A-1317261, US1317261 A, US1317261A
InventorsA. Bagley
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US 1317261 A
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er INDEX..


1,317,261. Patentedsept. 3o, 1919.


lIl A UW e #@fwfw" 'l F. A. BAGLEY.


APPucATlo-N man 1AN.25.191a.

Patented Sept. 30, 1919.


ti ED STAT .armar Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Sept. 30, 1919.

Application filed January 25, 1918. Serial No. 213,795.

To all whom t may concern.'

Be it known that I, FRANK A. BAGLEY, a citizen of the United States, residin at Chicago, in the county of Cook andv tate of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Pocket-Indexes, of.

which the following is a specification.

The invention relates to improvements in pocket vindexes for receiving memorandav and especially memoranda of a temporary character; and one object of 'the invention is to provide a pocket index which is particularly adapted for use by .salesmen and like persons having need for a device in which may be conveniently made a readily accessible record of many matters requiring future attention.

A further Vobject of the invention is to provide a pocketA index in which may be made a record of a matter requiring atten-` tion on some future day, including an indexed memorandum of the important details too burdensome to carry in mind and a conveniently accessible memorandum which serves as an index to the recorded details as well as a reminder of the date when the matter must be given attention.

A still lfurther object ofthe invention is to provide a pocket index which is neat, simple and compact in construction and arrangement, and vwhich may be cheaply manufactured.

The objects of the invention, thus generally stated, together with other and ancillary7 advantages, are attained vby the construction and arrangement illustrated in the accompanying drawings forming part hereof, in which Figure 1 is a perspective view of a pocket index embodying my invention and showing a casing havingv a hinged cover bearing a primary index device, a secondary index in the casing, and a ypencil holder.I Fig. 2 is a similar view showing the secondary index partially withdrawnv from the casing and a pencil partiallyv withdrawn from its holder. Fig. 3 is a'fragmental longitudinal sectional View through the upper end ofthe pocket index showing the manner in which the pencil in its holder is prevented fromescaping when the cover of the casing is closed. Fig. 4 isl a detached perspective view of the folder embracing the secondary index and carrying the pencil holder. Fig. 5 is an enlarged sectional view taken on line of Fig. 1. Fi 6 is a terial, such as leather,

similar View on a larger scale showing the cover of the casing closed.

1 indicates the casinghaving a pocket formed therein opening upwardly to receive the folder 2, and said folder is held in position in the casing by the cover leaf 3 hinged at the upper rear edge of the casing and arranged to be swung downwardly over the forward wall of the casing. The primary index device 4 is carried upon the inside of the cover leaf 3 of the casing, and the secondary index 5 is carried by the folder 2. 'Ihe pencil holder 6 is formed at the upper edge of the folder 2.. v

rIhe casing 1 is made substantially rectangular in form with. front and rear walls 7 and 8, and walls 9 and bottom wall 10. rllhe front and rear walls 7 and 8 are preferably formed 0f cardboard, the end and bottom edges of which are suitably secured to the end and bottom walls 9 and 10 which may be formed of wooden strips of' substantial thickness. yThe interior ofthe casing 1 forms a pocket for receiving the folder 2 which carries the secondary index 5 and pencil holder 6. As shown in Fig. 4:, said folder is formed of a sheet of relatively stiff material having its lower edge portion bent back upon'itself to form a fold for receiving the lower portions of the cards forming the secondary index 5. rlfhe upper edge of said sheet has secured thereto the pencil holder 6 which. consists of a loop formed'of exible material suitablyy fastened to the sheet and made of sufficient size to enable the holder to be bent forwardly over the secondary index in the pocket of the casing 1, as shown in Fig. 6. To this end, the forward wall of the casing is made somewhat narrower than the rear wall thereof so that its upper edge is disposed in a plane below the upper edge of the reary wall a distance greater than the thickness of the holder.

The cover 3 of the casing. serves to hold the folder 2 in position in the casing with the pencil holderG resting upon the secondary index 5, and said cover may be formed of a sheet 11 of cardboard or the like having a hinge connection with the upper edge of the rear wall of the casing. Such connection is preferably formed of a Hexiblekmaand extends over the pencil kholder lying on top of the secondary index in the casing. In the present instance, said connection is formed as a part Y fof an. exteriory covering`12 of the casing which is suitably secured Vto the outer WallsV of the casing and to the opposite sides ofthe cover leaf 3 so as to impart a neat and fin? ished appearance thereto. The coverisarranged to'be secured in closed position b lower edge of the front Wall ofthe casing. The primary indexdev-ice 4 is carried Y on the inner side of the cover leaf 3, in 4 position ,for ready reference' and is formed by providing a Window 14 int-he covering 142-,.7Whi'ch exposes to view the inner side of thersheet 11 ofthe cover.` The face of the sheetthus exposedy is covered byia sheet V of 4transparent Writing material 15, such as Celluloid, upon Which pencil marks may beV made, but from Which saidV marks may bel easily rubbed off." Pencil notations may be Vmade-uponl the sheet of Writing-:material 15, making reference to the secondary index,`

and preferably a printed form is providedl onf the sheetY 1'1 ofV the cover beneath said sheet 15- forruse in arranging` such pencil notations toz indicate some fact of primary importance with reference to the matter.

'Thesecondary index 5V consists of an ordinary set 'of indexcards 5a insertedV Vamong arplurality of unbound record bearing sheets i or cards 5P,randisaid cards are-madeof a size to fit neatly Within the pocket of the casing. The memorandum of the matter to be recorded in this index maythus bejmade upon the'cards 5b and properlyfindexedV by the cards 5?' f'or'convenientY reference. The index tabs ofi the index cards 5@ protrude above the upper edges of the'reco'rd cards, andr are plainly visible When the index is in the" case, since the upper edge of? the front Wallof-the-'case isdisposed below the upper edge ofIA the rear Wall-and substantially fiush With the upper edges of the record cards., Y Y Y VAs shown in` Fig. 1, in the present instance the printed form of the primary index device consists of a` series of separate 'divisions or squares bearing the names of thedaysl of thek Week. Over these squares may be- Written, onthe Writing sheet 15,

.reference characters suchl as letters ofv the Valphabet' havingureference toj the secondary Y tion; For example, Vin

Vrandum of an engagement for a'conference index and indicating" that in the secondary index under such letters ma be found memc y Y orandaofthe matters'` coming up for attenmaking the memo- Witli oney Jones forqTuesday in regard Vto av certain matter, the `letter fJ Would be Written upon the Writing sheet ofthe primary index device over the square labeled Tues."," and-1 the essential Ydetailsl of the Vmatter Ywhich is to constitute the subject of the conference Would be Written upon the recordbear-ing cards' under .l vof the sec-f j ondaryY findex. The primary' indexV thus formed being readily accessible andv frequently referred ,tok Yindicates that uponV 'Y YTuesday a certain matter requires attention,

and also Vthat underJ in the secondary index may'rbe found information; as to the; im-

tive of the nature ofY the'inatter requiring attention, as, that upon the day indicated,

Vvan engagementwith Mr: Jones must loe/kept..VY Thus a reference* to theY secondary'VindexV time ar-IY need notl be "mada until-f the rives for giving the matterattentiomvvherefV upon the essential! vquickly brought to mind. After them-zitterv has been givenl attention, thermemoranda on;

theprimary indexl mayv be readily'V erased andi the4 card inthe secondaryY index, Which;

bears the detailed memoranda relating tothe transaction, 'may 'be removed and destroyed orled. Y, f

' It Will be apparent that Va device of the character set forth becomes veryV useful Vto a person, such as a salesman, havingv a great many engagements to keep upona lvariety of matters, the details of Which: can only. be borne inl mind With a great deal of effort details tliereofjinay beso Y and,rif recorded inthe ordinarymemoran-Y dum book, may escape attention entirely.

V.My device is very simplein construction andthe arrangement is very compact,-andv itV also presents a very neat appearance. The

pencil holder servy to'carryfa pencil in conveniently accessible position Aand When the cover 3 is closed andsecured by means of' the fastener 13, the pencil is prevented from` escapingfbyfthe end: Walls 9' of fthe casing' .shown in Fig. The.` pencil holder Yalso affords a convenient finger grip or tab by means of which the folderv 2 bracing dravvn from the casing; 'and when Ythe folder is reinserted into the casing the holder and pencil therein form a' rigid top Wall for Y the folder, Which serves asa backing'for the Y @H1-VY the secondary index may be vvith-V i ilo upperedges of the cards and thus prevents a distortion offthevpack, Y Y

1 desired, an additional sheet16 of Writingmaterial may bemountedY onV the frontv Wall of the casing 1, avvindow 17 being pro:` 12 for this purpose vided in the feo-vering Upon this sheet may be Written memoranda alsorrhaving reference to the secondary VinY dex, or temporary memoranda to Vbe later transferred -to *the 'primary and secondary indexes.,V This sheet 16 Vis also Vpreferably made of Celluloid` orthe'like from VWhich pencil" marks may be readily erased and isY protected by theV cover 3 secured in closed position. Y Y

.l VVhileIh'ave'illustrated andY described Vmy invention with considerable particularity, YI

When the cover is' A do not intend that the invention should be limited, in the interpretation of the following claims, to the details of construction and arrangement set forth, except as may be necessitated by the state of the prior art.

I claim as my invention:

l. A pocket index comprising, in combination, a casing, a primary index, and a secondary index, the primary index being carried by the casing so that it may be readily exposed to view and embodying a material from which pencil marks may be easily erased, and the secondary index comprising a set of index cards inclosed within the casing with unbound and freely removable record-bearing cards between them; whereby a memorandum of a temporary -character may be made upon the primary index having reference to specific information contained on an indexed record-bearing card of the secondary index, and when desired, both memorandum and record may be readily eliminated.

2. A pocket index comprising, in combination, acasing having a pocket, a hinged -cover and a primary index device, a secondary index, and a folder arranged to embrace the secondary index within the pocket of the casing and Ito permit it to be withdrawn therefrom, said primary index deA vice being arranged to receive memoranda referring to information contained in the secondary index.

3. A pocket index comprising, in combination, a casing having a pocket opening upwardly and a cover hinged at the upper edge of its rear wall and adapted to be swung forwardly over the front wall and releasably secured thereto, and a device within the pocket of the casing including a series of writing sheets and having secured thereto a loop for receiving a pencil, said Copies of this patent may bc obtained for five cents each, by addressing the loop and pencil being arranged to occupy the space between the end walls of the casing when said cover is secured in closed position, whereby the pencil is prevented from escaping from its holder.

4;. A pocket index comprising, in combination, a casing having a pocket, a set of cards in the pocket, and a sheet embracing the set of cards in the pocket and having a loop at its upper edge to receive a pencil and to provide a tab for .withdrawing said sheet and the cards as a whole from said pocket.

5. A pocket index having, in combination, a casing having a pocket and a cover hinged at the upper edge of its rear wall, a set of cards .in the pocket, and a sheet embracing the set of cards in the pocket and having a loop at its upper edge to receive a pencil and to provide a tabfor withdraw* ing said sheet and the cards as a whole from said pocket, the forward wall of the casing being disposed in a plane below the upper edge 0f the rear wall a distance suhcient to accommodate the thickness of the pencil holder.

6. A pocket memorandum of the character described comprising a casing, a card index in the casing comprising a set of index cards with cards between them for receiving records of a temporary character, and an index carried by the casing so that it may be readily exposed to view and comprising a single sheet of erasive material bearing permanent indicia and adapted to receive temporary memoranda which together with the indicia. yupon the index serves as a reminder of speci c transactions recorded upon the record cards of the card index.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand.


Commissioner of Patents,

Washington, D. C.

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