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Publication numberUS1317298 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 30, 1919
Filing dateFeb 10, 1915
Publication numberUS 1317298 A, US 1317298A, US-A-1317298, US1317298 A, US1317298A
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US 1317298 A
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f isiriizii'is @TENT nouns J, Herr, or DETROIT, MICHIGAN, Assmxon ro nonoui e WRIGHT, .a CORPORATION or MICHIGAN.

OPEBATING DEVICE FOB 'MIXING-HAM l Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Sept. 30, 1919.

Application lled February 10, 1915. Serial H0. 7,253.

To all whom, it may conccrm.

Be it known that I, Homin J. HOYT a citizen of the United States, residing in hetroit, county of lVayne, State of Michigan, have invented certain new and useful Imirovonients in Operating Devices for Mix- -iiig-Machines, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description.

Thisjinvention relates to machines for mixing liquid or plastic materials, und par ticularly such materials as are compounded with volatile ingredients, such as gasolene or alcohol. The machine is particularly aE- ilicable to use in inixing'tire cement or ru bei' cement. for other purpose or use.

Generali speaking, the niaehinecoiisists of a closedy chamber or tank within which is revolubly mounted a series yof blades or paddles 'which act as beaters and cause the cement to fi-fiw in certain currents so as to present all of the materials to the action of the paddles or beaters.

This invention also comprises certain features of improvement in construction and arrangements of parts which will -be hereinafter more. fully pointed out and claimed in the aerompaiiying claims.

For a detailed description of one form of this invention', reference may be had to the following specification and the accompanying' drawing, which is a vertical sectional View taken through the central shaft of the machine.

'l`lie numeral l indicates a cylindrical easing forming a tanlr orclianiber to contain lhe material to be. treated. The. top of the easing l is closed by a horizontal cover or hein. which is secured in position on the easing 1 by means of a Series of bolts 3. A gliiiid or packing 4. is preferably inserted between the top of the. Casing 1 and the cover or head 2. The plate .2 is preferably formed in the shape illustrated as a eastiiig and has` integrally i-.onneeted with it a bearing 5 for a horizontal driving shaft il. chamber formed by the vertical wall 9 is nda pted to contain the beveled driving gears 1() :ind 11. the gear 1() being mounted upon the. inner end of (be boriz'ontal shaft 6 andthe gear 11 bein-g nionnted on the vertical driving shaft 13 which operates the beaters or paddles within the cai-:in l. 'lhe wall f1 of the. chamber just referrei to is provided with a hearing 12 for the upper end of the moval of the plate 17 the gears 10 and 1'1 may be removed through the bottom of the casing, and upon removal of the late 19 access may be had to the interior of oth the casing and the bearing 5. The plate 19 carries a horizontal and downwardly project.

ing iu-ni 20 4by means-of which the cover 2 may be applied or removed, the arm having a bearing 21 at its outer end 'for supporting the end of the shaft, 6 and also providing a space for the accommodation of the loose un( the keyed pulleys 22 and 23. The gear chamber is provided with a. suitableplug24 for the insertion ofvoil or other lubricant for lubricating the gears. One o'r more'handholes are provided, one of lsaid holes being shown in dotted lines and indicated bythe reference 26, through which the'eement or other materials may be introduced prior to treatment. The hubs of the beaters' 14, 15 and 16 are keyed'to the central shaft 13 and are also provided witlrset 'screws to firmly hold them. -in ition.

The central hub 28 is provided with a series of adjust? The lower A provided with hard steel plates-30 to prevent wearing and to allow renewal of the edges when necessary. Upon the. inner surface. of the easing l are apliinality of concentric rings 31 carrying projet-.ting brackets $2-, upon the upper edges of which are fixed sti-.el or similar wearing plates 33. "1`he plates 321 are located just below the plane of the lower sui-fares of the plates 30 of the. heatersl 14,

and 15. It will be noted that all of the beateis or blades are inolineil in the saine direi-.- tion and also rotate iii the saine direction` tl'iereby tending to force thc` material in contact 'with Ilieni along the same path and establishing a definite current;

The bottom of the easing is provided with a socket 34 within which is a series of steel washers or annular plates 35 which form a thrust bearing for the lower and of the Shaft 13. The. socket 34 is provided with a screwthreaded plug 36, by the removal of which the lubricant may be drawn otf and any foieign matter removed.

The upper end of t-he casing cominunir-.ates with an inlet.. ipe not shown by which air pressure may )e supplied above the cement or similar material within the casing l, and the bottom of the casing is provided with an outlet 38 through which the material may be forced by the air pressure above the same when it is not suflieiently liquid to run off under t-he force of gravity alone.

,Bv the arrangement of parts above Set forth, it will be noted that a very eilicient and compact apparatus is provided in which the .drivmg mechanism is completely protected from contact with the material being treated. At the saine time all of the )arts are easily accessible for inspection andadjustment, while the closed casin for the gearing permits the gearing to be lubricated b v large quantities of oil or other lubricant without danger of having the lubricant becoming mixed with the material being trented within the casing. The fact that the main driving shaft is supported entirely by thel casing itself, affords a unitary structure and ohviates the necessity of using shaft hangers or other su ports in connection with the machine. he auxiliary casing being closed by the late on which 1s mounted the bracket for t ie driving shaft, causes the said plate to perform a double function which increases the compactness and stability of the parts. The roviding of handholles in the cover vof tie casing obviates the necessity of removing the entire top for the insertion of the material to be treated.

The said inlet pipe, not shownr may also be employed for supplyin air under pressure when the nature of tie contents of the mixer requires the san1e,and, if'neeessary the pipe may be connected with a source of vacuum or partial vacuum or with a suitable condenser for eondensin or rccoverin the volatile components o the materia bein treated.

I llo not wish to be understood as being limited to the exact details of form or arrangement of parts hereix'r set forth, for

and desire to protect by 1. The combination with a cover for a4 mixing machine., of a casing integral therewith, a vertical bearing integral with the casing. a. shaft journaled at. the upper end in the bearing. n removable plate closing the bottom ofthe casing, a liquid-tight bearing for the shaft integral with the plate, a horizont-al bearing in the wall of the casing, a shaft. journaled in the horizont-al hearing, and gears in the casing connecting the sliat'ts` the gears being removable through the bottom of the casing upon removal of thc plate.

-2. In combination, a cover for a mixing machine and a casing integraltherewith, a vertical bearin f integral with the casing, a shaft journale at the upp'er end in the bearing. a curved arm operatively connected with the cover and by nieanso which the cover may be applied and removed from the mixinar machine` a horizontal bearino' in the arm. a horizontal bearin in the wall ofthe casing, n shaft journalel in the horizontal bearings, driving means on the last named shaft embraced by the curved arm, and gears inside the casing connecting both of the shafts.

3. The combination wit-h a cover for aA rubber cement mixing mill, of a casing carried thereby, said casing being' provided with an opening for the removal of gears, a plate for closing said opening, a vertical bearin arried b v said casing, a vertical shaft )ournaled in said bearing, a liquid tight bushing for said shaft secured to said casing, a horizontal bearing supported by the casing, a shaft journaled in the horizontal bearing and gears in the casingl connect-ing the shafts.

Si ned at Detroit, county of Wayne, State of'li i 'bigalu this '20th day of Januarv, 1915.

HOMER J. HOYT. Witnesses:


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