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Publication numberUS131855 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 1, 1872
Publication numberUS 131855 A, US 131855A, US-A-131855, US131855 A, US131855A
InventorsEdwaed M. Ceandal
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Improvement in envelopes for brooms
US 131855 A
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. Improvement in Envelopes for Brooms.

N0. 131,855. Patented 0ct-, 1 ,1 872-.



Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 131,855, dated October 1,1872.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, E. M. .GRANDAL, of Ohicago, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have invented certain Improvements in Envelopes, of which the following is a specification: Y

My invention consists in an envelope or covering for brooms, by which the brush of the broom shall be kept from. being soiled or in- I jured, as hereinaftermore fully explained.

Figure 1 represents the blank ascut from the sheet to form the envelope; Fig.2 represents a broom with my envelope applied, with the end left open; and Fig. 3 is a similar view with theenvelope closed.

After brooms are completed at the factory they are subjected to many handlings and more or less rough usage in being shipped, transported, and stored, by which they be come soiled, and the brush more or less injured. This results in a deterioration of their value, and entails a loss upon the manufacturer or dealer, as the case may be. It isto remedy this that my invention is designed andto accomplish this object I provide a pa-- per envelope, of such a size and shape that it will inolose and protect the brush part of the broom.

cutting it in the required form, so that when the two lateral sides a are folded over and united at their edges, as represented in Fig. 2,

it will form a triangular envelope or case, open at each end, so that it can be slipped down over the handle, and made to inclose the brush, as there represented. As shown in. i Fig. 1, the sheet is so cut as to form a projecting point, b, midway of its lower edge, which, after the two sides a are folded and united,

. forms a lapel, which projects below the end of the brush of the broom, as represented in Fig. 2. After the envelope has been slipped on, as shown in Fig. 2, this lapel b is folded over and pasted or otherwise secured to the sides a, as shown in Fig. 3, thereby completely inclosing-the brush, and keeping the latter clean and also straight.

By this means the brooms can be kept in as perfect a condition as when sent from the factory, and thus their appearance and value are alike preserved uninjured. The case or envelope is intended to be left on the broom when sold, and thus it can be used by the purchaser thereafter. By slipping it onto the-broom after the latter is used the brush will be kept straight and uniform, and thus the broom will be kept in order and made to last for a much longer time. I 7

It is obvious that the envelope may be made of several pieces and in different forms; but I prefer the form shown as being the simplest and cheapest.

It is obvious that, where the object is simply to protect the brooms while being transported and stored, the envelopes may be made large enough to cover the ordinary bundles of a 7 dozen or more brooms, instead of using a separate envelope for each one.

It is also obvious that, as there is little or no danger of the end of the brush being injured, the flap or lapel may be dispensed with, and the envelope fastened on by other means.

As my envelopes are drawn on from the top of the brooms, there is no danger of the brush being roughened up, broken, or disarranged; but, on'the contrary, itis straightened and smoothed down.

Having thus described my invention, what

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Cooperative ClassificationA47L13/44