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Publication numberUS1319738 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 28, 1919
Filing dateJun 1, 1915
Publication numberUS 1319738 A, US 1319738A, US-A-1319738, US1319738 A, US1319738A
InventorsE. G. Watrous
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US 1319738 A
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SHOWER HEAD` APPucATloN mw lune 1, 1915.

Patented Oct. 28, 1919.

y vides a uniform pressure i UniTED STATES PATENT orrioii.



To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that I', EARL G. WATRoUsJa citizen of the United States, residing at Chicago7 in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Shower-Heads, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to a shower head adapted for use in connection with a lavatory faucet, barbers shampoo cock or a bath cock Sand the like and the object thereof is to provide a simple and eiiicient shower head characterized more particularly by the provision of a normally closed throttle valve and a relief valve interposed between the supply connection and. the throttle valve with result, first, that the relief valve proof water past the throttle valve and through the usual sprinv permitted to escape through the relief valve vso kler head and, second, thewater supply is in case theV throttle valve is closed. Other novel and advantageous Vfeatures of construction and operation will be apparent from theA description hereinafter given.

. In the drawing,.Figure l is an elevation .of my shower head attached to a bath cock representing one ofthe -practical applica tions thereof; Fig. 2a section of the throttle valve mechanism showing the sprinkler head in elevation; Fig. 3ra section of the relief valve vmechanism and associated parts' and Fig. 4 a section on the line41 in Fig. 3 but on a larger scale.

In the drawings IV have shown one application of my shower head by-showing it in connection with a bath cock indicated generally by the reference figure-1 butjit will be l understood that my invention is notto be limited to Aany particular application as the same may be used in connection with V.any 'source of water for the purpose of providing a regulated supply of water either hot or cold or mixed, such other applications being represented by lavatory faucets, lbarbers shampoo cocks, etc.

My shower head comprises a conduit containing toward one end relief valve mechanism and toward the other end throttle valve mechanism. By Vpreference and as shown this conduit includes an intermediate flexible portion or hose 2 attached at its ends to the casings 3 and 4 of the relief valve mechanism and throttle valve mechanism respectively. The casing 4 which is s haped to forma handle or grip may be provided with the source of water cockin any suitable manneras by means of the spring.V `The'tension of vthe sp a sprinkler head 5 of any suitable or desired construction, the same Vbeing here shown asV TheV a rose such as used in shower devices. shower head is adapted to be connected with supply such as the bath of a coupling hose connection 3fL and overv the nipple 7 ofthe bathcock,4 By preference the `casing 3 is provided VWith a projecting tube 8 fitting into the nipple 7 and adaptedv to Vkeep the casing in aline- 6 ttingover the supply nient with the nipple in case' of any' pull upon the shower device at an Aangle to the nipple. l

Referring to the relief valve mechanism the interior thereof is provided with an outlet or relief port 9 which is governed by al relief valve of suitable construction such as the disk 10 normally held to its seat with a Y specification of Letters raient.Y Patented 001;, 28 191.9. Application i'iled .Tune 1,1915. Serial No. 31,357. i

of the relief valve mechanism yielding predetermined pressure -by means of 'the' coiled spring 11 bearing at its ends Vrespectively against the valve itselfv and `against a screw plug 12 screwing into the outer portion of the casing, this plug being provided with a central opening 12a through `which theiinal relief discharge'takes place.

The screw plug 12 may be screwed all the way in and therebyfprovide a ixed load upon the valvev or it may be screwed in only partially Vso that by screwing the same farther inwardly the load maybe changed,

that is increased by increasing the tension ring upon the valve is adjusted slightly in excessof that Vdegree of pressure of water desire'd inV the 'sprinkler head with the result the inner end of the hose. The connectionv 13 has its opening flared at 13 in order to cooperate with the reduced portion 14a in `receiving and eventually clamping the end of the hose when the parts are screwed together in the manner'shown in Fig.

Referring neXt to the throttle valve the casing A is provided with a discharge port or outlet 15 governed by a throttle valve 16 normally held to its seat by a yielding pressure. This valve is provided with a stem 17 which projects through a chamber La within the casing and which is operatively connected at its upper end to a push button 18 mounted to slide in the upper end of the chamber 4a. This button is mounted to slide in the casing in a direction longitudinal of the valve stem and against the tension of the coiled spring 19 arranged within said chamber 4a. This chamber is provided with packing 2O to prevent escape of water past the valve stem and into the chamber 4a.

The casing 4 is provided with an extension lb to which the outer end of the hose 2 is coupled or clamped in a manner similar to the clamping shown in Fig. 3, the means for this purpose consisting of a screwthreaded bushing 21 screwing into such eX- tension and provided with the reduced portion 21a intermediate its length to receive the inner end of the hose 2, the opening in the extension Ll-b being flared at 4c to cooperate with said reduced portion 21a in the clamping of the hose. Also by preference the bushing 21 is provided with a tube 22 adapted to hold the hose in alinement with the casing 4f and prevent binding of the hose at a point adjacent its connection with such casing.

The sprinkler head 5 which is here shown in the form of the usual rose is by preference removably secured to the casing 4.

As shown thisn casing is provided with a lateral extension ad to which the nipple portion 5a of the rose or head is screwed.

By means of my shower head water either hot or cold or miXed may be supplied with a uniform pressure and any excess pressure is automatically taken care of by the relief valveV mechanism and moreover by means of my invention the Water supply can be controlled adjacent the sprinkler head by al throttle valve under the ready control of the sprinkler, the casing of the throttle valve being fashioned to constitute a handle or grip for holding and manipu-` lating this head. Furthermore, the throttle valve which is normally held to its scat l, with a yielding pressure may be permitted i to close without the necessity of shutting off the supply of water from the bath cock, for instance, in which event the water will flow through the relief valve mechanism without any danger of forcing the shower head off from its connection with the bath cock at the Ahose connection 6 as might other wise result.

I claim: Y

1. A bath shower adapted to be attached to a faucet, comprising a casing, means for connecting the casing to the faucet, a sprinklerl head, a hose connecting the sprinkler head and casing, a manually operable valve in the sprinkler head, and a valve in the casing automatically operable to open to permit the faucet to discharge directly through, the casing when the valve in the sprinkler head is closed.

2. A bath shower adapted to be attachedf to a faucet, comprising a casing, means forl 7 5 attaching the casing to the faucet, a sprinklery head, a hose connecting the sprinkler head to the casing, a normally closed valve in the sprinkler head, an automatically 'opening valve in the casing, means for yield- 80 ingly maintaining said valve closed, and means for adjusting thel resistance of the last mentioned means whereby the Water will issue from the head at a constant pressure when the valve in the sprinkler head is open and will permit the entire discharge from the faucet to'escape directly from the casing when the valve in the sprinkler head is closed.y f 7 EARL e. warnous.


Copies of this patent may be obtained for ve cents each,rbjy addressing the Commissioner of Patent Washington, '.D. G.

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