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Publication numberUS1320275 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 28, 1919
Filing dateMar 8, 1919
Publication numberUS 1320275 A, US 1320275A, US-A-1320275, US1320275 A, US1320275A
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US 1320275 A
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Patented Oct. 28,1919.

WITNESSES INVENTOR f ATTOR/VE s Be," it known that :1, EDWIN GooDMAN ROACH, a: citizen of the United States, and

tion. A

My invention relates to means for extrud-' ing the-contentsiof various collapsible tubes,

such, as those containing dentalkpaste kiilx creams, artist's colors, H grease .pa1nts,vad

hesive pastes, glues, etc," and particularly relates to adevice to be securedito a wazll or-other fixed support andadaptedto recive the tube, means belngprovided "to subject the tube to pressure for extruding the contents as required. a to 1 My invention-'has for, an ob ect to pro- I vide. a device of the indicated'character' im-* proved in various I tain: advantages andresults are obtained,

particulars whereby ceramong wh'ch arethe -following: The tube maylbe readilyplaced and means is of a character'tomake it unlikely thatan excwsive amount of the contents of the tube will .beexp'elled at'a giyen-operation even by children. The relatively illgld,

, front. end of the tube and adjacent portion can t v v the contents-by leaving'some of the contents unexpelled; .the neck or threaded nipple on the cap of the tube is recelved in-an orifice of the 'tube'are so acc mm dated in the holder-provided therefor, that the pressure 1n a supporting member, a p i e-P s cover being provided to close the .open, end of the tube when in position and 1ts contents ing a knurled head 19 or itsequivalent, said screw turning in a yoke-like bracket or frame 20secured at its inner ends asat 21 to the isnot being expelled, andalso, the holderfifs removable withthe springpressure closure device, the whole beingcfl'ectlve 1n\promot+ ing cleanliness and samtatlon a novel and"; simple means is prov ded to afford support for the toothbrush beneath the discha e end of the tube; and finally, the device in genera'l'is' of a'chara'cter to reflect practical considerations with respect to simplicity and durability as well as convenience ofadjust ment and operation.

Reference is to be had tothethe empty, tube ,removedrwith convenience. The pressure the juncture of the body a fiaP;

nnwmle.'noacnforrnwronx, x. Y.-

DEVICE r03. nxraumndrnsrn mom TUBES.

ing drawings forming a part of this specification,it being understood that the drawings are merely illustrative of'one example of the invention.

Fi rel-is a perspective view ofan ex trudi'ngdevice embodying my invention,

porting'frame for the pressure screw being .1n'-,sect1on'and said screw: being shown in part- Fig. 3 1s a detall in vertical section of the .lower end of the device with the tube in position; v

Flg. 4 isa'n inverted plan view, a portion of the toothbrush seat being broken away. The device may be formed of. any suitable mater1al, the illustrated form being designed to be produced mainly from stamped metal. In any event it will include a base or back 10, here shown as a stamped metal plate having the upperrend 11, constituting the top of said back, and the lower end 12, constituting the bottom of said .back, bent reari- -wardly to offset the major portion of the back. To secure the device in the present example, upstanding ears 13 are provided on the top 11 and depending ears 14: on the bottom 12, said ears being adapted to receive screws 15 o r like fasteners, to secure the defvlce' in PQSltlOIlOIL a wall indicated at A or f other fixed support.v The top 11' and'bottom 12 afford temporary support for a brush or the'like." The clamp and squeezing jaw 16 is -hinged atsits upper end as at 17 adjacent to the top of the back 10, so as to be movable '..--relatively to the base, whereby when the tube: B is in position beneath said clamp Jaw, pressure on vthelatterwill act to extrude the paste or the like through thetube.

g Specification ofLe tters ram}. Patented Oct.'28, 1919. Application filed mmn s, ism. seam No. 281,835. 7'

The pressure advantageously and in-the pre- I 'ferred form is produced by. a screw 18 havbase 10. 1 A protuberance or thickened portion '16 may be provided on the pressure clamp 16 to take the pressure of the screw "-18. v The pitch of the screw 18 in practice ,pelled rom the tube by a further turning provide a closure 24 for the end of the tube and suitably secured by apivot pin 25. to-

of the screed 18, it is served, is unconnected with the jaw 16 and' merely bears thereon, so that said aw is free to swing to vary its angular ltionas it turns on its hinge incompressmg and Without restraint or impediment.

The .neckor nipple b of the tube. B is adapted to be inserted in an orifice 22 provided therefor in a support or table 23 adjacent to the lower ends of the base 10 and jaw 16 and in connection with said table, I

said table, the pin passing'in the given'example through ears 24? onsaid closure. A piece of felt 24 or the like is applied to the front end of the closure 24 to effectively exclude dust from the end of the tube. The

closure 24 is spring-pressed to hold it in close engagement against the open end of the tube and the adjacent portion of the table 23, said spring in the illustrated form being bowed, its one end 27 being secured to the closure 24 while the other end 28 is free and bears against the adjacent end 29 of the table 23. In the preferred form the table 23 with the closure 24 and spring 26 is removably supported for which purpose in the illustrated example, said table is Provided with a shank 30 extending rearwardly therefrom and removably receivable in keepers 31 on the under side of the bottom 12 of the base, so that the whole may be .readily removed for a thorough cleaning.

In order to prevent the tube from being disrupted particularly adjacent to the juncture of the body with the more rigid material at the top or cap, I form the base 10 adjacent to the lower end with an offset, resenting a concave depression 32 and I similarly give a concave form as at 33 to the lower end of the jaw 16. Similarly, the

upper end of the fixed base 10 and the upper end of the jaw 16 are oppositely oifset a at 36, thereby resenting jointly a recess to accommodate e seam at the rear end of the paste tube. Thus the ofiset 36 coacts with the offset portions 32, 33 at the opposite end to accommodate the greater thickness of tube metal and thereby permit the tube to be flattened to a degree to cause the entire contents of the tube to be expellel.

i To provide a seat or rest for the toothbrush at the bottom of the device and in position for the extruded paste to drop onto the bristles, I provide a bracket arm 34 extending horizontally or approximately s0 -,-from the b0ttom12.

aerated l a shank 35 integral with and depending I would state in conclusion that while the illustrated example constitutes a practical embodimentof my invention, I do not limit j myself strictly to the mechanical .details herein illustrated, since manifestl the same can be considerably varied without departure from the spirit of the invention as defined in the appended claims.

Ilavmg thus described my invention, I clalm as new, and desire to secure by LettersPatent: 1 1. e-device of the cla'ssdescribed including' aws hingedly connected to. be "relatlvely movable and adapted to receive a paste tube therebetween, a' frame on one of has movement, and a pressure device carried by the frame and operable to exert pressure on the movable jaw, said pressure device bearing against said movable jaw but unconnected therewith so that the jaw is free to move with its hinge as a center and vary its "angular relation to the pressure device when movingto or from the other jaw.

2. A device of the class described including a back adapted to be secured to a support and constituting a fixed jaw, a second jaw mounted in front ofsaid back and movable relatively to the first jaw, said jaws being adapted to accommodate a paste tube, a member beneath the lower ends of the jaws and presenting a hole to receive the neck of the paste tube, and a spring pressure closure for said hole and swingable vertically to and from the same to permit escape of paste from the tube, and a bowed spring secured at one end to said closure to thus be carried by the closure, the opposite end of said spring shiftably engaging the'adjacent end of said member. 4

3. A device of the class described including jaws hingedly connected at one end to be relatively movable and adapted to receive a paste tube therebetween for extruding the paste, a frame on oneof said jaws, a pressure device carried by the frame and adapted to bear against the other jaw to exert pressure thereon to give relative movement ,said jaws within which frame the other jaw to said jaws, the movable jaw being free to said pressure device. 7


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