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Publication numberUS1323511 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 2, 1919
Filing dateJan 22, 1919
Publication numberUS 1323511 A, US 1323511A, US-A-1323511, US1323511 A, US1323511A
InventorsC. Welch
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US 1323511 A
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Patented Dec. 2,




APPucATloN FILED 1AN.22.1919.

l ,323,5 1 1 Patented Deo.' 2, 1919.





A Applicationiled January 22, 1919. Serial No. 272,440. p

To allwhom t may Concern). Y f v` Be ittknown that I, JESSE' C. WELCH, a citizen of the United States, and resident of the city Vof Tacoma, county of Pierce,and State'of Vashin ton, have invented Acertain new and useful mprovements inf Serving- Wagons, of whichthe following is a specication.

This invention relates to improvements in serving wagons,and has for its principal object to provide'for an improved and novel construction in Va device of this character, to provide a hubless vehicle wheel, which is mounted upon rollers, to provide a serving car fin which the space intermediate the wheels Vis inclosed and contains -receptacles whichk are slidable in a direction parallel with the axis of the wheels.V Other objects will be disclosed as my device is more fully explained in the following specification,

` illustrated in the accompanying `drawings .some instances, as is illustrated in and pointed out in the appended claims.

Figure 1 is a side elevation of my device with parts broken away.

Fig. 2 is asectional plan View of Fig. 1; Fig. 3 is a part sectional elevation of same.

Vhaving a modified form of interior frame.

Referring more particularly to the drawings numeral 1 indicates side frames of the serving car. The frames are spaced in parallel relationship and are joined together by end frames 2, thus forming a rectangular body. The body thus formed is mounted upon a hollow inner frame 3, which passes transversely lthrough the said body, the said frame preferably being rectangular in cross section, but I do not wish to Vlimit it to this particular sha e, as .in ig. 6, it isdesirable to make the frame circular.

Inner frame 3 is shown with its sides inclined' obliquely, and extends beyond the side frames at either end. This position may be changed as desired. A series of roller carriers 4, are mounted upon the inner frame 3 beyond theV side faces of the frame l and revolubly support` a roller 5. By means of a threaded mounting 5', `the rollers may be adjustedV inwardly or out-V wardly to facilitate removing or placing the wheels infposition.

"It will be understood that the rollers 5 are arranged in two groups these being shown ascontaining four each, and that the rollers in each group lie in a plane which isV parallel `with the side ,framesV 1. The inner frame 3 is stationary with respect to the body and being hollow, is utilized for holding slidablecabinets 6 within which are mounted shelves 7 for supporting dishes `and the like.- f

rlhe cabinets 6 are slidable within the Pateateanee. e, mie.l

ner frame 3, and may be partially withdrawn or completely removed as desired..

The outer ends of cabinets 6 are closed by means of doors 8.

rIhe ends of the bodylare supported upon weight of the body V rests upon the hubless wheels as will be more fully described later.

Hubless wheels are mounted one upon each group 0f rollers 5, and each consists of the circular rim 10, upon the outer periphery of which a tire 11 is mounted, and upon the inner periphery of which a circular rail 12 is fastened. The web of the rail 12 fits into grooves 13 of the rollers 5, thus forming a tractive surface for the said rollers. It will be. understood that the tire 11 bears against the floor, and as the body is pushed forward, the wheels revolve about the inner frame My peculiar arrangement and construction of the wheels and their mountings upon the revoluble rollers constitute a noiseless and nearly frictionless formV of vehicle wheel, which whilehere shown on a serving wagon, yet is applicable to many other uses. In itself, apart from the serving wagon, the wheel constitutes the most important feature of my device.

The construction of my wheel and the inner frame permit of the elimination of an axle for the said wheels, and also permit of the better utilization of the space usually occupied by the axle than could be made otherwise.

Tle outer face of each wheel 10 is inclosed by the periphery of an end piece 15 whichy is fixed to and extends beyond the edge of the frame 3, theY members 15 being provided with the doors 8 previously mentioned to permit access to the shelves 7.

intermediate the side frame is utilized for shelves 16, etc., for the purpose of storing and carrying any desired articles.

In F ig. 6 I have illustrated a circular inner frame 3 which I prefer to use in some instances and Which is mounted similarly to the rectangular frame 3 and serves in the same capacity. y

Many minor changes may be made inthe construction of my device as herein illustrat-ed and described, Without departing from the scope of my invention, and I do notvvish tobe limited eXcept in accordance With the appended claims. Y

What I claim as my invention is:

1. A vehicle comprising` a body, an inner frame extending beyond the sides of the said body, rollers mounted upon the extending end of the said inner frame, hubless Wheel means mounted upon the said rollers; said Wheelmeans comprising a circular` rim, a tire mounted upon the outer periphery of the said rim, anda circular rail secured to the inner periphery of the said Wheel, Whereby. the Wheel is revolubly held in contact ,With the said rollers.

la pair of end it'ramesfconnecting the said side frames, a rectangular inner frame ar ranged transversely of and extending beyond said side Jframes, cabinets slidably mounted Withinthe said inner frame, rollers arranged in a parallel group and secured totheend of the said inner frame,vvheel of rollers; said'means embodying a circular rim, a tire mounted upon the outer periph-V ery of the said rim, a circular rail mounted upon lthe inner periphery of the said riin and in contact With the said rollers, wherebyV the -vvheel may revolve upon the rollers.

" means revolubly mounted upon said groupl 3. A service car comprising a body, two Y Wheels consistingY of rings having inner and Y outer treads, vbearing devices carried by the casing and engaging the inner treads, the. casing having compartments accessible through the central openings of the Wheels and other compartments accessible from the sides of the casing outside of ltheareaof said Wheels.

Signed at Tacoma, Washington, thisr 16th day of January, 1919. Y y


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