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Publication numberUS1323612 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 2, 1919
Filing dateJan 24, 1917
Publication numberUS 1323612 A, US 1323612A, US-A-1323612, US1323612 A, US1323612A
InventorsD. U. Rich
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Holder for rosin
US 1323612 A
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APPucmoN flu-:D 1AN.24. |911.

1,323,612. Pam@ Dem-2,1919.

DONALD U, RIGH, or'wii'snineron, DIsrnIc'r or COLUMBIA.

f YHoLDEn'ron Rosin. V

. To all whom it may concern:-

of Washington, inthe District of Columbia,-

have invented new and useful IImprove,- meiits in Holders for Rosin, of whichthe following isa specification. I I

l Myinvention relates to improvements in protectors and holders for rosin or other such brittle substances. I I I It is a well known `fact ,that rosin being very brittle is easily broken bybeing dropped upon a floor orother place and this necessitates either purchasinga new cake orjusing such small particles as remain after the cake has been broken. To repeatedly be compelled to purchase a-newv cake of rosin upon thebreaking of a cake, adds anexpense of no small proportion to the player of a stringed instrument. y An object of this invention is to provide a holder of the above mentioned character which will protect a'cake of rosin or other like brittle substancesfrom breaking upon dropping same upon a floor or other surface.

A further object is to provide a holder and protector which is made ofrubber or other fibrous shock absorbing material and which is of suflicient size and shape to permit a vcake of rosin or otherI likesubstanceto' be held securely therein. I, Another object ofathis invention is to provide a holder for rosin that will. allow the freerosining of a bow withoutany danger of the `players fingers coming in contact with the rosin. I I- A further Objectis to .provide aV holder which willallow a player-'Ito use substan-1 tially all of the rosin contained in a cake. I V1 A still further object is to provide a holderandv protectorfor rosin such that when one cake of rosin has been used completely, it may be discarded and another substituted therefor.

This invention further provides a holder and protector for rosin which is easy and cheap to manufacture and strong and durable. Y

The above and other objects and advantages of my improvement will fully appear from the following description, taken in connection with the accompanying drawings and be explicitly defined inthe appended claims. I wish it understood however, that this disclosure is illustrative only, and that the principle of my invention can i Specification of Letters Patent.

Application led` January 24, 191'?. Serial No. 144,293.

Patented Dec. 2, 1919..

`be embodied in constructions ones specified herein. I. Y

In the drawings in which similar characters of reference refer to similar parts in the several views, vFigure l is a perspective view of the preferred form of the device showing a cake of rosin therein,

Fig. 2-is a cross section of Fig. l, y I Fig. 3 is a sectional plan view of the deilfice s2hown in' Fig. 1 on'the line X-X of Fig. l isa perspective view of a modified a'cake of rosin other than the form of the device,showing in proper position therewith, I.

Fig. 5 isa perspective view of the device shown in Fig. 4, I

' Fig. 6 is a cross section of Fig. 4,

l Fig. 7 shows another modified form of the device, and I I Fig. 8 `is a cross section of Fig..7.

Referrin to the drawings Iwherein are shown pre erred `embodiments of my invention, the numeral l designates the body portion of the device, which is vformed open at one end as shown at 2, and formed of rubber or other highly elastic material for absorbing shocks. This body portion is substantially of cylindrical shape and is provided at its top with an opening 3 extending across the entire face thereof and for a short distance down the vertical side.'

`The numeral i designates a cake of rosin whichzis slightly larger in diameter than the body portion 1. ln the use of this form of the invention, the rosin is inserted in the body portion l through the open end 2, the same being inserted until the rosin comes into contact with .the upper end of the body portion This upperend is designated by the numeral 5. The `.fact that -the rosin, is slightly larger in diameter than the body portion will insure aV binding action thereon and will eliminate any accidental displacement. When the rosin is inserted as far as possible, the same is spaced a slight distance from the bottom.

It will be apparent that should the device be accidentally dropped, the same will strike upon some part of the body portion l, and therefore take up all shocks and eliminate any danger of the rosin being broken. It is to be understood that the opening 3 formed in the top of the body portion l is of sutcient width to allow the free rosining of a bow therethrough. It can also be seen llO lio

that when a certain amount of the rosin Y preferred form of my invention and the two modiied forms, it is obvious that the device which is exposed. becomes worn from the rosining of a b'ow thereon, or in other words, when a groove has been worn in the cake of rosin by the bow hair, that the entire cake can be removed and then replaced in a slightly' diercnt position, thereby allowing the cake to be used with little or no waste. o

Referring now to Figs. 4, 5 and 6, which illustrate a modified form of thev device, the numeral 6 denotes a substantially rectangular wooden mold containing` rosin 7 This is of any ordinary and conventional construction. The numeral 8 denotesa protective lc asingor holder which is preferably formed of rubber or other like fibrous shock absorbing material and is also of substantially rectangular construction. i y

The top of this protector or holder 9 is provided with anopening 1() which extends throughout the entire length of the holder. This opening is of suiiicient width to allow the free rosining of a bow therethrough and also of suiiicient width to allow practically all oit' the 'surface of the rosin to be exposed to the action of the hair of a bow. Y

As in Fig. 1, the device illustrated in Fig. 5 is of sufficient size to Vallow the secure holding of the conventional type of rosin. 1

Referring now toy Figs. 7 and 8, which showeaiiother modified form of the invention, the numeral 11 denotes arprotective casing or holder'for rosin or other like substances which is in some ways similar to the device illustrated in Fig. 5 and in other ways similar to the device shown in Fig. l. This holder is rectangular' in its general shape.'

The top 12 1s provided with an opening 13 for the same purpose as that shown in Fig. 5. This device hasan open bottomv as shown at 14 which is adapted to have acalke of rosin of the type illustrated inV Fig. 4 inserted therethrough until the top of the wooden mold abuts against the top 12 of the device. .The ends 15 of which only one is shown, serve to hold the device in position upon the mold. These ends 15 are of sufcient height to allow the use of all the -rosin contained Ain the mold.

From the foregoing description of the illustrated provides a cheap and durable means for protecting rosin against breakage andV also provides a holder forrsaid rosin that allows the ,entire use of the rosin with comparatively 'little or no waste.

Having thus described my in fention, what I claim as new and Vdesireto secure by Let# ters'Patentis: Y Y 1. A holder for rosin comprising, a casing, formed ofelastic material and adapted for the reception of the piece of rosin, said casing-having an elongated contracted opening formed through the top thereof 'for'tlie passage of a bow or the like to"v contact with the rosin, .said casing further having openings at the ends of the contracted Vlopening rwhich extend downwardly belowthe toplof the' rosin for asuhstantial di'stance`.1 1

2.A holderrifor rosincomprising, `a casingl formed of elastic material and provided g inone wall thereof4 withrany elongated con-,- tracted opening' having its opposite `ends open, said casingfbeing adapted fortlierece tion of. a piece ofi rosin to .be applied to a* ow or the likeby `passing the bow through the elongatedcontracted opening.

3. Aholder vfor rosin coinprisin`g,'a casing formed of rubberan'd having one end completely open audits oppositerend covered by a head, 'said head having a contracted longitudinal opening, said casing being pro# vided in its sides with/openings which lead into the opposite ends of the `first named opening. f j Y 4.- A holderefo'r rosin comprising, a casing formed of fibrous rshock absorbing material and adaptedvfor the ,reception or the pieceof rosin, saidcasing havingA aii elongated f opening formed through .the top thereof for the-passage oi.- the'bjow or the liketo contactwith the rosin, said casing further having openings at thel ends of the above mentioned opening which extend downwardly below the top of' the rosin-'for a substantial distance. ,Y f

son@ U. Rica

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