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Publication numberUS1323757 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 2, 1919
Filing dateOct 24, 1917
Publication numberUS 1323757 A, US 1323757A, US-A-1323757, US1323757 A, US1323757A
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Henry r
US 1323757 A
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Patented Dec. 2, 1919.

sanas Parnu carros.



v Specification of vLetters Patent.

Application filed October 24, 1917. Serial No; 198,268.

Y To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that'l, HENRY It. GOGAY, a

subject of the Crown of Great Britain, and

resident of Columbus, in the county of Franklin and State of Ohio, have invented a new and useful Improvement in 'I-Iollovvf f may be completed in large quantities irrespective of the size vandl style of hinge beused, thus materially reducing the lcost of manufacture and' also permitting :the

i rapid'lling of orders from stock. P

. These results arey accomplished by blanking outk the door jamb to receive any size or style of hinge and providing a'sub-holder to which the hinge may be secured and''als'o providing alling piece for the spaceqremaining in the blanked outportion ofthe door jamb not filled by 'theparticular. size or style of hinge to be used withthatparticular door frame.

A lpractical embodiment ,of my invention 1s represented 1n the accompanying drawings inwhich, Y

Figure 1 represents in face view, aportion of a door framer with myeinvention applied thereto. y .v

Fig. 2 is a section taken in the plane of the linelI-II of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a section taken in theV plane of the line III-,III of Fig. 2. 1

Fig. l is a section taken inthe plane'of the line IV-IV of Fig. 1, and a Fig. 5 is a section taken in the plane of the line V-V of Fig. 1.

The door j amb 1 is blankedout to receive any size or style of hinge withinreasonable limits: A subholder 2 may be secured by welding as indicated by the dotted circles at its top and bottom to the door jamb .29thday of' September, 1917;

beyond the top and bottom of the blanked out portion. The hinge wing 3 `is secured ratenteaneez, 1,919.

by screws 4, to thesub-holder 2, and thej filler piece 5 may be secured in position vin various ways, as, for instance, by causing its laterally turned side edges to overlap the side edges of the blanked out portion ofV the door jamb.y In' this manner of attachment, the filler piece isf slipped vinto position .before the hinge wing is secured to the sub-holder.

Y'. The sub-holder is spaced from the door jamb, between the top and bottom ofthe subholder, so that the hinge wing Vand the ller piece will have theirfaces' flush with thek lface of the'door jamb. If necessary, shims v6 may be interposed between the hinge wing and the. sub-holder to accommodate wings of different thicknesses. f

While I have shown my invention as ap- .e

holder, the filler piece may be secured in position in any other .suitable manner.

What I yclaim is: c 1. Y In a hollow Vmetal door, a jamb blanked out to'y receive lhinges of various sizes and styles, a. filler piece for the unfilled space 'of the blanked-out portion, and a sub-holder located vwithin the jamb back of the ller l piece and engaging the filler piece and j amb to hold the filler` piece in position and means'.

for securing theIsub-holder to the jan-1b.

2. In a hollow' metal door, a j amb blanked out to receive hinges of various sizes and styles, a iller piece for the unfilled space of the blanked out portion, a sub-holder lo- -V cated within the jambe back of the liller piece vand engaging theliller piece and j amb .y

to hold the ller piece Vin position, means forsecuring the sub-holdertothe j amb, and means for securing Vthe hinge wing to the sub-holder. p f j' In testimony,'that I claimthe foregoing as lily-invention, I havesignedV my name this HENRYRGOGAY.

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U.S. Classification49/400, 49/382, 16/247, 49/504, 16/382
Cooperative ClassificationE06B1/52