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Publication numberUS1325164 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 16, 1919
Filing dateJul 11, 1919
Publication numberUS 1325164 A, US 1325164A, US-A-1325164, US1325164 A, US1325164A
InventorsSamuel H. Mowrey
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Folding stool
US 1325164 A
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Patented Dec. 16,1919.



w am. Z w mm 6 hf w a a w 6% 0 K M g d n .e w mm a P 2 UNITED sTAtrEsrATENT OFFICE. v



Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Dec, 16, 1919,

. Application filed July 11, 1919. Serial No. 310,205.

pose of the invention is to produce an a'rti-.

cle of this kind wherein the several elements are separable and may be housed within the seat, the latter being of such constructlon as to present the appearance of a small suitcase.

The structure includes a collapsible base, a collapsible head, a pedestal separably con necting these elements, and a foldable or box-like seat capable of being mounted on the head.

The invention consists in the detalls of construction more fully set forth below.

Referring to the drawings:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of this stool set up ready to use, and Fig. 2 is a perspecfolded so that it may be carried in the hand.

Fig. 3 is a central vertical section. Fig. 4 is a bottom plan view of the seat distended.

Fig. 5 is a sectional detail on the line 55 of Fig. 3. p I

Fig. 6 is a perspective detail of the upper end of one of the'arms.

Fig. 7 is a sectional detail showing the hinge connection between the leaves of the seat. I I

The base as herein shown comprises four legs 1 pivoted near their upper ends at 2 within radial slots 3 in a hub 4 having a cen tral upright bore 5.

The pedestal includes a body 11 shouldered at its upper and lower ends as at 12, 13 and having pins 14 and 15 extending beyond said shoulders, the pin 15 fitting rotatably within the bore 5 of the hub 4 when the parts are assembled as seen in Fig. 3.

The head in the present instance comprises four arms 21 pivoted at 22 within radial slots 23 in a hub 24, the hub having a bore 25 through which may pass the upper pin 14: when the parts are assembled as seen in Fig.' 3. The upper end of each arm is cut away along its opposite sides to produce shoulders 26 between which the material of the arm is continued into a tongue 27preferably slightly dove-tailed as seen in Fig. 6 and having its upper end 28 cut off o'na line oblique to thelength of the arm as shown.

7 The seat is made up of three leaves con-' nected edge to edge by knuckle joints as shown at 30, and for sake of distinction we will call the intermediate leafa panel 31 and the other and rather wider leaves sides 32 because they form the sides of the casing whenclosed as seen in Fig. 2, having flanges 33- around three of their edges which come together to make up the box-like whole. A catch 34 fastens the casing closed, and one side member may carry a handle 35. Centrally pivoted at 36 tothe lower face of the 7 panel 31 is an elongated button or bar 37 having near its opposite ends grooves 38, and the panel itself is provided 'in its lower face near its opposite ends with similar grooves. The latter have mouths of a shape similar to key-hole slots, their larger ends being disposed toward the pivot 36, and internally they are of a cross section which will fit the shape of the dove-tailed tongues 27. The several leaves of the seat'may be painted or ornamented externally, or may perhaps carry a fabric or even an upholstered covering. The parts are of the desired materials which will afford suficient strength to support the user.

The stool is shown in Fig. 1 set up ready V for use, and at this time the hub of the head 7 will swivel within the hub 4 of the base, and

therefore the user is mounted on a pivot stool. \Vhen the device is no longer desired for use, the pedestal is lifted out of the base and the legs folded, the 'upperpin of the pedestal pulled out of'the hub 24:,- said hub moved downward to draw the several arms inward and their tongues 27 downward from the several grooves 38 so that the arms may be all folded together, then the cross bar or long button 37 is turned on its pivot 36 into alinement with the central leaf or panel 31, and the remaining parts stacked in the casing which is closed and latched as shown at 34:. For holding said parts within the casing, one or both the sides 32 thereof may have straps or strip metal springs 40 beneath which the movable parts will be inserted. When the operator again desires to use the device as a stool, he unlatches. and opens the casing, removes the loose parts, turns the buttolr'37' to the position shown in Fig. 4, and reassembles the elementsin al manner which will be clear. pins 141 and 15 are shown round, it is. clear that-aswivel efi'ect "wouldresult ifonly one were round, but it is muchrcheaperiandjust. as satisfactory to turn down both ends of the-pedestal 1 into ground 1 pins r and; bore: both hubs with round; holes, as. y it wonld be" to." make one-of the; pins and oneuofethe hioles of oth erashapea. It is preferred that the' arms be four: in number, two? of which; engagegthesocketszinz the middleleaf :whileethe other; two engage the sockets; in; the cross bar v 01? button: and" thelatter; supports the" outer-. leaves-,but it. is notQatI'a'll essential. that. there; shall g be:- four legs in thG'fibitSQ'z In fact, the base of, the structurei-isucapable; of extended ,modification without departingfrom the principle involved, and A theexact-1 form of pivotsiin boththe base'and-the hiead-a is immaterial Alsoxl have shown asetscrew 43in;- Fig 4i and r set ,screwsil-i'i and i415 in; Fig, 1 which; mayibe einployed for: hold: ing; the; parts together when assembled, but

these. set; screws, are, omitted-i from r Fig.

Other changes valse may. be: made-by the manufacturer; consistent; with; the claims below.

In closing it' is hardly necessary. to add: that, while ;this.- device has. been described. 1

as stool on-; which thez-user. is tea sit,: itmight. readily be utilized as'-autable,,as on automobile. trips orL pedestrianjhikes; ,or' it could be usedas afiower? stand, taboret,vetc-.

Therefore theterms, seat as: .e-1nployed-. hereinsshouldgbe read 2 conjunction with the device when used-asia stool.

Having thus described the. invention, what is claimed as new is;

1.; In a coll apsible; structure. of the-type? described, the. combinationwith-a base, a. pedestal, and .headanountedon the pedestal and including. a plurality-v of" pivoted. arms havingitongues i at .their upper; ends of seatv made up of'three leaves hinged to-' gether edge-etc; edge, and crossbar cens trally pivoted beneath thesintermediatesleaf and'of. a length to -underlieth,e others .when turned on its :pivotacross the several leaves,

said, bar, 7 and intermcdiat'e lea-f; having.

While both sockets shaped to detachably receive the tongues on said arms.

2; In acollapsible structure of the type described, the combination with a base, a pedestal, and a head mounted on the pedestal and. includin a plurality of pivoted arms h'aving tongues at their upper ends; of aeseatsincluding a narrow. panel and two wide leaves, knuckle hinges connecting them, flanges along the onteriedges and: ends: of the; leaves, those on one leafi abuttingz those on: theother when" the seat is folded, and a: barf: adaptecl tor extend across beneath: the. panel and both leaves;- said bar:- and panel havingrsocketsmear: their ends fore detach= ably receivingithe:tongues-onesaid. arms.=.

3. In a knock-down structure ofZthei'type described, thetcombination' with ascollap'sible base: 1 including.*a. tubular; hub; a 1 collapsible. head: ainclu-ding'ai tubularrhub and four: arms pivoted at their lower" ends r thereto, and a. pedestal 3 whose body is.- reduced and shouldered; at: .bothends; and: continued beyond the:- shoulders: intoupper and lower pins; adapted for removable engagement with said?- hubs; ozfa foldiiigrseat of boxelike structure adapteditozcontainathe-r other aielernents when: disconnected and collapsed, theseat having' a; central socket forr the upper end .of? the upper pin and other sockets for theiupper ends oft-said-.-arrns'.

4:- In wilmockedowni structure of atheatype described, the combinatiorr with: et -collapsible base-including a a tubular hub, collapsible head. includingta tubular; hub and four armsn pivoted atwtheir lowerrends; thereto, and a pedestal whoseb'ody is reduced and shouldered at both ends" and continued: beyond the; shoulders;- into: upper: and lower pins adapted for removable engagementi with? said hubs 1; of aseat: made .au -i'Of-three': leaves hinged together edge to edge, the side leaveshaving flanges coaeting; in the folding} of the seat to produce a boxeli'keecasing for receivingthezother elements and a bar-pi-votally mounted on a: screw" countersunk through its center and into the intermediate. leaf; thereby leavin-g a: socket; for receiving the upperendof :the: upperpin, the bar and 5 the intermediate :Ileaf: having; other sockets for the upper ends of said "arms.

Intestimony whereof I a-fiix myzsignature.


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