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Publication numberUS1326415 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 30, 1919
Filing dateMar 27, 1919
Priority dateMar 27, 1919
Publication numberUS 1326415 A, US 1326415A, US-A-1326415, US1326415 A, US1326415A
InventorsNorman Edwin Negus, Owen Frederick Maidment
Original AssigneeNorman Edwin Negus, Owen Frederick Maidment
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Combination article of furniture for children's use.
US 1326415 A
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Patented Dec. 30, 1919.


Application filed March 27, 1'91 To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that we, NORMAN EDWIN linens, residing at Stanmore, near Sydney, in the State of New South Wales, Commonwealth of Australia, and OWEN FnEDnnioK Manninn'r, residing at Stanmore, near Sydney, in the State of New South VI ales, Coininonwealth of Australia, have invented an Improved Combination Article of Furniture for Childrens Use, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to a new and improved article of furniture for childrens use and has been devised in order to provide an amusement device for children which is readily convertible into a variety of articles having useful functions.

To meet the various requirements of childhood, it is customary to provide separate articles, as chairs equipped with means for holding food utensils rocking cradles, and amusement devices for playtime as swings and rocking carriages.

According to the present invention, there are provided in the one article of furniture a combination of several of such articles which hitherto have been commonly made and used as distinct articles. Means are provided whereby the article of furniture may be readily converted, as required, and rendered safe and stable in whatever capacity it is being employed.

In order that the invention may be clearly understood, reference is had to the accompanying explanatory drawings wherein Figure 1 is a view in perspective of the combined article of furniture when placed in a horizontal position.

Fig. 2 is a view in perspective of the combined article of furniture when placed in a vertical position for the purposes hereinafter described.

Fig. 3 is a fragmentary view in perspective of a detail of the invention.

The childs combined article of furniture and toy has side-pieces t which are preferably given animal outlines as illustrated and are connected together by suitable struts or bars 5. A pair of rockers 6 are attached to or formed integrally with the side-pieces 4c and located transversely between the latter is a seat 7. A backrest 8 is pivotally attached at 9 to the side pieces 4 and is n1aintained in position by catches 10. A front flap 11 is pivotally attached forwardly in Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Deg 30,.1919

serial No. 255,588.

the side-pieces i forwardly of the seat 7 and catches 12 serve to retain it in horizontal allnement with the said seat when required.

Transverse rockers 13 are provided and these are inovably fitted in order that they may be readily raised or lowered as required. The preferred manner of fitting said transverse rockers 13 is illustrated in Fig. 1 and in detail in 3. The transverse rockers furnished at each end with aseries of holes l t are vertically slidable in guides 15 secured on the inner sides of the rockers 6, and having adjustment holes 16. inserted through the guides 15 into the holes formed in the ends of the transverse rockers 13 rigidly secure the latter in an adjusted position.

When tl e article of furniture is p0sitioned vertically, as is illustrated in Fig. 2, the center of gravity is located well forward to prevent risk of falling backwardly. To this end, the forward legs 18 are made shorter than the rear legs 19. When the article is in this position, the side 20 0f the backrest 8 is adapted for use as a seat and a o ed backrest 21 which is preferably n xined of transverse slats 22 is secured to the side-pieces at.

it dining tray 23 is attached to the sidepieces at by means of arms 24: movable about pivots Stops 26 retain said tray 23 in position in front of the seat 20 and a rim or border 27 serves to prevent displacement of dishes or other articles placed on said dining tray.

A plurality of cords or the like 28 are united at 29 and have their free ends at tached to eyes or rings 30 secured to the side-pieces. A spring 31 is secured to the cords 28 and functions to insure comfortable and smooth motion when the article is used as a swinging carriage.

In order that the article may be used as a commode chair, in either its vertical or horizontal position, apertures 32 are formed in the seat, 7 and 20, and suitable means as slides are furnished to retain a commode in position beneath either seat.

lVhen the article of furniture is required for use as a simple rocking carriage, it is placed on the longitudinal rockers 6. In order to convert the article into a cradle the transverse rockers 13 are lowered so as to rais the longitudinal rockers 6 from the floor surface and said transverse rock- Pins 17 ers are locked in the adjusted position by means of the pins 17. The backrest S and the front flap 11 are then placed in horizontal alinement with the seat 7, thereby forming a support for a mattress or other bedding material.

When required for use as a swinging carr riage, the article is suspended in a horizontal position from a hook or like member by means of the cords 28 and the interposed spring 31; In this latter position the baclc' rest 8 and front flap 11 may be placed to suit either a sitting or a reclining position.

means on said sid frames for fixing said When required, the combination article can be employed as a high dining chair with an attached tabl by positioning it as is shown in Fig. 2 upon the legs 18 and 19 and 4 allowing the dining tray 23 to rest on the fixed to and extending between the side frames, a member forming a back-rest pivotally supported on said side frames, a front flap pivotally supported on said side frames,

member and said front flap in alinement with said seat, when the article is hori- .zontally positioned, and a curved back-rest cooperating with said member when the article is vertically positioned.

3. A rocking carriage comprising a pair of sides, struts rigidly connecting said sides, a transverse seat between said sides, a backrest and a front flap between said sides, means for placing said back-rest and said front flap either in horizontal alinement withsaid seat or in angular relation thereto, longitudinal and transverse rockers on said rocking carriage and means for placing and maintaining either of said sets of rockers out of contact with the ground surface, substantially as described. 7

4. An article of furnitur for childrens use comprising a pair of sides, struts rigidly connecting said sides, a horizontal seat between said sides, a front flap and a backrest for said seat, means for adjusting said flapand said back-rest in horizontal alinement with said seat and in angular relation thereto, a'second back-rest rearward of the first mentioned back-rest providing a seat when the article is in a vertical position, a

, dining tray pivotally attached to said sides,

longitudinal and transverse rockers, means for retaining either transverse or longitudinal rockers out ofcontact with the ground surface, an aperture in each of said seats, means for retaining a receptacle beneath either of said seats, and rear and front supports at one end of said article of furniture, the front supports being of less length than the rear supports, substantially as described and for the purposes set'forth.

In testimony whereof we our signatures in presence of two witnesses.


Witnesses M. STARFIELD,

W. J. Clinton.

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