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Publication numberUS1327019 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 6, 1920
Filing dateMar 7, 1918
Priority dateMar 7, 1918
Publication numberUS 1327019 A, US 1327019A, US-A-1327019, US1327019 A, US1327019A
InventorsCoozie Britton
Original AssigneeCoozie Britton
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Educational playing-cards
US 1327019 A
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EDUCATIONAL PLAYING CARDS. APPLICATION FILED MAR. 7, 1918 1,327,01 9. Patented Jn. (i, 1920.

eoozrn BRITTON, or Moulin, inra-noie.


isernia Specication of Letters Patent.

Patenten aan. e, ieee.

Application filed March 7, 1918. Serial No. 220,997.

To aZZ whom t may concern.'

Be it known that I, Cooznz BRrr'roN, a citizen of the United States, residing at Moline, in the county of Rock Island and State of lllin'ois, have invented certain new 'and i useful Improvements in Educational Playing-Cards, of which the following is a specifieation.

This invention relates to playing cards and card games, .and pertains especially to cards for playing educational games of various character. l

The object oi' the invention is to provide a deck or set of cards containing such indicia as to constitute means for playing a plurality of educational games differing in character and subject, whereby the memory may be tested in competition, and the mind of the players may be cultivated while enjoying the pleasure of playing the games. A further object of the invention is to provide a full complement of playing cards forming the usual 'number or deck, both faces of each card having such indicia as'to afford means for playing eight different games with the same deck of cards.

A still further obj ectof the invention is to provide a' deck of cards, oiie'faee of each card being divided into three parts, and the other face of each card being` divided into four sections, whereby the card faces may be readily distinguished and differentiated, so that there may be no confusion in playing the. games independently.

l Various other objects and advantages are attainablev in playing games with the cards hereinafter particularly described.

In the accompanying drawings forming part of this application:

Figure l is an elevation, showing one face of a card.

Fig. 2 is a similar View, showing the other face of the same card. c

Figs. 3' and l, are similar Views, showing the faces of other cards.

AThe same numeral references'denote the same parts in theseveral views of the drawings..

The cards shown in the drawings exemplify the invention for playing seven different games, and the indiciashown thereon are specimens of such as appear on companion cards of the full deck of fifty six cards. The cards are vprinted with a blue "border and red lines on a white back ground. i

The cards .l are preferably of the usual cardboard material and are preferably of the usual size and shape as the ordinary playing cardsi rl`he face of the lard shown in Fig. l of ,the drawings has a central cross line 2, and a central line 3 perpendicular to the line and extending 'therefrom to the bottom edge of the card. vide this face of the card into an upper section i vanditwo lower sections 5 and G respectively. The section si is provided with indicia, such as 'T and 7, for playing the games of Proverbs and of Poeiusl respectively.` The section 5 contains such indicia as 8 for playing a gaine of Advice The section G contains suchi'ndicia as 9 for playing a game of llllecting Presidents.

The reverse side or face of this card, shown in Fig. 2 of the drawings, is divided into four sections l0, ll, l2 and 13 by a central cross line ll and a central perpendicular line l5; The section l() contains such indicia as 1.6 for playing a game of "llisteryf7 with 4a. space for answers. The `section' ll contains the gaine title Cral Arithmetic. The section l2 contains such indicia as l? for a Spelling Bee gaine. The section i3 contains the game title Question Box with a space 't'or answers.

l`lie card faces shown in Figs. 3 and a, are divided into sections as liereinbefore described andas shown in Figs. l and 2 of the drawings, and have the same gaine titles, but differentV indicia from each other and from the card faces shown 'in Figs. l and 2 of the drawings.

Obviously, .upon deciding which of the eight games is to be played, for example, Historyf the deck of cards is shuilied and distributed four to each of four players, who naturally center their minds on their particular game and disregard all other game titles of the cards. V

Each player in turn asks the questionas found on his card. The player or players giving` incorrect answers shall discard a card, andthe player lirst answering correctly the greater number of questions wins the game. g

The Oral rtritlnnetie game is similarly played, but by mental calculations and without using pencil or pen.

Tlie,Spelliiig- Bee and Question Box games are similarly played.

The Advice and Hie Proverbs and These lines diioe lPoeins games are4 played by reading the Icards.

n the Electing lfesiderits/ab gaine answers tov Quiestions are 'to be Written on the cards'held by the players asking the questions, and the cards held by the playersv 'will containd'iierent questions' and answers relative to the, merits vand qualications oi!- tbe ,respective political candidates for Presiu dent. Obviously, two to. four cards may be drawn by each player from' theirernaining deck after the .first deal, or'inay be mutually decided upon, according' tothe gamecto be y played and before starting the game.

4In ,playing all the, games it ivill be seen that they' are instructive, testing tbe memory, and instilling the mind and thoughts with beneficial lmowledge.4

y ldo not Wish. to be understood as conning myself t'o any particular indicia, title of games', or size and material of tbe cards as various titles and suitable indicia thereunder lmaybe used in producing one set or deck of cards for playinga plurality of games.v

` 1 The indicia shown" on the card -aces ofthe drawings are merely specimens' of subyjects and matter for `playing the. several y didates, lfzeepiiigtally,4 according time ycards dealt them' and which theyv may dr'i'iw y.

from the 'deck during the game .Having tltiu's1 described my invention, 'what fl claim as new and desire to secure by Letf ters Patent is V:

A set of educational playing;l cards comn prising a plurality of cards having reversi 'blefaces certain of the'faces being linef vdivided into sections having proverbs and poems, advice, 'and election of lPresidents printed thereon, and the reverse face of tbe cards being l1nedivided into sections liarL ing' questions printed thereon so as to leave a space for answers.

In Wi'tnessvwhereof I yhereunto set hand'in tbe'presenoe of two Witnessesn cooziii Bngirioii. Witnesses: l


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