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Publication numberUS1327786 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 13, 1920
Filing dateApr 15, 1918
Priority dateApr 15, 1918
Publication numberUS 1327786 A, US 1327786A, US-A-1327786, US1327786 A, US1327786A
InventorsStephan Charles H
Original AssigneeStephan Charles H
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Medical appliance
US 1327786 A
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Patented Ja11.13, 1920.



Specioation of Letters Patent.

Patented Jan. 13, 1920.

Application led Api-i1 15, 1918. Serial No. 228,540.

To all whom zt may concern.'

. into the body and for internal massage of.

Be it known that I, CHAnLEs H. STEPHAN, a citizen of the United States residing at Springfield, in the county of Clark and State of Ohio, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Medical Appliances, of which the following is a specilication, reference being had therein to the accompanying drawing. p A

This invention relates to medical'appliances and particularly to the type which are adapted for the introduction ofY medicine the body parts. It comprises an instrument which is constructed` to be inserted in the desired portion'of the body. It vhas a passage entirely through the device through which medicine may be forced and an attachment for giving an internal massage is also provided.

In the drawings, Figure 1 is a longitudinal section of the device adapted for massa or for introduction of medicine;

gig. 2 is a detail View showing the method of attachment of a vibrator of .usual type Fig. 3 is a section of a part shown in Fic. l. n n

Ihe complete device is shown in Fig. l. It'includes a main tubular portion 1 and a head 5 which are shown as separate parts, but which may be made integral if desired. The portion 1 has threads 2 and 3, the thread 2 being cut internally on the expanded end 4 and the thread 3 being eXternal'. 4The head 5 is elliptical in shape and both it and the tubular` portion 1 have a loiigtiudinal` assage 6 entirely through them and the head 5 is threaded to envage threads 3. Outside the ortion 1 and Iiead 5 is a soft rubber cap shown separately in Fig. 3, and the cap may'l if desired be cutaway at 8 to permit t e passage of medicine. The left hand end of cap 7 has an enlargement 9 permitting it to be forced on the expanded end 4 of the main portion 1.

A handle portion 9 (Fig. 1) is threaded at 10 to' engage the threads 2 and has an enlarged portion 11 abutting the small end of the cap 7. In putting the parts together the small end of cap 7 is placed between the enlarged portions l11 and 4 of the handle portion 9 and the tubular portion 1 and these two parts then screwed to ether. shown, the handle portion '95 is ollow, like the tubular portion 1.

A handle 12 has a portion 13 adapted to portion 17 fitting engage the enlarged end of portion 9L so as to limit the movement of the handle. The handle extends entirely through the device, its length being such that its o erating end 14 reaches the end of the hea 5 When the part 13 strikes the handle portion 9a.

The handle portion 9n is threaded at 15 and the handle 12 is provided with threads fitting the threads 15. Thus the handle may be inserted and screwed to the handle portion 9, y

The main portion may be entirely of hard rubber and is ca able of use with or without the. soft rub er cap 7. Also the main 'ortion ma be made of soft rubber at the ead 5 an be gradually hardened as the end 4 is approached, the object of so hardenirig the part being merely to permit the thread 2 to be cut therein.

.75 For use as a massage device the instrument may be employed as shown in 1.

The handle 12 is held fast by the threa and the cap 7 and head 5 may be inserted in the desired portion of the body and massage given by operation of handle 12. The soft 4rubber cap .prevents injury to the parts of thebody. .Also the device may be used for massage without the cap 7 by usin a main portion having a soft head 5, as aove described. v

To insert medicine the handle 12 is unscrewed and removed and the medicine is placed in the central tube. Then the handle may be reinserted in the device and pushing the handle 4into the device will force the medicine out of the end of the head 5. In this use the soft rubber cap will ordinarily not be used. v

The device is'well adapted for treatment of diseasesl of the prostate land', where both the message of the glan and the application of medicine are desired.

For vibratory treatment there is employed a coupling 16, Fig. 2 which has a threaded the threads 15 in the handle portion 9u and the threaded portion 18 of the coupling 16 may be screwed to any desired form of vibrator'. Of course in this use the handle 12 is removed and the head 5 applied to any desired part of the body. The vibrator causes rapid vibration ofthe entire device and the desired-result is thus obtained.

The device as a whole is simple and the parts readily put together. They are easily taken apart for cleaning or the insertion of iio macina n win be observed that themas son skilled in the art.

Having thus fully described my invention, what I claimasmew and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. A medical appliance comprising a hollow tubular portion, a hollow' head fast thereto, a rubber. cap covering said tubular portion and said head, a handle portion 4fast to the tubular portion and between which and the tubular portion,the cap is held, and a handle having an extension passing through the handle portion, the tubular portion and the head, said handle beingv constructed to be screwed to said handle portion.

2. A medical appliance oovxnprishig aholf :,ssmse 'and adapted to be screwed to said tubular portion,l and a rubber cap covering said `tubular portion and. said head, the end of said cap being confined and held between the enlarged part of the handle portion and the expanded end' of the tubular ortion.

3. A medical appliance adapte to treat the prostate gland comprising'a body portion an. enlarged head fast thereto, said hea being covered with soft material and adapted to be vibrated to massage internal portions of the body.

4. A medical appliance adapted to treat the prostate gland comprising a 4handle portlon, a head of Xed dimensions fast thereto, said head having a portion of soft material adapted to massage internal portions of the body and having an opening to transmit medicine thereto.

In testimony whereof, I aix my signatdle.V


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