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Publication numberUS1329051 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 27, 1920
Filing dateMar 17, 1916
Priority dateMar 17, 1916
Publication numberUS 1329051 A, US 1329051A, US-A-1329051, US1329051 A, US1329051A
InventorsLorentzen Hans K
Original AssigneeLorentzen Hans K
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Portable electric lamp
US 1329051 A
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. 329 05 Patented Jan. 27, 1920.

2 SHEETSSHEET ll1 cufoq.



1 I AFPVLICA ION FILED MAR. 17, 1915- i 1,329,051, Patented Jan. 27, 1920.




a subject of the King of Denmark, residing at New York, in the county of New York and State of New York,have invented certain new and useful able Electric Lamps,

' 1s a specification.

- relations.

y invention relates particularly to lamps of the so-called portable type.

One of the objects of my invention isto provide simple and effective means for storing the lamp cord and paying it out in such lengths as needed. p

Another object is to enable the adjustment. and setting ofthe lamp indifferent angular A further object toprovide for the supporting of-the lamp on walls and the like surfaces, as well as on tables and such usual horizontal supports.

- s di g Other features of the inyention will ap The first of these objects I have accomplished by mounting within a hollow lamp supporting base, a spring-wound cord reel carrying a controlled spring-pressed pawl.

in angularly adjustable relation on a sup justable in a socket-on the b'ase, sliding contacts being provided between this post and the reel, and the postbeing preferably seated means. A 'suction'cup normally seated in the base in its rotatably adjusted relation by yieldandadapted to be extended therefrom when desired for use, provides the means forsupporting the lamp .on walls andthexlike' places.

pear 'as the specification V proceeds.-

In the accompanying drawings I. have illustrated the invention embodied in a practical and preferred form but'it will be un-- derstood that changes andmodifications may beinade'. without, departure from the true spirit andscope of the invention. a Figure l in said drawings, is a viewill'ustrating the base portion and the shade holder of the lamp in section; Fig. 2 is a' horizontal sectional view of the same taken substantially on the plane of the line 22 of Fig; 1; Fig. 3 is a side view of the shade" Specification of Letters Patent. Application filed March 17, 1916.

' therefrom the cord Improvements in Portof which the following .fbOttOnl plan view ofthe base;

on the plane of the line 77 of ratchet which is held in position uwith the desired length of cord in. use, bya manually The difiere'nt angular adjustments are made possible by mounting the lamp socket" thereof.

Patented Jan.

Serial No. 84,817.


the shade having been detached of the manually releasable holding pawl for reel; Fig. 5 is a sectional view of the base portion of the lamp, showing the suction cup projected and-in use; Fig. 6 is a Fig. 7 is a horizontal sectional view taken substantially Fi 1 eferri-ng now to the drawings more in detail, 10 designates the supporting base of the lamp, usually flat on the bottom, as indicated, adaptin it for use on a table or the like, and of a size and weight to give the lamp the necessary stability, though'not so large or heavy as to be inconvenient for ready handling.

Mounted on the upper side of the base and preferably seated within a depression 11-, therein is the cord reel, made up in the illustration of a hollow drum 12, pivoted on a screw stud 13 and carrying at its upper at one end at 18 t0 the base and at the other end at 19 to the drum. The reel flanges may r extend out over the as indicated in Fig. .tect the winding spring.

A convenienhand practical method ,of constru'ctingthe reel is to cupthe "central, portions of the two flanges, as indicated in Fig. 1, sothat the cupped portion of one flange will fit inside the cupeon the other flange, the two-cupped porti ing one within the other and; constituting thetdrum portion of the reel. The flanges edges ofthe depression,-

I may further berein'forced; and strengthened the edges f by turning annular'rims 20 .on

- The reel may be locked iii position after the necessary length o'f cord has been unwound therefrom, by means, .such as a" spring-pressed pawl 21,;secuied at 223011 the and aging-a series f Taifil t t- 24 on the-reel. In-the illustration-these ratchet teeth are out i flange The ratchet'teeth are faced-so as: to permit the unwinding movement of the reel by simply pulling on the cord, the spring- 1- so as to cover. and pro- Fig. 4 is a detail sectional view nsf-thus nestunderside of the top or cover 2350f the-base '10s in the rim of reel vsisting in the illustration, :working through thecover of the base and serving b'y engagementwiththe pawl (F g.

pressed pawl acting as soon as .the pull on thecord is released, to hold the reel in that position. l

The holding pawl is released to permit the spring to rewind up the cord by means, con- 4) at one side'of a loop or fulcruming point 26-, to lift the nose of the pawl 01f the ratchet I teeth.

top of the l\Iounted'fin a. socket 27 provided in the ing .pSt28, provided with contacts-29 and having wires 33 and leading to the lamp socket 35 and the latter- .30 at its lower end engaging contacts '31 and 32 onlthe reel, thefirst set of contacts 34 connected thereto,

set of contacts having the cord wires 36 and 37, connected therewitln The contacts 31 and 32 may be mounted On a plate 38 of ed onxa block 39 of insulation secured in'tlie' lower end'of the upright post.

. The sliding contacts thusprovide a means of continuous electrical connection between ing contacts is provided forin the illu'stra .tion by a spring '40 4 the reel and'post and allow for. the rotation of the post in its socket as well as the rotation of the reel within the base.

- A firm engagement of the two sets of slidengaged at its central portion with acollar 41 on the lower end of the post andbearing at its ends against the undersideof' the cover 23, this spring which it may .is-shown pivoted at. 49 atone edge of the struction permits of ting parts in such relations.

The lamp is-made capable of being sup.-

s erving to draw the post firmly down in its socket and to engaged with each other.

The socket is preferably made angularly, adjustable on the post, as by mounting it on a ring 42, held clamped by a screw bolt fastening 43 between clamping jaw portions 44 at the upper end of the post. This conthe lamp socket being tilted over at an angle and this, with the rotatability of the post provides for the setof the lamp in practically any angular relation, the clamp at 43 and the springholding device 40, serving to maintainthe ported on'walls and the like by providing it with .a suction cup supporting device 45 normally housed inarecess 46 in the bottom of active extended position by a, lever 47 to be received'at 48. This lever base and working in a slot 50 extending across the base to the suction cup recess 46 at the opposite edgethereof. The suction rupis normally held in the withdrawnim active position by a spring 51 acting on the of a button 25,.

base, is the tubular lamp-carry with spaced-apart readily shaped to the base in line with the axis contacts on. the lower end portion of's'aid post and cooperating engaging contacts on hold "the contacts yieldingly depression in the top the base and adapted to be projected, into mounted thereon, reel, a lamp-supporting as that indicatedat 52,

T he suction cup 15 used by simply operating on the extended handle portion 53 of the lever so as to project and force the cup into engagement with the wall or other surface. This securing device is also of use when it is desired to secure the lamp in a certain position on a table or other support. J The lamp is usually equipped with a suitable shade 54, and to hold thisshade in place in all the tilted and various angular 'posi;

- tions of the lamp, I have provided a special holderconsisting of a yoke-shaped memdoubled upon itself tovembrace the tip portionof the lamp 5'6 and having arms '57 cut outfrom the top and sides thereof and bent radially outward to form outstanding supports engaged with the shade at 58. The. cutting of the shade supporting arms frO'mthe sides of the yoke, leaves these sidesv portions 59 which can befit thelamp andwhieh act as spring-holding arms. f The invention, it will be seen, is of simple and inexpensive construction and by reasonof its adaptability to different conditions, has a wide range of usefulness. 1

Iclaim: v

1. A portable lamp comprising a hollow base, a spring-wound cord reel journaled horizontally within said hollow base, an upright lamp-supporting post set in the top of of the reel,

the reel. I

2. In combination, a lamp'base havinga thereof, a horizontally disposed drum journaled in said depression and {provided with spaced outstanding flangesrat the upper end thereof forming a cord reel, a drum-winding spring seated in the depression below theoutstanding flanges,

contactson the upper side of the reel, a

lamp-supporting post mounted on thebase above the reel and contacts on the lower end portion of said post engaging the contacts on the reel. i 2 1 a '115 3. Tncombination, a'lamp' base, acord reel mounted thereon, contacts fcarried by said reel, a lampsupport ing'post rotatably mounted on thebase terminating above said reel and contacts on said rotatable lamp post engaging the contacts onthe cord reel.

4.- ][n combination, a lamp base, a cord reel contacts carried by said post rotatably mounted on 'the' base, contacts on said ro-- -tatable lamp post. engaging the contacts on the cord reel,'and spring means yieldingly holding the lamp post in the position to "which it has been rotated.

mounted thereon, contacts carried by said reel, a lamp-supporting post rotatably mounted on the base longitudinally movable toward the cord reel, contacts on said post for engagement with the contacts on the reel and spring means urging the lamp post toward the cord reel.

6. In combination, a lamp base provided With a socket in the top thereof, a lampca-rrying post rotatably seated in said socket, a cord reel journaled on the base, cooperating contacts on the rotatable postand cord reel, and spring means holding the post yieldingly seated in its socket, thereby yield ingly retaining the post in its rotated adjustment With the cooperating contacts of the post and reel engaged.

7. In combination, a base, a cord reel mounted thereomcontacts 'on the upper face of sald reel, an upright post rotatably and means for yiel'dingly holding said lamp socket in its angularly adjusted position on the post.

8.. In combination, a lamp base provided with a socket in the top thereof, a lamp-car rying post rotatablyseatcd in said socket, a cord reel Journaled on the base, cooperating contacts on the rotatable post and cord reel,

and a spring engaging the under side of the top of the base and the lamp-carrying post to thereby hold said post yieldingly seated in its socket. I

In testimony whereof I afiiX my signature.


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