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Publication numberUS1329535 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 3, 1920
Filing dateApr 9, 1913
Publication numberUS 1329535 A, US 1329535A, US-A-1329535, US1329535 A, US1329535A
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US 1329535 A
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$329,535. iunm Feb. 3, 192() of proyer meshing ure enormously increased mi Ille chances ol' abutting end to end are reduced to a. minimum.

It is ovious that when the pinion teeth are presented to the y wheel teeth somewhat out of register, the letter teeth will Sir/rik@ against.' the inclined surface 7d whereulmn the pinion will be moved slightly so ne, to xeuse proper xegieiwer. Moreover by having the cutaway portion THy the pinion teeth will be permitted to enter the fly wheel teeth without :my contact. between sueh Hy wheel teeth und the broad fuee 7 of the pinion tooth, 'iermittiiw the lower portion ol' enel: tooth, tlmt is Said portion 7d, to first contact the fly wluel teeth and be guided or moved into proper register.

`he described construction of the pinion teeth is such as to eimit of the ready mesh ing thereof with t e lv wheel teeth whether cluunfered or not an Whether rounded es shown in Figs. 1 and 6 or not.

I claim:

For use in un engine Starter transmis .wiou or drive, a pinion having the enger. end o eheh of ils. leeli rut away substrintinlly vertically :il: an angle lo its longril tudinel exis, el; uil 'living curved from :L point slightly i linee. of the tooth :sud extending; emilie: d j; into the tenth `und iheuee upwardly te che op edge of the tooth.

2. lFor use in en engine starter transmis- ;`;ion or drive. :i pinion having teeth of usual or appropriate Cross section and having; l engaging end ol? mieli tooth substenliallji rectangular in `@lu-.gie und extending only :i Slim-l. alielaliuxe. :drove llie lios-e lllele'il", s; end living; vluilul'uren huclinurdlj.' at im. angle u: the longilsuliuul axis of lha omi und also wurm-i'. Afrom the top of simili. tungulur end lo the top edge --l the too u distzuu-e berk from auch engaging end el the tooth.


i el.

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U.S. Classification74/462, 74/7.00R
International ClassificationF02N15/06, F02N15/02
Cooperative ClassificationF02N15/06
European ClassificationF02N15/06