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Publication numberUS1331372 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 17, 1920
Filing dateFeb 8, 1919
Publication numberUS 1331372 A, US 1331372A, US-A-1331372, US1331372 A, US1331372A
InventorsBasic Products Corpo- ration
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Can or container
US 1331372 A
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Specification of Letters Fatent.

Application filed February 8, 1919 Serial No. 275,580.

T 0 all whom it may concern:

Be it known that l, ISAAC O. Porrnn, a citizen of the United Statesfresiding at New York city, in the county of New York and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Cans or Containers, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to an improvement in cans or containers.

This present invention has been especially devised as a solidified alcohol container from which thealcohol may be burned directly for heating and cooking purposes. The primary object is to provide a container or can adapted for use with, and to fit a variety of, different holders already on the market, it consisting in a can made of several diameters from top to bottom, the largest of which is preferably at the top and the smallest at the bottom, so that some one or more of the several annular shoulders will always fit and rest upon one of these holders, whether made for this particular can or container or some other. With a can or container of this form, the

major portion of the fuel therein is concentrated throughout the vertical axial center, and more and more toward the center as it is being consumed and approaches the bottom of the can or container, "until the remaining fuel is all directly in the center.

in the accompanying drawings Figure 1, is a plan View,

Fig. 2, is a View in side elevation,

Fig. 3, is a Vertical section, and

Figs. and 5 are fragmentary sectional views showing two different ways inwhich the top might be constructed.

The can or container illustrated is preferably fashioned from a single piece oi sheet-metal into 2 and of varying diameters, and having the intermediate annularconnecting shoulders l and 5.

A head 6 is formed at the upper outer edge to give finish and strength to the can or container at that point. The metal adjacent to the'Ibead is then bent downwardly approximately parallel with the outer wall of the can, as shown at thence inwardly toward the center, forming the annular flange 8. The edge of this flange is bent downt'vardly form an enlarged bearthree cylindrical portions 1,

ing surface 9 around the central opening or of the can to receive and frictionally hold the metal cap or stopper 11.

It will panying be readily understood from the and by reference to the accomdrawing, that a can of this form is not only adapted to fit holders of different sizes by reason of its being made in several different diameters with different sized annular shoulders to rest upon these different sizes of holders, but also that by reason of the disposition of the metal in the forma tion of the cylinders of dilierent uiameters and the connecting shoulders, as well as the bead at the top and the annular flange 7 that a can or container is made of extraordinary strength, capable of withstanding a good deal handling, and 5, as

and form capable of withstanding of punishment in shipping and as each connecting shoulder l Patented Feb. it, 1920.-

well as flange 7, constitutes a radial annular rib affording lateral internal support for the members which they 10in a part of, thus rendering them a large amount of compressional strength without yielding in the slightest degree.

W hen solidified alcohol is the fuel used in this can or container,

the cap or stopper 11 is removed and reel is poured in through the opening in a liquid state. until the can or container is filled to the desired height, whereupon it is permitted to remain until the fuel becomes solidified and the cap or stopper is inserted and held securely in place by frictional contact.

ihe can is made of but three diameters.

as in that fuel, and

way it affords capacity nount or weight of is perfectly obvious that it might be made with more diameters, and in a variety of different sizes, and that its external form might be'other than cylindrical,

I [I I I 3 without departure rrorn the spirit and scope of my invention.

This can, in addition to its other advantages and functions, presents a container quite unique and distinctive in form and deny identified by a l'iZS peculiar shape.

sign, so 15 read customer on account 0' t is obvious that the can or container might be different used for other purposes for varieties r'uel besides solidified alcohol, it being intended to have the functi on of a burner, although it is not necessarily by any means confined to that particular use. I claim: V l. A can or container, adapted to contain a predetermined measure of fuel and also fit difi'erent holders, each section or diameter of the can or container presenting a sub-.

stantially straight unobstructed outer surface, the topmost section or diameter having an inturned flange surrounding an opening or orifice and the inner edgeof which terminates in a vertically presented, flange which constitutes the wall of the opening or orifice, with both upper and lower edges free and unobstructed and adapted to receive and frictionally hold a cap or cover and permit the latter to be forced in until tight.

2. A container made in aplurality of diameters varying from the largest at the top to the smallest atthe bottom, with an annular shoulder between these different diameters, said container having an opening at its upper end partially closed by a top consisting of Vertical wall portions and a beaded outer edge adapted to fit the walls of the container, an inwardly-extending upwardly inclined portion having its inner edgebent downwardly, and a countersunk lid having vertical wall portions adapted to beheld frictionally against the inner vertical wall portions of the top.

3. A can or container in the form of a plurality of cylinders of different diameters,

- plurality of cylinders of different diameters, with an intermediate annular approximatel straight connecting shoulder between cy lnders, an annular cover secured to the outer edge of the can or contalner and extending inwardlyand upwardly with its inner edge bent in adirection parallel with the outer wall of the can or container forming a central opening in the top of the can,

and a countersunk lid removably secured in said opening, said connecting shoulder, top,

and lid combinedly giving strength and rigidity to the can or container and affording lateral support against inward collapse thereof. 4

5. A container made in cylindrical form on a plurality of difierent sized diameters with connecting shoulders from one diameter to another, and having a top extending inwardly and upwardly from the upper edge of thecontainer, and forming an opening at the center thereof, said top, and the next adjacent shoulder between. diameters forming a lateral support whereby to strengthen; reinforce and prevent inward collapse of the container.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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