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Publication numberUS1331956 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 24, 1920
Filing dateOct 21, 1919
Priority dateOct 21, 1919
Publication numberUS 1331956 A, US 1331956A, US-A-1331956, US1331956 A, US1331956A
InventorsCross George
Original AssigneeCross George
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US 1331956 A
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1,331,956. Patented Feb. 24,1920.


N awuewtoz G. CROSS.



' Patented Feb. 24,1920.


lwmzntoz To all whom it may concern} Be itlmownthatl, Gnono'n -Gnoss,a" crtl:

zen of the United States, residing at Jean nette, in the count'y of Westmorelandand State of Pennsylvania have-invented a new,

and useful .Wrench,o l is a specification. r

. This invention relates to newfland 1 improvements in =9; ratchet-wrench; and

more particularly to a device of this character having 'means'for' permittin' ad ustnient of the head 'thereo fwith ire" ation to the handIe therebY; facilitating the use 0 the wrench incorn'er's, or-inlocations where the hand room is limited. H p I g A further object of the invention is i to provide means for lojckin g the head in such positions of adjustment, whereby the possibili-ty :of "the? head moving with'{ relation to its handle; isiabsolutely ehminatedm With the foregoing-and 'ther' objec tsb'iri" View of the wrench;

' view which will ap e'ar'asythe description proceeds; the invention. r sides inithe; coinq bination -and arrangement armies and in the details 'Rof: construction hereinafter (le scribed and claimed, f' it bein'g understood that changes-ini'the .pre'ci'sejeni-bodiment of "through 'the sides of"the handle 5; at a point acent the bifurcated end thereof, the conj meeting; link-j 11, *as shown, being disposed f withinthe slot- 10. P

It will thus be see' the invention herein disclosed; "may be made j within the scope of what isclaimed without so defiirting fromfthespiritof the iwvi'itioh,

, 'fermng'toftli'edrawing? f Figure 'illu'trate's a t elevation'al Fig. 2 is a side elevational viewf thesame in an adjusted positionfjj;

Fig. 3 is a sectional -'e"W ofd5lie"-i'atchet head taken on line 4-4 of Fig.1;

Fig. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view or; Y K p tated to clamp the walls of theslot- 10 into close engagement h e connecting Y'link 11, with the result that the head is secured the same,

Fig. 5 1s a side elevational view of. the same,

taken on line 6'-6 of Fig.1.

Fig. 7 is a side elevational view of the same. i

Referring ends, the opposite end-thereof being pros vided with an opening 6,.which opening, is

constructed to receive a suitable bar ortool to facilitate the operation of the wrench T when the same is used in removing or posiplane.

Wise-we sea lipplieatlonfiled -bctohei'ffl, 19-19 sena ne. a sa zoe. r

Fig. 6 1s a sectional view through jaw,

a the drawing in detail, at reference character 5 designates the wrench handle, which is bifurcated at one ofitsv =7 substantially icircula r in .formatiom thesame being provided with Feb".f2'4. 192 0. 7

trunnions 8, formed --integra1 With*the -op-" pines outer side aces-the m i trunnions, are adapted to be positioned whiehne following v r j end .'if--e'aeh ofthe farc'ations, to provide bearings the trunnionsvs, whereby the within the iape'rtures 9; formed adjacent the head is eapahleof but limited pivotal movement with relation to" the handle, thus enabling the she'ad to he adjusted at various angles to meet the requirements of the work a which the is applied.

5 '=Disposed'within thehandle '5; andextendmg a ip'oint substantially intermediate the ef the handle;- and terminating at a portion between the :furcations of the bi- 'furcated end fis' a sflot iawhich Slot ofa 1 7 width slightly greater than the "width of the;- I cexmeetinglinkfl, whichlhas oneo'f'its ends pivotally connected to the head 7, 'as 'atiil2 1whereby the head isfcapable on free movement' with relatibnto theeonnectin'g link'l l.

link 'll, is provided with I an elongated slot- ,13, which slot aocognmq;

dates the bolt 14, which is positioned in 'suit- 7 able registering openings 15, extending whereupon the-thumb nut 16 is again ro- Etna-whee it beco 7' oof in suchfpositions of adjustment, against displacement'under ordinary strain.

which. opening is formed to accommodate seat for the pin 19, which is of a length-to extend. beyond the inner wall of the head 7, to contact with the notches 20, formed in the 'jaw21, ofithe wrench. 1 1

From the foregoing it isobvious that due a ;,Within'the'head 7, and disposed a. one

"of the side walls thereof is anopening 17,

the coiled'spring 18, which spring'provides a to the construction-of the outer surface of 'the jaw.21,-the jawis permitted to rotate within the head, in one direction, but restricted from such rotary movement inthe opposite direction, "thus providing the ratchet type of wrench.

i ders 23", which shoulders cooperate with the 7 a pin 19 for reventing rotation of thejaw'21;

} device is to be used in a corner. Y 7

within'the cad 7 when the handle. is moved in one direction. An annular flange 23 is formedlon one of the side faces of tghejaw, Y which annular flange 23f, conta'cts with one 7 ofvythe; side faces of, thehead, to prevent a head;

movement f ofthe jaw, laterally, Withinthe 1 The opposite side face videdwith a series-f cut out 'portions 24, Y

' and a plurality of lugsv 25,- disposed-between 'thecut out portions, the underside ofeach of the lugs being beveledgas at 26, to cor-j Y respond vt the bevel ofthelugs27 formed on the locking, r'ing285,

- On po'sitioningthe' locking ring 28,-to qsecurethe jaw toihe'head7, thefllugs 27 arepositioned over the out out portions 24, and rotated until the lugs 27 engage ;unders the lugs "25, :Whereuponthe screw l29gis-lthen e in the head 2'. a I i In the operation-of the wrench, it will be Y seenthat whenthe jaw, or :head 6 of thef wrench, is} in the position as disclosed fby; 415

' used in the well known manner, butin the Wntthat th zzv enc i to P to u ,posit o d i hin th ba e 'fia neof. he;- cutout portions, the head of the screw 'contacting'with the jjaw fll and the locking;

ring 28. f

.. .It, will-{thus been seen v ringis 'a'now 1 secured to the jaw 21,-zand the aw is permitted to rotate anuone direction, but prevented from lateral} movement with Fig; 1' ofthe drawinggthc wrench maybe for removing or etting a nut, associated with a bolt positioned in a vertical plane,

' or in pl'aces v where nuts closely engage a; flat- Y "surfa es. ih y ad. m y readjus d tote ates at? th m a It :may be 'found desirable 'to move the ,J E a QW meM ing s, wherethe' handle of t e wrench; when the head is adjusted to this position,jope r 7 right ang1es,' to the sides of the handle; at an angle of-say 45, degrees, with Having: thus described the invention, what I claim is v Y Y Y relation to the head; in the eventthat the 1., In a-wrench,{a handle bifur cated end, an adjustablehe'ad supported be -Q P rted with rirthe he dia pawl ppe ingr w th 'i u Q uiWs l -heri ia o gated slot formed therein, oneend of the} link having connection}withjthe hea d, a" I bolt extending transversely through the handle, and L intersecting; the; slot, said bolt adapted to be, positioned yithin the [slot of the-connecting link, and n 1eans;. operati ng a (me end lthflibiflt a 'etu ji githe cone va ons adjustment. x1 e y 2., {In a wrench, a handle, v an adjustable Y h d p se -adjacent O a d of athe Y a l a 'cq e' tm .li v ng 9 mm, tion with the j head and the handle; :for I see curing thehead viii variouspositionsof ad'l-i justrnent,, a v remov able, ratchet -j aw having recesses" and lugs iforni edgo'n'one of the sur'- 3 Y faces, thereof, a awl cooperating with the r h iam a e n ri h g-1 is ,a nte to ng g iund ithql gscqf te ratchet jawfor preventing lateral movement; Y ofthe jaw-(with relation to thehead, and

meanS for; securing thelocking ring against rota'ry rnov e'ment Y "-I i 'f ff .1 I "L lnt s m yi th tl a mihe foregoing as my own I have hereto aflixed n yg Slgl'la" ture in vthe presence of two. witnesses-:1


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