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Publication numberUS1332087 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 24, 1920
Filing dateSep 18, 1919
Priority dateSep 18, 1919
Publication numberUS 1332087 A, US 1332087A, US-A-1332087, US1332087 A, US1332087A
InventorsVogel Paul R
Original AssigneeVogel Paul R
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US 1332087 A
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' APPLlbATlON FILEDSEPT. 18, 1919.

1,332,087. Patented Feb. 24,1920.

/5 i LdLL a: a s a PAUL :a. VOGEL, or CHICAGO, ILLINOIS.


Specification'of Letters Patent. j i Patnted Feb: 24, 1920.

Application filed September 18, 1919.- vSerial No. 324,302.

To all whom it concern: Be It known that I, PAUL R. Voenn, a citizen of the United States, residing at Chicago, in the county of. Cook and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Filing-Cabinets, of which the following is a specification.

vMy invention relates to filing cabinets and has for its primary object the provision of an improved cabinet for the filing of cards, circulars, pamphlets, periodicals and similar matter, wherein certain partition, members are, in a novel way, removably held in position by such means as readily admits of their adjustment to vary the size of the filing spaces in the cabinet. Another object lies in the provision of means whereby cards or other articles to be filed may be held to view in a substantially vertical filing case with the tops of the cards filed positioned nearer the observer than the bottoms of the cards, this object contemplating the retention of cards held in such position Without obstruction to their removal from or insertion in the case and without the necessity for bending them in handling.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will appear from the following description, taken in conjunction with the ac companying drawings which form a part of this specification and illustrate the preferred embodiment of the invention.

In the drawings: 7

Figure l is a perspective view of the present invention taken at a point in front of same and slightly to the right thereof;

Fig. 2 is a fragmentary section taken approximately on line 2-2 of Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a side elevation of one of the improved partition members of this inven-. tion' V 7 Fig. 4 is a fragmentary vertical section taken on line H of Fig. 1;.

Reference numeral 10 indicates generally a filing box comprising sides 11 and 12, a front wall 13 and an inclined flat panel 14:. Positioned within the box 10 and ex-v tending from the bottom to the top thereof is a series of card supporting shelves numbered from 15 to '21 respectively. These shelves are elongated horizontally and slanted upwardly from the front to the back of the box, the forward edge of each shelf resting directly on the panel 14 and the rear edge being supported considerably above the panel by means of a riser 22. In

cross-section as viewed in Fig. 2, the shelves 7 15-21 and their risers 22' form a serrated contour;

In order to divide the shelf space provided as above described, I employ any desirable number of partitions 23, the upper edge of each partition being preferably straight, and the lower edge mutilated to conform to the serrated contour presented by the shelves and risers. The lower edge of each partition 23, therefore, comprises a succession of downwardly projecting teeth 24. As a means of securing each partition 23 in the desired location in box 10, I provide certain of the teeth 24: with a forwardly and downwardly projecting tenon 25 so positioned and pitched and of such size as to fit within a mortise 26 formed in the riser 22,,or, as illustrated, in the front wall 13 of the box 10. Preferably I provide two tenons 25 for each partition, positioning them on the first and last teeth of the partition. Horizontal rows of opposite mortises 26 are, provided in the front plate 13 and in the rear riser 22, these mortises being equally spaced from each other in the rows. The partitions are inserted by placing them upon the shelves of the filing cabinet and sliding them directly towardthe front of the box, this action being made possible by the fact that all of the shelves 15 to 21 inclusive are unlformly slanted. The insertion of the.

partitions 23 divides the series of shelves so that filing spaces 27 are formed horizontally alined and vertically alined. Shouldit be desired to vary the horizontal extent of any of the filing spaces 27 one of the partitions 23 is removed by sliding it backwardly and is inserted in another opposite pair of mortises 26. Doors 28, may, if desired, be provided for covering the filing.


This invention also contemplates the provision of an upstanding filing case generally indicated at 29 and comprising a base 31, side walls 32' and 33 and spaced superposed horizontal shelves 34. Slanting forwardly and upwardly from the rear edge of one shelf 34: to the forward edge of the next superposed shelf is a back panel 35. The horizontally extending spaces partially V defined by the shelves 34 and the backs 35 I are divided into horizontal tiers of filing spaces 36 by means of division plates 37 which are positioned each in a verticalplane and have their forward edges slanting in parallelism with the backs 35. Obviously, were cards to be inserted in the spaces 36,

I I they would fall forwardly and out of the case 29 unless provision were made to secure them therein. It is plain also, that were a continuous board or jpanel positioned across the entire'horizontal tier of spaces 36, that board would render invisible the greater portion of the cards'or other matter to be filed. I-therefore provide a small flatpiece 38 glued or otherwise'held against the lower portion of the forward edge of each division plate 37, the piece 38: extending from the forwardedge of one" shelf 34 only apart of the distance u wardly 'to the next superposed shelf.

ach piece 38 is positioned at right anglesto the plane of its division plate 37 and is of suflicient horizontal extent to project beyond the opposite sides of-the division plate. Cards to be filed are therefore held against pitching forwardly from the case 29, while at the same time any reading matter or pictures printed on them will be exposed tothe view almost with; a plurality of parallel shelves uniformly pitched and" risers connecting the rear edge of each shelf with the forward edge ofthe next, there being opposite mortisesI-formed in a plurality of said risers, of

a partition extending across said shelves comprising teeth depending into the spaces between the shelves, and ,a'tenon for each of saidiniortises rformed on that tooth of the partition positioned opposite said mortise.

2. Ina-filing: cabinet, 'the combination I witha series-t of shelves vdefining parallel spaced planes, of a. partition extending across said"; shelves and comprising teeth.

adapted to enter the spaces between said shelves, a riser supporting the rear edge of one of said shelves and formed with a mortise, and a tenon fixed upon said partition and fitting within the mortise.

' 3. In a filing cabinet, the combination with a series of shelves definingj'parallel spaced planes, of a partition extending across said shelves and comprising teeth adapted to enter the spaces between said shelves, ariser supporting the rear edge of one of said shelves and formed with a mortise, and a tenon fixed upon said partition and fitting within the mortise, said tenon v having its upper and lower edges paralleling the planes of said shelves. a

4. In a filing cabinet, the "combination with a box and horizontally extending shelves positioned therein and uniformly 1 SlZLIItQd, Of risers spacing the rear edge of each shelfabove the forward edge of the next shelf behind, opposite mortises formed one in the front wall of said box andthe Other in one of said risers, a vertical partition crossing said shelves from front to rear of the box and mutilated in'its lower edge to form teeth fitting the interstices between said shelves and risers, and tenons formed on each tooth and engaging said mortises.

5. In a filing cabinet, the combination with a box and horizontally extending shelves positioned therein and uniformly slanted, of risers spacing the rearedge of each shelf above theforward edge of the.

next shelf behind, opposite mortises formed one in the front wall of said box and' the other in one of said risers, a vertical parti tion crossing said shelves fromyfront to rear of thebox and mutilated'in its lower edge to form teeth fitting the interstices between said shelves and risers, and tenons formed 1 on each tooth and engaging said mortises,

there being horizontally disposed rows of mortises formed in said front Wall and risers respectively whereby said partition may be shifted. in position. left or right within the box. v.

In testimony whereof I signature. 7


have aflixed -my

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