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Publication numberUS1332957 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 9, 1920
Filing dateOct 23, 1919
Priority dateOct 23, 1919
Publication numberUS 1332957 A, US 1332957A, US-A-1332957, US1332957 A, US1332957A
InventorsAdolph F Schramm
Original AssigneeSeymour H Fisher
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US 1332957 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

a a citizen of theUni ted Statesiresiding Co lumbus, in the county of Franklinand State nnxroivroisini z-snn'r. l'

o vn rrnnr r snare/r0113: H.

Application ar a ()jcfzoter 23, 1 21 9. f s f i n a slznee;

for all whom/it may conccm 136 kn 'Wnthat I, W Donrrr Essen-Ann,

of Ohio, have inventeda certain new. and

useful Improvement finAnto'rffobile Seats;of

whichthe followiniis a specificationf .1 f

v a ,to provide a back for automobfleseatthat may Y be adjusted to stand somewhat for- The particular ject of this invention is w rd o it rma po q u h a ck'. is

' particularly desirablef for the use o f drivers 'lwho areundersi'zed" or whose le al-seam and with whomvi is therefore necessarv'to soifarfforwardiontheoifdinary seat as to preclude the practicability of resting or sing th eir backs while operating the foot. t 'levls or driving the-fvehiclei. f 1 in the construc-., tion herein shown gand described, "the tea The invention is embodied tures ofnovelty claimedi v v Inthe a any n draf las-% F igure 1 is a'vei'tical sect on thronghthe line where the adjusting :mech'anisrn is' lor cated, the fartherportion of the seat, back] and arms beingin dicatedin perspective by-f? back is shown in its adjustedior forward position.

broken lines. In this view the Fig. 2'is a similar view (except that the] perspective lines are omitted) showing the back in normal position;

mechanism being shown in edge view.

Fig. 4 is a detail View of the linking means.

Secured to the permanent I rear wall :5. of the back is an upper bracket 6 and lower bracket 7 said brackets having in their reartion of the upper bracket has an upwardly opening notch 67 whilegthe forwardportion of the lower bracket has a horizontally opening notch 7".

upholstered back :9 with the respective brackets are short link's zl oland 11, the lower link 11 being slotted at 11 tojsli'deqon its hinging pin 12 in the bracket 7. i

The two short links 10 and 11 are con *the backfroni fore ner-angin V a a a H -i it 'fl er ia ie s m lvr s 1i back taken on aplane justlio'rward of the}: 1

th j b li iii'We ,--advis ble toprovidethe back wit v y I The forward porair sp eiv ly wh n th b k i 1 nlo rmalposition and ithe notches 6 and 7 b v 'l ep f y' fifO V FP ibH "Thebes. 111a: keeps the shortlin ks inpropr: op era tgive relationto each otherand' the' back.

1:Ilieslot "11 or thelower"'shortflinkj ll permits. the horizontal inovement of the pin 15 into and out of the notch hen, inthe forward position o -t11e;ba 1 said pin "15 is engaged with said notch-"7 the "back 'is latched from upward movement. --Thelower portion ofthe ba ckhas-secured-to 'it'a pull straplG by means of which'theback can [be manipulated. 7 The back is adjusted to for v yward-position by pulling slightly upward and forward uponthe strap 16to withdraw.

the, pins 14 and 15 from the notches 6 and 7 until the pins l4 and fl'iihavef'entered the fnotchesb g-fand 7w: rearward push at the,

lowe'r' portionj of the being eniployed'ito- :sendfthepinIS intothe notch 71. :To adjust w e shown and "described hereinf but net etoitmeans'ion'hin n tl1e'-back"ito cates of the means describedi eachsubstam rtiallyfi'dentical with the 'other in construe- 5 v L -The forms ,of thei parts can be'changed v 1 Without departing-fromthegist of. the in-- Fig. 3 is asection on the line IIIfiIII v ;-Fig. 2, looking to the left, the" adjusting tion and in parallel arrangement.

vention as claimed. 1 What-I claimisav 1 q 1 1. In a seat, the combination with a mov-i able back and a stationary back,ofupper iand lo'vverlinks connecting the two backs;

andf means 'f'or' latching the movable back ,1 from vertical movement in its forwardlposi- 'Ition.

a portions similar slots 6 and? respectively terminating in pin seats.

2. In ,a 'seat, thecombi'natioriwitliva movable backand-a "stationary back, of upper and lowerlinks connecting the two backs, e. a :thirdlink connecting. the first links and means for latching1the movable V V back from Vertical movement in its for 1 1. Hingedlv connectin'gan end-wall 8' of the Y; 7

Ward position. :3. In a seat,

the combination with a stationaryba'ck walland brackets thereon and amovable b a'ck, of means hinging thefr novl-r able backto'said brackets permitting forward adjustment or the back and meansjfor latching the back fromiverti al movement when the movable back adjustecl'to for- Ward position. I

mentioned i 4. In a seat, the combination with a sta tionary back walland brackets thereon and 1 a movable back, said brackets provided with 1 rear and forward notches, links hinging the movable back to saidbrackets and pins carried by said links to engage said notches."

' 5. In a seat,=the combination with a stationary back wall and-upper and lower brackets thereonand a movable ,back,'said brackets each provided with rear and for- "P ward notches, the vjupper said .notches io'peningiipwardly and the lower-of said 1 {notches opening substantially horizontally, links.hinging the movable back to said brackets, and pins carried by said links to fengage said notches,

6:. In a seat, the combination with a perinancnt back wall" and brackets thereon and a niovable back, saidbrackets provided with rear and forward notches, linkshingingthe movable back to said brackets, a link conlsaid notche necting said links'and pins carried by the first mentioned links to engage said notches.

7.111 a seat, the combinationwith a stationary :back, wall and upper and lower brackets thereon and a movable back, said .brackets eachprovided, with rear and for ward notches, the forward notch of the upper bracket opening upwardly and the 01"- wardl notch ofthe lower bracket opening Q substantiallyhorizontally, links hin'gingthe movement'on ts hinging pin;

including a backs, one of sa d brackets provided with a forward and a rear seat, a pan of l nks movable f back tosaid brackets. andpins car- -.;'11ied bysa'id first mentioned linksto engage the lower of said links'pro l slot to; permit longitudinal 8, In a seat, the combination with a stationary back wall and {upper and, lower brackets thereon and movable back, said brackets each provided with rear and forward notches, the forward notch of the upper bracket opening upwardly and the forward notch of the lower bracket opening substantially horizontally, links hinging the ,nio-vable back "to said brackets, pins carried by said first mentioned linksto engage said notches, the lower of said "links provided with aslotfto permit longitudinal movement on its hinging pin and a link connecting said 'first mentioned links. v

-' 9. In a vseat, lnnging fmeans for connecting a' movable backwith a stationary back air of brackets on one of said hinged to said brackets, a link connecting sa dfllnks and means CitlI'leCl by one of sald links for. alternately engaging one of said seats.

10. In a seat, "a hinging means for congnecting a movable back withafstatlonary back including afpair of brackets, a pair of links hingedly connecting the twov backs through saidjbracketga link connectingsaid firstmentioned li11ks',1.'t'he lower of said first mentioned links being longitudinally movf able at its hinged connection and means carried one rot-said links for'latching the movable back flfOIlTYBTtlCal movement in 1ts iforward position, A


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