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Publication numberUS1332985 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 9, 1920
Filing dateSep 12, 1919
Priority dateSep 12, 1919
Publication numberUS 1332985 A, US 1332985A, US-A-1332985, US1332985 A, US1332985A
InventorsEdwin S Jarrett
Original AssigneeEdwin S Jarrett
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US 1332985 A
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1,832,985, v Patented Mar. 9, 1920.


EDWIN s. Jmnrnor NEW Yonx, N. Y.


Specincation of Letters Patent.

Application led September 12, 1919. Serial No. 323,374.

To all 'whom' t may concern.'

` Be it known that I, EDWIN S. JARRETT, a

citizen of the United States, residing at New York, N. Y., have linvented certain new and useful Improvements in Mixing-Containers, of which the following is a clear, full, and exact description. v

My invention relates to a method andapparatus whereby substances may be mixed or chemical compounds formed out of contact with the outer air. To this end I provide a container or a plurality of containers within each of which is placed a substance which is to enter into the mixture or comound, the container or containers being then iiermetically sealed. In this condition they are placed within another container which is then hermetically sealed and means are provided whereby the substances are allowed to mix or form a chemical combination by any suitable means but preferably by a mechanical manipulation of the outside container. In the drawings accompanying this specification, I have shown a practical form of apparatus for carrying out my invention, and in said drawingsl Figure l is a sectional view of one form of apparatus in which three inner containers are employed;

Fig. 2 is a sectional view on the line 2--2, Fig. 1; i

Fig. 3 is a sectional view of a form the apparatus may take when only two inside containers are employed; and

Fig. 4 is a section upon the line 3 3 of Fig.'3.

Referring to the drawings, 1 represents an outside container within which is situated one or more inner containers 2. These inner containers are designed to receive aA 'charge of any selected-,substance and after penetrated by a sharp point or otherwise, or

by distortion, suchas bending or twisting. The outer container is preferably made of metal or of such material which can be distorted by squeezimg or twisting or otherwise without being ruptured, and when a chemical compound is formed within said container bythe substances contained in the inner containers. the material of the outer container must be of suicient strength to withstand any force generated by the chemibut one inner container is employed, the substance with which its contents is to mix is placed in the outside container.

In order that the inner containers may be readily ruptured, I have shown as one Patented Mar. 9, 1920.

cal reactions which may take place. When f sired rupture of the inner containers which.'

might result from a fall or accldental blow, such packing being shown at 4 in the figures.

It is,`of course, understood that the size of the containers is important only to the extent that they must be of such size as to contain each its predetermined quantity` of selected substance. Also," the shape of the different containers may be varied to suit dierent conditions depending upon the adoption of any oneof the different methods which might be vused in a complete apparatus. Preferably, the outer container may be in the form of a cylinder "having rounded ends. The inner containers may be similarly shaped, or they may be spherical.

The outer container will ordinarily contain some air in the spaces unoccupied by the packing and by the substance contained therein in case of use of only a single'inside container; but this air will not be objectionable, as its presence may be allowedy for in some cases. If, however,fthis air or any ingredient thereof is undesirable in anycase, it is of course obvious tr at its place may be taken by other gases which are not objectionable. A

What I claim as new is- 1. In a mixing container, an outer and substantially air-tight but readily distortable container, a sealed and readily rupturable container within the same, and means constructed and arranged to rupture the 'inner container by .a distortion of the outer container insufficient to rupture the elatter.

2. In a mixingcontainer. an outer readily v distortable container. a plurality of sealed and readily rupturable containers within the same, and means constructed and arranged to rupture the inner containers by a distortion of the outer container insufiicient to rupture the latter.

3. A method of producing mixtures of substances out of contact with the air, which consists in providing an outer and substantially air-ti ht but readily distortable container Whic contains an ingredient of the mixture, and a sealed and readily rupturable container Within the same, said lnner container containing another ingredient, and rupturing the inner container by distorting the outer insufficiently to rupture the latter.

4. A method of producing amixture out of contact with the air, which consists in providing an outer and readily distortable container, and a plurality of sealed and readily rupturable containers Within the same, each one of said inner containers containing an ingredient of the desired mixture, and mixing the same by rupturing the inner containers by distortion of the outer container insufliciently to rupture the latter.

5. In a mixing container,l an inner container and an outer container, each hermetically sealed and each containing a substance to form a part of a compound or mixture, said inner container formed of material that mayl be readily ruptured, and means' for rupturing said inner container at will by a distortion of thev outer container, thereby bringing about a mixture of the said substances within the outer container While the outer container remains unruptured.

Signed at New York city, New York, this I 2nd day of September, 1919.


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