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Publication numberUS1332995 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 9, 1920
Filing dateDec 18, 1917
Priority dateDec 18, 1917
Publication numberUS 1332995 A, US 1332995A, US-A-1332995, US1332995 A, US1332995A
InventorsConrad Nolda
Original AssigneeConrad Nolda
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US 1332995 A
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afrol ne I4 connaiI Norme, or: HAsrINes, NEBRASKA.


To all whom #may concern:

- Y -Be it` known. thatV L ,CoNRA-n NOLDA, a

citizen vof the United lStates', residing iat Hastings, in the county. of Adams and State of Nebraska, `have invented `certain new and useful Improvements in Air- Pumps, of which the following is a specification. My invention relates to improvements in air pumps ofthe reciprocatory type.

An important object of the invention 1s to provide apparatus ofthe above mentioned character, which is simple in construction,

inexpensive'to manufacture, highly convenlent lnduse, and wlll supply an even and continuous volume of compressed air, upon be# of illustration is shown a preferred embodi' ment of my invention, the numeral 1 designates a lbase` receiving "thereon La verticalpump barrel or cylinder 2, having its lower end held within an annular flangeV 3 of an attaching kplate* 4. This attachingplate is securedto the base 1, by` screws 5 or the like.`

Arranged to reciprocate within the barrel l or cylinder 2 is a piston 6 of anyv well known or preferred construction, having connec tion with Va piston rod 7, extending through an'opening 8 in a cap 9, suitably securedV to the top of the barrel 2, as shown.

.This cap 9 has an opening or .port 1() formed` thereimasshown. The piston rod 7 extends `12 is closedby upwardly beyond the cap 9 and is rigidly connected with a transverse handle 11.

Disposed upon the base 1, upon one side of the barrel 2 is an air holding tube or cylinder 12, the lower end of which is held within an annular flange 13 of an attaching plate 111, secured to the base 1 by screws 15 or the like. The upper end of the tube a cap '16 having an air tight connectiontherewith.` t

Surrounding the barrel or cylinder 2 are rings 17, preferably clamped theretoby any suitable means, and these rings have connection with arms 18, securedV to rings 19,

Specicationoflietters Patent. v

` .npbiicaiion inea December 1s, 1917; serial No. m1757271l clamped: theretoby any suitable. means. l

. Arranged within the lower end, orv bottom ofthe `barrel 2i's a plug 20, preferably hav"- ing an vair tight 4fit therein. This plug is provided witha-central opening or port 21, the upper end of which is tapered to form a valve -seat 22,V for an upwardly opening check valve 23. The central port 21 leads into a horizontal port 24;, having communication with the atmosphere, asshown. AThe plug 20 is further provided with a port 25, passing through the top thereof upon one side of the port 21. The lower end of the port 25 is enlarged and also passes through the barrel 2 to receive one end ofa ppe26, i

as shown.

Arranged within the lower end or bottoni of the tube 12 is a plug-27 ,preferably having an air tight fit therein. This-plug'is provided` with a central port 28, the upper end of whichV is taperedfto provide a valve seat 29, such 4port passing through the top of the plug. The valve seat 29 is adapted '80 r'forfthe reception thereon -of an upwardly i kopening-,valve 30, or check valve. The opposite end of the port 28 leads into a horizontal port 31, receiving the opposite end of the pipe 26. vThe numeral .32 designates a port formed in the plug .27, and passing through the top thereof. This port has its oppositeend `passing' through the tube 12,k Vand recelves therein a tubular coupling 33,

having a flexible' hose 311v secured thereto.

The operation of the pump is as follows: Upon the upstroke of the piston 6, the

valve 30 remains seated while the valve. 23

opens, whereby air .passes into'the lower end of the barrel 2 through the-port 21. Upon the fdown stroke of the piston 6, valve 23 closes, while valve 3() opens, thereby supxplyingl the compressed air into the holding` tube '12. The compressed air is withdrawn from the tube 12, through the hose 34C.v

barrels or cylinders, whereby access may be readily had to the valves, by taking outv the plugs, .which are of course removable.

It is to be understood that the form of my invention herewith shown and described is to be taken as a preferred' example of the same, and that various changes in the shape, size, and arrangement of parts may be re- A of the invention or the scope of the subsorted to Without departing from the spirit joined claim. i f A- Y Y Having thus described my invention, 1 claim: f

A pump of the character described, com-1 prising a substantially vertical lbarrel, a l

. plug arranged in the lower end of the barrel arranged Within'the lower portion of the barrel and disposed on said Valve seat, said 15 .plug being provided With a vertical outlet opening and a transverse outlet conduit communicating With the outlet opening, and a piston mounted to reciprocate Within the barrel above the single valve.

In testimony whereof I aiix my signature 20 in" presence ofitWo Witnesses. f

y Y p Y CONRAD NOLDA.V Y Witnesses: f, f f s! ff f f Crus. BRCKMN,


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U.S. Classification417/569, 417/544
International ClassificationF04B33/00
Cooperative ClassificationF04B33/005
European ClassificationF04B33/00D