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Publication numberUS1333284 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 9, 1920
Filing dateJul 14, 1919
Priority dateJul 14, 1919
Publication numberUS 1333284 A, US 1333284A, US-A-1333284, US1333284 A, US1333284A
InventorsSchreiber Philip J
Original AssigneeSchreiber Philip J
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US 1333284 A
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Patented Mar. 9, 1920.

inrmr J. .scm mabeiaombb,i m'o.f; 7,

1T0 all whom it may 05mm Be it-known that I,- PHILIP J. 'SCHREIBER,

a citizen of the United States, and a; "resident of Toledo, in 'thecounty of Lucas and State of 'Ohio, have invented certainf'neW' -and'useful Improvements in Finger-Rings;-iand I Y do hereby declarethe following to be'a'full and exact description of the-invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make-and use the V same-reference being had to the accompany ing' drawing'sg and to the characters of.refer'- My invention relates to a [finger-ring which is ornamental:and'usefulmade of any suitablemate'rial preferably of metal and" of any size, style or form. :7 7 g T he object of my invention is to furnish the wearer thereof the means to express love,

affection, respect,.afiiliation or preferencebyplacing in or attaching to the compartment ended for that purpose within the device;

pictures, photographs, "emblems, drawings, prints, figures-of miniature s ze made of or put-on suitable inaterial'and exhibiting to View any of them and in rotationall of them by simply turning a certain member of the device.

'A valuable feature is offered in the-advantage that those objects appear enlarged by the use ofa magnify-ingleiis' Another and additional advantage is. that the angle ofposition of the lens to the objects can be changed by raising or lowering it, which by the law of optic tends to adjust it to the sight of the observer if within the range of the focus of the lens.

My device is neat, flat, light in weight, simple in construction. has very few parts,

' is inexpensive and there ore in reach of everybody. It can be manipulated by anybody without any instruction whatever.

My device is fully described in the follow,-

ing specification. and while in the broader "aspect it is capable of embodiment in numertional view of my-device. the revolving ring. the carrier of the obous forms. styles and designs, a preferred embodiment thereof is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which Figure 1 represents a perspective view of my device. Fig.2 represents a side elevation of the same. Fig. 3 represents a sec- Fig. 4 represents jects within the device.

Like letters of reference denote corre rlivemitrn.

, Specification of lettersilatent. i

'- 1n i ii 1 is a ring," preferably s ool shapedhavingfiangef. encircling one of its frame for the "magnifying flens E. 1D has also a narrow neck p; better seen m Flg. 2..

m is acatch, the associate part of'lock b and locks the mount overthe opening. "'0 repreencernarked thereon, which forms apart Of? theispecification.

ents: a' hing'e,-wh ich provides the means by whichthe niountlng-and lens can beraised "or'low'ered forthe purpose alluded to before,

'grepresentsan extension' flangefonfthere -Paten e Mar- 9. 192 Application filedluly 14,1919; sen in 310,807.1 U I i spending parts the several figures ofjthe volvingringb C represents the inner shell or lining shell and is provided {with -;head iia narrow rim encircling its outer-wall. It

is also providedwitha male' screw-'th'read 7d,.

ing a:

endsfa'nd flange f 'on the otherl'end fjan'df vided with eXtending flange g; a hollow ring which" fen al e-screw-threads of lbu'sh-f l e are of the same diameter. Bjs also pro- 1 forming ahead to "B. g has preferably the same'diarneter as the 'cutershell; is l he part ofthe device'by'which B is rotated; '13 has also a groove orchannel h between'flange'f and flange f. The-objectsintended to be placed into the device to be seen through theopenng have to be placed inor attached to this channel or groove. B can be made in one- 7 piece to facilitate its manufacture. F represents a narrow strip of any flex ble materlal. fitted to channel or groove h. The objects to be placedv within the-device, pictures," photographs or anything of like nature are either printed,;stamped on the slip F or atp tached to it in any known way.

The arrangement of the parts and their operation is as follows:

. F is connected to h. Mounting 'D is hinged to A; B is'inserted into A, fiangef forward and in such a manner that the lips of A will lay even with g, g being the part of'B accessible from'the outside; C isinserted into B, threaded end forward and.

united with female screw thread of bushing d, whenrz' will be in front of g and furnishing'a gate or closure-to hold B in position. 7 v

preventing it from slipping outward.

Should it be desirableto prevent the chang ing of the objects placed inthe devicep the HOW be rotated by meansofg ancltheioh jects beneath the opening will be seen n rotation through the opening and then' ag nifying lens, which has been set in the Inoiintmg before its connection to. the d'e VlCe. v n

I am aware that changes in the form and propo tion-0f perts enel eta ls. of eonstrne ti of -dev e. he ein shown cleseribecl ase iemh cl-imeirtof my n nt l an be made ith ut .cleparting rom he spirit. or sacrific ng theeclvantag s ther of I ther fore reser e the r ght to make suc oh ge's and al rati ns fai ly Within the scopei the. s me V Ha g husuly cles rih eclm-y insention, wh t I e imas: newand: des e to se r e' by Let e s P iellfiifiiw 4 r a -l.-. Afinger-ring .eomposecl; of. e series of sh lls, client hich. is the outer pe ora ed shell, another the er ning-shell prov ded with? head, the t o shells being jfiiflflfilf oget er by the prev sie r of a fe le s reww hre ed ush ng i t of thevo tershell' and a m le-, crewthreerlp oc 01.1 theeu er' a l of t e l r n lof the er shell r l n ng, sh land; a revolvng: r g Placedbetween th twoshell's; and beneath the opening or perforation of the outer shell, the revol ing i g; being pro- 'vidflerl with a flangeon each of its ends,

herehv; for ing a groo e or ehannel, in whieh anv; des red p ctures orphotographs; can beplaeecl or to which they ean be attached; the re olving ring heine ;ro.-

videcl w th an extension flange, by means of Vwh-i'eh the revolving rim! is rotatejrland the 40 i ctsi he cha el alternately moved into, view through the opening or per-foreor photographs c n; e ti -heed p i imi 01 strip of; flexible tion of the outer shell; the revolving ring the lining or inner shell is in proper pos1-,

, tion for the purpose set forth anclclescribed.

' 2; A finger-ring composed. of a seriesxo-f lshells ione of W-l-ueh is the outer shell, provided With an opening, another the inner shell or lining shell provided with a head,

the; tireshells being jo ned togethe y the pr ision' 0f fem le-screwthr aded hushingpi itheinner e d of heoiit r shelsl' nd a. male screw-thread provided on he u er all fthe 'o-w r'e id o the inner she l o lining sh ll and. a re lving, ring placed; be-

t ee the tweshells ben eth he open er pe fo ation of. the uter s e the rev lving r ng-being; provided. wi h a flang on. eaehi of its ends, the by e groo e ere i ennel-yinr Whieh any desired pict es whieh they'oan be attached, the revglvi provid d with er e fla ge,- means'of h ch the. ihevol iri a. g sro'tated lan he o i s s in the-chem e1: a ern tely moved into View tlIrQughthe-opening outerhell; thereveling ring: kept i plane: by the hea f he 'iri'nershe l or front of the extension- ,fienge when ing hell i set improper position nd be attached heehenner 111, Sfibsjap 5 3 scrib d,


' Sen-Mire In,

' MARTHA KQWALLKM Y '15 the p rp seset for h. nd de- PHILIP J; soHRErB'ER

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