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Publication numberUS1333292 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 9, 1920
Filing dateMay 23, 1919
Publication numberUS 1333292 A, US 1333292A, US-A-1333292, US1333292 A, US1333292A
InventorsHomer W. Case
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US 1333292 A
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I 1,333,292, 1 Patented Mar. 9,1920.

FIGII- 1 B4 |l j Ii FIEEI- 6 INVENTOR WITNESSES n w. \Ar. new,



' *roY vnrrionn.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Patent-ed Mar.9, iaao.

Applicationfiled May 23, 1919. Serial No. 299,155.

To all whom it ma y concern.

Be it known that I, HOMER W. Case, a

citizen of the United States, and a resident me March 12, 1918. The object of the present invention is to afford better construction by reducing the friction of bearings, simplifying the application of wheels and increasing the attractiveness and usefulness of the toy.

Inthe drawings accompanying this specification, Figure l is a perspective view of my car assembledfl ig. 2 is, in part, a rear end elevation of the car and, in part, a transverse vertical section through the rear axle and one wheel, and Fig. 3 is a transverse, vertical section through the front wheel and steering post, and Fig. 4 is a detail of the metal collars which I apply to reduce friction, etc.

The car body consists of a wide rear portion 2 and a comparatively narrow front portion 3. At either side of portion 2 is a depending bolster 4. Extending between and through the lower ends of bolsters 4 is the rear axletree 5, which has a square section between the bolsters but is shouldered and rounded at 6 to fit tightly in a corresponding hole in the bolsters and terminates in reduced round axles 7 upon which the rear wheels 8 are mounted.

To reduce friction and prevent binding of wheel 8 and axle 7, I apply a metallic collar 9 over axle 7 before assembling the latter with wheel 8. Collar 9 has a disk portion 10 and a cylindrical portion 11 at right angles thereto. Portion 10 fits flatly against bolster 4 and portion 11 incases axle 7, extending outwardly from the bolster. After collar 9 has been applied to the axle, wheel 8 is assembled therewith and then another collar 12 applied to the axle. Collar 12 is a duplicate of collar 9 but is turned oppositely so that its cylindrical portion also incases axle 7 and its disk por- ,tion 10 alines with the end of axle 7.

In llieend of axle 7, is a longitudinal hole ton 15. Pin 14 is small enough to fit inside of hole 14 without enlarging same and is covered with glue before insertion which, in drying, will unite it to axle 7 so that it will retain collar 12 and wheel 8.

The cylindrical portions 11 of collars 9 and 12 form a bearing surface for wheels 8 and the disk portions form retainingsurfaces for the sides of the wheels. Being of metal they reduce the friction of the relatively moving parts to-a minimum. They also prevent the swelling of axles 7 and a consequent binding of the wheels.

Near the front end of body portion 3 is a vertical hole 16 and tightly fitting and glued therein is the shouldered portion 17 of a forward bolster 18 which extends downwardly from the body. Throughout bolster 18 is a vertical hole which is a journal for the lower section 19 of the steering post 20. Section 19 terminates in a substantially square knob 21 which has a transverse hole 22. Collars 23, identical with collars 9 and 12, fit the interior of hole 22 with their cylindrical portions forming a journal bearing for the front axle 24:. The ends of axle 2e are reduced and externally threaded and front wheels 25 are mounted thereon by having their hub portions internally threaded and screwed and glued onto the threaded ends of axle 24. Collars 23 reduce the friction between axle 24 and knob 21 and also prevent the knob from swelling so as to bind the axle.

On the outside of wheels 25 and diametrally opposite each other are pedals 26 Which are shouldered and threaded at one end and screwed into the side of wheel 25. These threads are also glued before assembly to insure a permanent joint.

While I have indicated collars 9 and 12 as tightly fitting axle 7, and collars 23 as tightly fitting knob 21, they would serve their purpose equally well if they fit wheel 8 and axle 24.- respectively instead and are free to rotate on axle 7 and knob 21.

As bolster 18 is rigidly attached to the body, the rigid, elongated bearing for steering post 20 greatly increases the strength of the car at this point and prevents Wabbling of the steering post and splitting of forward bolster supportedby a steering post journaled therein, a rotating axle j ournaled in said post and having externally threaded ends projecting therefrom, wheels, each provided with an internally threaded central hole and adapted to be screwed on said axle thereby and each provided with an internally threaded, transverse hole near its circumference; and threaded pedal members each adapted to be screwed into one of said last mentioned holes in said wheels.

2. In a childs vehicle, a wheel, an axle provided with a bearing and retaining member for the hub of said wheel, and a button provided with a shank extending into the end of said axle, said button being adapted to retain said member on said axle.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my hand this 14th day of May, 1919.


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U.S. Classification280/259, 280/282
International ClassificationB62M1/00
Cooperative ClassificationB62M1/38
European ClassificationB62M1/38