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Publication numberUS1333479 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 9, 1920
Filing dateFeb 2, 1918
Priority dateFeb 2, 1918
Publication numberUS 1333479 A, US 1333479A, US-A-1333479, US1333479 A, US1333479A
InventorsFarmer Edwin T
Original AssigneeFarmer Edwin T
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US 1333479 A
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APPLICATION man FEB. 2. 191a. RENEWED SEPT. 8. I919.

1,333,47 9. Patented Mar. 9, 1920.




I ,3 33,4TQ. Specification of Application-filed lebruarya, 1918. Serial No. 215,109

To all whom it may concern: v c I 'Beit known thatI, EDWIN T. FARM R, a citizen of the United States, residin at Carthagefin the county of Jasper and tate of Missouri, have invented new and useful Improvements in Spool-Cases, of which the following is a specification. V

' This invention relates to cases adaptedv to hold spool cotton and the likeand it consists in the novel features hereinafter described and claimed. r An object of the invention is to rovide a case of simple structure in whlch the spools may be laced and held in a manner that they may lie visible from the front of the case, there being also provided in conjunction with the case means for dispensing or delivering the spools successively 'as'it is desired to remove them from the case. Also the invention contemplates the provision of means which will have a tendency to prevent the spools from being introduced into the case endwise and thus assuring that the spools as they arrive at the delivering means will be in proper position for reception by.

the said means.

With this object in view the case comprises a body having at'its front side a transparency and provided with side walls which extend below the said transparency. The side walls are mounted upon a suitable base whereby the case is supported. A cover is hingedly mounted at the upper end of the case and a spring is located in the upperportion of the case and serves to prevent the spools from being introduced in the case endwise. 'A block is pivotally mounted between the lower portions of the side panels of the case and below the transparenc I and is provided at its upper portion with a notch adapted to receive a single spool. The said block is so weighted or pivoted that a solid portion thereof normally lies below the column of spools and when it is desired to remove a single spool the forward end of the block is swung in an upward direction whereby the notch "is brought below the column of spools and one of the spools enters thesame. The block is then released whereby its forward portion descends and the spool which is in of the block.

the notch is brought toward the front of the case and may be removed from the notch while the spools which remain in the case are supported upon the rear solid' portion Letters Patent. Patented Mt1'.9,1920. re ewed September 8,1919. Serial No. 322,503.

In the; accompanying drawin Figu re l is a front elevation 0% the spool case.- i Fi'gJQis'ja vertical section'alview of the samei The spool case comprises a body 1 which is composed, of side panels 2, a back panel Band a front transparent panel 4. All of the said panels have their upper. edges substantially flush orat the same level but the lower portions, of the. side panels 2 extend below the lower edges of the back panel 3 and the transparency'i. Theside panels 2' are provided attheir inner edges with groov6$5 which receive the edge portions of the transparency 4 and ledges or clips 6 are secured at their ends tothev side panels 2 and receive and support the upper and lower edge portions of the transparency 4. The side panels 2:are mounted, at their lower ends upon a suitable base 7. A spring 'member 8 is attached at one end to the upper panel 3 and extends into 7 the body 1; The spring 8 is fiat and serves portion of the back as means whichwill tend to prevent the spools from being introduced into the case in edgewise position, in other words the spools should be placed in the casein horizontal position. A cover 9 is hingedly con- I nected with the side panels 2 at the rear portion thereof and the said cover is bounded around three edges by a depending flange '10 which is adapted to fit snugly against the outer surfaces of the side panels 2 and the upperclip 6 when the cover is in acloscd position over thebody l. The cover 9 is provided at its free edge portion with a handle 11.

A block 12 is pivotally mounted between the lower portions of the side panels 2 and at the rear edges thereof and the said block lies below the lower edges'of the back panel 3 and the transparency l. The-block 4 is- .provided at its upper intermediate portion with a notchlS which is adapted to receive a single, spool. The block 12 is provided at its forward ends with a handle 14. The .block 12 is so connected with the side panels 2 that its center of gravity lies in front of the point of pivotal connection between the block and the said side panels. Consequently the-said block'normally lies in an inclined position and its rear. solid portion normally lies under. .the column of" spools which is retained in the body 1.

When it is desired to remove a spool from the body the forward end of the body forward end descends in response to gravity and the spool which is in the notch 13 is carried forward and beyond the frontside of the body 1. However, portions of the rear part of the ends of the spools will re-;

main behind theforward edges of the side panels 2 and consequently the spool is retained againstfalling out of thenotch 1 8 when it is brought to a forwardposition; However,- the spool may be readily lifted out of the notch and thus thesaid spool is removed from the body of the case-while the other spools are retained therein and while they may be readily observed through the transparency they are protected against the accumulation of dust dirt and the like. The block 12 may be provided upon the upper portion of its forward end with a legend 15 which will indicate the 'size,

weight or; character of the cotton which is carried by the spool. If an attempt is made to insert a spool endwisein the body 1 the spool will wedge between the spring Band the front or sides of the body. Therefore thespool must be turned to a horizontal position when it will 1 readily roll. by the spring as it is flexed and the spool will drop in the bottom of the body -in proper position.

e From the foregoing description taken in con unct1o1r wlth the accompanying drawing it will be seen that raspoolcase of simple and durable structure is provided and that the same may be used to advantage for retaininga columnof spools in a mannerthat .they'may be withdrawn or dispensed successively as desired or required. v ,Having. described the-invention what is claimed is;

V A'spool case comprising a: body-havingan opening at its upper 'end for. the entrance of the spools and an opening at its lower end for the exit thereof, a dispensing means located below the exit openingof the body, a closure for the entrance opening of the body, and a spring member fixed to the side of the bodyand having a free end portion extending into the body immediately below said entrance opening and serving to prevent the introduction of spoolsin an endwise position. a

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature.


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