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Publication numberUS1333610 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 16, 1920
Filing dateSep 18, 1918
Publication numberUS 1333610 A, US 1333610A, US-A-1333610, US1333610 A, US1333610A
InventorsAlfred Fellheimer
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Alfred fellheimer
US 1333610 A
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1 ,333 ,6 1 O, Patented Mar. 16, 1920.




1 ,333, 6 1 O; Patented Mar. 16, 19.29,


WITNESSES 'fre a u q I Y Br U v 7 do I mom/5Y8 mm) rnntrr invrnn, of EW YORK, iv. a. Q

" T1 5KET-$ELL33? Ca e. I

To all whom it may concern:

Be: it known thatI, ALFRED FELLHE M a citizen of the United States, and a resident of the i city' of New "York, borough of Man;

hattan, inthe county "and State of'NeW York, have invented new and Improved o Ticketssellers Gases, of which the"fol lowis; a full, clearfand exact description;

his invention relates'to ticket cases and particularly'to a case for ticket sellersand has for an object'the provision of an improved construction over my co-pending application, Serial .No.'196,176,' for ticketin which the tickets .arepositioned so as 10- be readily accessible at all times, WhllG sellerls booth. f I V a Another object in viewis to provide a case means are providedwhich will indicate the name and. character of the various. tickets without requiring an examination'offthe tickets g A still further object of theinvention is to provide a case, having inclined pigeon holes for receiving tickets and legend holdingmeans adjacent the end'of the pigeon holes whereby the tickets maybepositioned in thepigeon holes loosely or in carriers and removed with -quickfacilitywhen the case shown in is inuse.

.larged scale.

' In the accomp anying idrawing':

Figure .1 is a fragmentary perspective viewof part of a case disclosing an embo'di-. ment of the mventlon. i

Fig. 2 is a longitudinal vertical section through acase similar to that shown in Fig. l, the sameibeing on an enlarged scale Fig. 8 isla front view of part of the case Fig.1, the saine being onan en- Fig.4 is .a detail" perspective viewfof fa cardpretaining and legend holding; device embodying certain features of the invention.

Fig. 5 is a View similarto Fig. 2 disclosing a slight modifiedform of the invention.-

'Fig. 6is a perspective view of a carrier for holding tickets, same embodying certain features ofthe invention.

Fig. 7 is a front view of part of a cabinet showing a slightly modified form oftheinventi'on.

Fig. 8. is a fragmentary sectional View through Fig; 7 on line 88.

Fig. 9 is a plan view of a retaining clip for a number of compartments; I

Referring to the accompanying drawing by numerals 1 indicates a casing which is a Specificatigm of Letters Patent. Pat ted, M r; 1 1920, App lication fil ed s eptember'18y1318l s eriallio 254,641. i I

providedwith a "number of pigeon holes 2,

vided with groves" 5- 'and- [6 arranged at a steeper angle than the-bottom so] as to ac said pigeon holes 'beingarranged withinclined bottoms3. The partition walls i be- 1 tween eachof the pigeon holes-Q are pro-' I commodate a: clip 7 "which will act, a's'a stop v for the tickets 9 i'n-the' various pigeon holes: The clips 7 are provided with apair of depend-ing'arms Sfadapted to fit into opposite grooves 5. and 6 while the body 10 from forming "a top '11, said top having a spur 12' adapted tojsnapi into-the notch'13 as shown" in Figf2 for locking the-clip 'l'. in

place. The top '11 isalso provided with a I turned over flange 14 and pressed out clamp 7 ing :stops 15 and 16," said flange; and'said fstops accommodatlngcards 17 on wh1ch varlous legends are provlded, asfo'r 1'nstance the namesof cities. :It is of; course under- -which these arms extend is bent over "for stood that there is one clip 7 for each of the pigeon holes-2 soas to normally 'pr'e'vent the,

tickets from accidentally moving out ofjthe pigeon holes.

As shown in Fig. 52 the v'arious bottoms are cut awa v atj18 so that whenthe finger or thumb'of tli of the tick ets 9; and then slides the same downwardly said ticketwill pass out of the the accidental passage of any of theftickets e operator-presses against one 1 pigeon hole asfshown in dotted lines in Fig; 2; Preferably the lower ends of thearmsS are slightly bent so asto normally prevent yielding readily when the ticket seller moves theticket manually. Preferably the spur 7 12 is used for'h'ol'ding the clipin place but r if "desired the "arms 8 could "be "slightly spread or contracted as desiredforcausing i a proper pinchingkaction against the par titionwalls 4. The'clip is preferably made from metal soJthat the arms'S and otherv partsflmay be n roved "as just described, but it is evident that-the clip. could'bemade from wood or other material and instead ofde-f pending on the spur 12 or the resilient arms;

8 for holding, the clip in place it could be held in place by an adhesive of any kind.

When the parts are made of'wood an adhesive is used-and the end 11 is eliminated.

tuted for holdinga legend card. The tickets'9 are arranged on'end in order to save A metal clip of any desired kind is substidesired by merely glancing at his case and may remove the proper ticket without looking at the ticket. V In providing a new supply of tickets for the various pigeon holes said new supply may be passed through the pigeon holes from the front after removing the clip 7 if desired, or'may be passed intothe various ticketsmaybeseen. The formation of open- I pigeonholes from the rear after removing the rearcovering. wall which is preferablya door. Theconstructionof the case and the clip. 7 and associate parts not only permits the use of the loose tickets with a suitable follower 21, but also accommodates the tickets when arranged in a carrier 22 as shown in Fig. 6. This carrier is preferably made from pasteboard andis provided with an opening 23 at the front, slot structures 24 and .25ipermitting a ready removal of the ticket from the carrier. The5rear of the carrier may be open or closed as desired, but the tickets are slid into the. carrier from the rear and a. following block 21 supplied. for holding the tickets in a proper position and causing the sameto feed by gravity toward thefront of the carrier. When any of the pigeonholes are emptythe carrier 22 may be inserted as shown in Fig.5 and the tickets are in proper position-for being dispensed as described in respect to Figs. 1 and 2. This arrangement of carrier and case for accommodating the same. is of an appreciable advantage as the tickets 'may be packed in the carrier 22 at the printing shop and tied .up and sealed at that place. The I tickets are "left in the carrier from then on until they are used one by one from the "case. The wrapping of course must be removed sothat'the carrier will beasshown' in Fig. 6

before it is placed in the case. v

Figs. 7 to 9 inclusive shown a slightly modified formof the invention especially adapted foruse of thecarrier 22 as shown in Fig. 6. In this form of the invention the compartments 26 extend from one side of the cabinet or case 32 .to.:the. other and are open both at the front and rear. A number of slots 27 are provided in which the di vision plates may be placed, said division plates being preferably formed of metal, though they may be of other material.

These division plates are used when loose tickets are provided with the cabinet. When the carriers 22 are provided they fill the cabinet from one side to, the other and by reason of their size and shape fit against each other and against the front clip '28 which is formed of wood preferably, though it may be formed of other material and secured in place by screws, adhesive, or otherwisefas preferred.- This clip is provided witha number of openings 29 through which the ings29 naturally results in theprovision of 1 a number of tongues 30 which tonguesstraddle the grooves 27 or thedivision plates when theyareused. As shown in Fig. 8a

metal clip 31 1s provided forreceiving a legend card whereby the ticket seller'may readily see from this legend card the character of the ticket in that particular compartment. When any carrier 22 is emptied it may be removed from the rear and a new fullfcarrier substituted. As shown in Fig. 8 the bottom 3 of each of the compartments is cut away. somewhat at the front to allow.

the tickets to pass over the clip 31 when moved by the fingerof the operator. As

shown in Fig. 6 the material of the carrier 22 forming the grooves 24 and 25 will pinch to a certain extent the tickets, said pinching action being assisted by the weight of. the tickets and the follower 21. so that the tickets will automatically remain in place until forced: therefrom by the thumb or finger of the ticket seller.

What I claim is: v In a ticket case the combination with a carrier having tickets, said carrier having an opening through which the t ckets may be removed, of means forming a plurality of inclined compartments open at the top and bottom, each of said compartments being sufficiently wide for accommodating a plurality of carriers, and a clip connected to the case near the lower end of each compart-.

ment,.eac'h of said clips having a solid section extending across the respective compartments, and .a plurality of spaced depend

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