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Publication numberUS133376 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 26, 1872
Publication numberUS 133376 A, US 133376A, US-A-133376, US133376 A, US133376A
InventorsJames F. Mason
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Improvement in gloves
US 133376 A
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Gloves. No. 133,376.' Patented Nov.26,1872.



Specification forming part of LettersPatent No. 133,376, dated November 26, 1872.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JAMES F. MASON, of Johnstown, in the county of Fulton and State of New York, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Gloves, of which the following is a specification:

This invention relates to that class of gloves which are made partly of leather and partly of cloth, and known as combination gloves and the invention consists in the patterns and in the glove made therefrom, the form and style of which and manner of putting together being hereinafter more fully described.

In the accompanying drawing, Figure l represents the leather palm-pattern, showing the thumb-hole. Fig. 2 shows the pattern for the cloth back and Wrist piece. Fig. 3 represents the pattern for the thumb, leatheraud cloth. Fig. 4 is the pattern for the cap-pim the little iin ger. Fig. 5 is the cap for the thumb;

- Fig. 6, the cap for the middle nger; JFig. 7,

the cap. for the third nger. Fig. S is a seetional view of the glove, showing the parts put together. Fig. 9 is the same, showing the position of the little-finger capfpiece-in the complete glove. Fig. 10 is a detail, showin g the mode of attaching the thumb and the other nger caps. Fig. 11 is a detail, showing a section of the glove when the leather and the cloth and the lining are doubled together for stitching.

Similar letters of reference indica-tc corresponding parts. y

A represents thev palm-pattern. This part of the glove is leather, with the foretinger cappiece B thereon.- C is the thumb-hole. D represents the back-pattern with Wrist-piece attached. This part of the glove is made of cloth. E is thelittle-n ger cap-piece, of leather, and the dotted lines show manner of its attachment to D'. F represents the'pattern for the ball of the thumb; this is made of leather. G is the back of the thumb, made of.cloth. H is the cap ofthe thumb. I is the cap for the middle 1in ger, and J the cap for the third linger. These caps are attached as seen in Fig. l0. They are all made of leather scraps, and protect the glove at the ends of the tingers. The little-tin ger cap-piece and the palm are attached together by the seam marked K, Fig. 9. L is the leather portion of the palm, which connects with the cloth over the foreiinger and forms the cap for that finger, the

connection being indicated by the dotted lines From these patterns a glove is formed ot' the most durable character, protected at every wearing point, and exible as when made entirely of cloth. The glove may be lined either throughout or in part, or not at all, as may be desired.

Having thus described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patentl. The patterns herein described, and marked A D E F G H I J, substantially as and for the purposes specified.

2. A glove formed from or by the above-described patterns, substantially as set forth.



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Cooperative ClassificationA41D19/02