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Publication numberUS1336440 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 13, 1920
Filing dateDec 28, 1917
Publication numberUS 1336440 A, US 1336440A, US-A-1336440, US1336440 A, US1336440A
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US 1336440 A
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PPLICAUN YILED L, 19H. A1 336,440. Patented Apr. 13, 1920.







Specification af Letters Patent.

Patented Apr. 18, 1920.

Application tiled December 28. 1917. Serial No. 209,349.

.Se it known that I. lmmiin (YTQELE, n citizen nl" thc` lfnited Stzdis. mid rfsident nt (lm-)min thv countinof )IrDowell und Stute (if ll'ifst; Virginia, have invented u nrw and useful Slnhhingr und Lmiding Mii- (rhim. of which the following is n speciliml'llll.

.\l inrcntion relntff tu appar-.itis used in mining' Coul mid similar muturiul. mid more mrtitiilurly to the i'rinftriutinn und zirrz'ingifmmit uf :i mining mui-hin@ for rumoriiiLi thi` mul nr utlwr mzitvriail .living mined trum thtx ide;, Ur rill (if :i previously driwn hand ur miti-y.

ln mining unl thiz liuzidh m' intriw` :irc drircn :it fpnrzitvd iiiturrnl. :i quantity if mail renminingv hvtwi-in thi parallel vlitri whirh lui-m pillnrh Ur rilr tu support thu mol' nl' thu hond` ur mitrius.

Ome nhjicft nl my inwiilicm i tn prm'idu :i :dnhhilig :md lmidillgl' iiim'hiiiu nl" nuwl ifiimtriiiftimi haring imprmfiid mcmb rhm hy thi: mail fnriiliirg thi' ril` ir `\idt nl' ga limid ur vritry rain hv zil'ulr ri-mmvd withA mit linhility nl' dnmzigu lu thiminiiiL' imii-him'f 0r injury ti thi: fipuraitiws nl' thu murhiiw.

.Mmthi-r ihjlfrt ul my iiiwntinn i tw im ridiI zi. illiiiing limchimf haring iim'ul niifziiis tur mwliiiilii-:illy mlhwting :md handling :ind dvliwrimbr thi' mit mul into the mimy rziix ur uthvr whit-hin which il` i rnrim'izd from thi: mille.

Vlhl't-rrilig; tu the dmwiligg forming 'part nl? thi` slwuilii-zitimi. Figline 1 in :i plus; shim'- iiigf n `lzihhinf 1 r :ind ln-.iding inni-him :u con lr|irtl^d :md :irrailigftd :md pnaitimied lim uw in tht` i-n'try if :i mimi. in :wcm-dance with my inruhtirm.

Fig. 2 is :i lfmgritndinnl `wide: uhfrntiun, mi un vidas-gud smh, nl' thiappui-:dus nl Fig. l.

lli thi: nwmnlmnying drnwings. thu mlmcrzil 2 (limignzitcs this mhwr entry which hais hcmi drin-n either hy mmm nl :i mining imirhinv or hy hand in rtmm'ing;A thv, will.

.H'tur such miti-ips uri 'furmirh :is' is doni; in rmnm'ing tlm mail, the lievi-ary rlunrzmre nl. thvy in..r 0nd `of the miti-y on @sich side thm-vof Vis mit hy hand and thil mid rvmm'wl l'rnm thv rh fl. il. fnrming: thfridvs nl' thv, fntry ,su :is tu permit; thu critici' huid inruiol' thiiiiwutinn will Emre fully disprmi'od in f hurt ol' thin4 invention t0 he crusted in plm-c illiun they mining Iiinrhno.

limiti-:ld nl ming' 0in lxiriifhinn t0 remove this will :1nd 'form the intry` :i second mi i'lline muy he Qmplnyid in which the ruiter hmid sind. shild are hft olf until positioned within the mino vnti'y in readiness to rcrniv thi` hing'vr utter houd :ind hhiulds necessary tu rvmme the cmd iin-ming the rihs 0r Sides of thu entry.

ll'hcn mi@ nini-hina is employed for both upvrntions. a lier thv` cutter hvzid nl' the mining iii-.whine umd in driving the entry hilS litmi remfirud und the iwi-05mm' Cloni-ance mit im @zich sidi: nl' the elif ry :it its innur und. thei-xitti-r hund shmrn in thil nififriiniinnying drawings mmmtud on tlm mining liiuizhinc.

As ahmrn. this Uttar hond umnprihcs a. hurizmxtnlly vxtciiding rotary shaft l which is mfiimtid in lli-:trium` fi. :ind which has mirlizliigfiiig -|id`` lhl, wird` hving provided with siiirzd mlirilrilx t3, t3. which :im imidv right- :ind lilt hziml su :in to more thvv` miitvrinl` l'riilii thi: i-nds` inward thiiniddlty ul' thr- Iifiilgh nl' thil i-niirlwir shaft'y l.

"l`lw rututzihlo lml'tV l is mmmtvd in. the. livziriilgm4 :in thi: s ingingr vnd nl Vertrii-:illv wrilhitiiig :trim` l2, l2. whit-h :mi upis :diwiy i-uiinvrti-d tu the drivingA nwuhziliism, :is will im ixplziinvd lwri-inzrltizr, :1nd the shaft, 'l is provided with :i spur rieur lil iinxhiiiggj with :i ,spur gmirl't on the muixtrrslizit't l5 which is mmmtud in the hmlriugrs lil, lti, thurul'ur on the vertically usrfillziting :irms l2. -'l`li.: rwvrhnngring ends of thi' shalt l5 ari; providi-,d with sprockct (-.hznin wheels li', li, which :iro connecten-l by means nl sprocket (fh-.tins 1S, 18 to the sprrwlcvt; wheelh` 1f) on thu counters-mult 20 nl' thi', driving mutui.' 21 whirh is operatively nwliiitvd im thil n'iining mui-hina.

The). nrmhl l2, 122m pirritzilly zumwctud by thv liifziringa 'N tu the rmniturslizilit 20 so these shafts each as to swing thereon and connecting rods 23, 23, operatively connect the swinging arms 12 with one end of the rocking levers 24, 24, mounted on and turning with the rocking shaft 25 which is pivoted on the machine at an intermediate point in the length of the iframe or sides 2l of the mining machine carriage.

The rocking shaft 25 is also provided with a lever arm 26 which is adjustahly connected to one end of the eccentric rod 2T hy which this lever arm 2G is operatively connected to the eccentric 28 on one end of the stub shaft Q9. The stub shaft 29 is secured by one end to one side 2l of the machine. .A spur gear is loosely mounted on said shaft, which gear meshes with and is driven b v the spur pinion 3] on one end of the motor countershaf't 20. The spur gear and eccentric 28 are secured together and rotate in unison.

The carriage is provided with bearings in which shafts 34, 34, having tract-ion wheels 35, 85, on the ends thereof are mounted, and have a worm wheel 36 thereon meshing with worms 3T, 37. on the ends of the horizontal rotary shaft 3S which is secured in bearings` 39. 3f). so as to extend lengthwise parallel with the side oi the carriage. This shaft 38 is provided with a ratchet wheel 4() which is operativelyv cugaged by the adjustable ratchet pawl 4l on the swinging ratchet 42. and the ratchet 42 is pivoted at one end to the sha lt 3S and is connected at its other end h v a rod 43 to the. eccentric strap 44 on the eccentric 45 which is mounted on the end of and rotates with the shaft 46.

Une end of the shaft 4G which actuatcs the eccentric 45 and also drives the Hight convever has a sprocket chain wheel 4T there ou which is operatively connected by the sprocket chain 4S to the driving sprocket wheel 49 mollnted on one end ot the motor countershaft 20.

'The carriage of the machine has an elevated tail portieri 21Va and the o'nmsite ends of the carriage are provided with shafts 50- and 5l which are mounted in the l'icarings 52. 5:2. a nd 53., 53, and having sprocket wheels 54. 54, and 55, 55. thereon around which the endless conveyer chains 56. 56, extend. The conveyer chains 5G ofy which there is one on each side of the machine, are connected together b v conveyer flights 57 which extend across thel width of the machine at intervals in the length of the chain. Idler sprocket wheels 5S and 59 are provided on shafts G0 and 61 to guide the convever chains 56 and the lower edges ot the Hights 57 on the lower strands of the sprocket chains 56 engage with the flat bottom 62 extending between the sides 21 oi the mining machine to convey the mined coal. from the front to and over the rear end of the elevated tail 21 of the mining machine.

The shaft 46 has sprocket wheels 63 thereon which engage with and drive the conveyer chains 5G, 5G, when the shaft 46 is caused to rotate.

The mining machine, on its front end, in front ot the cutter head on the shaft 4 is provided with a shield 64 which extends upwardly trom the bottom of the entry and which is connected at its bottom to shorter verticallkvv extending shields 65, (i5` one of which is provided on each side of the mining machine between the sides 21 of the machine and the faces 1l. l1, of the mine entr)7 2.

The space between the adjacent ends of the shields 65, 65, is left open to permit of the mined coal being discharged in front of the center ot' the width of the machine b v the spiral conveyors 6, 6. in position to be engaged hy the flights 57 of the chain conveyer.

In the operation of my improved apparatas the short cutter head used 011 the mining machine in driving the entry 2 is removed. The shields (34 and 65, 65, are then attached to the front end of the mining machine. and the cutter head shown is erected in place.

lt will be understood that suilicient coal will be removed vfrom each rib or side 3' et' the entry' by hand to permit of the attachment ot the cutter head shown to the machine and the erection of the shields in place.

In driving the entry 2 the mining machine is advanced inwardli7 during the coal removing operations. The apparatus being erected as shown. is then started by causing the motor Q1 to rotate. which operation starts the shaft 4 ot the cutter head to rotate and the swinging arms 1Q, 12. supporting the cutter head to oscillate, the cutter head being oscillated vertically.

Such rotary and oscillating movement of the cutter head causes the picks 8 on the periphery ',7 of the spiral conveyers 6. 6. to engage with the ltace 66 of the coal in the ribs (in each side of the entryl and at the same time the ratchet 42 is caused to reciprocate and thereby rotate the traction wheels 35 to move the mining machine outwai-dl)Y or backwardly in the entry.

Engagement of the picks 8 with tite face ot the ribs removes the coal, which falls to the bottom ot the opening 67 into which the projecting ends of the cutter head extend and when the spiral conveyors 6, 6, forming part of the cutter head are at their bottom or lowermost position the right and left hand spiral conveyors act to move the mined coal from in front of the ribs into position in front of the conveyer 56.

The shields 64 prevent the coal from remaining behind the retreating mining ma chine and with the shields 65, 65, cause the

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International ClassificationE21C27/00, E21C27/24
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