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Publication numberUS1338532 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 27, 1920
Filing dateJul 18, 1919
Priority dateJul 18, 1919
Publication numberUS 1338532 A, US 1338532A, US-A-1338532, US1338532 A, US1338532A
InventorsFloyd A Root
Original AssigneeFloyd A Root
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US 1338532 A
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Specification of Letters Patent.

latentei Apr. 2", 1.97339.

Application filed July 18, 1919. Serial No. llf.

le it known that I, FLoifn A. Roo'r, a Citizen. of the United States, residing at liioelqiort, in the` county ol' Niagara. and Siate oi. New York, have inventefl new and nseinl improvements in iidvertising'igns. of wink-li the i'ollmvinggr is a speuili 'at-ion.

invention relates more particularly to =:\lertrir advertising' signs of the kind l: pied to he erected. on buildings or other e ations line oi. itis objects is to improve the Conffii'rniftien of the signi with a view oi. render ing; it strong' and rigiil. rellnring its cost enabling it to he r )ailily constructed nient@m im-.ordinii to the varying quireif li rent. localities or ronilitions.

. ."i rtlier object is to provide the severzil tranapailnt Signs or panelS with indiviilirai ,ri-iiieelorey oi" improved eonstrnotimi,

ln the awonipanying drawings:

l" mire, l is a iront elevation olf a sign o the inventinn.V Fig'. Q is a leai-il ,ir-ult vii-w ot' one of the vpanel nw and relertors on an enlarged scale..

5l a vertical ventral. :section thereof.

-i a central longitudinal seetion of he saine. Fig. .'"i is an enlarged transverse sertion o' 'the saine parts. Fig. 5 is aille, elevation ilt one, ol the hlanlis lronl whirh the panel-'frames aril winslriirteil- Fig. T is a iranverse seetion oi the sign on an enlarged seal, Figi. S is a tr 'fmenlariv longitmlinal Hrrfion thereof on l e llwlw. lig. T 'ookixag 'forward Figs. 5l and lll are horiH Zonlal swi'ioiw on the eorres'pomlinglv ninnlil-rml lines` Fig. il. Fig'. l] is an enlarged veiita sier-tion on line ll---lL Fig. H.

i' ('l'zararieies of ielerenre inilirate rorresimaling part4 throngrlnnil ille several Vl`\`f.

'lho iframe oill thtl sign is prelferalilv ronii'ii -l l oi sirnriiral steel anrl in lhe ein hoiliinrnt shown in 'the rlrawinjgl il is romposml ol' en l uprigjlutn ll ol angle. iron` inlerimwliate nnliang'eel uprigi'lils 12. 'lfl a horizontal top nienlher lil oi' angle iron anal angflwiron tie-members l-l oE inverteil lliorni ronnerl'ingf the lower portions ol the iniila nprightg il. Them several nprights are fastened to sills o haseqneref; 12b. The

upper hoi-izo] l ineinhei.' 13 is onrevl to each eli/l. ir; right l hy an angle-iron i5 or other suitable fastening, and' each of the two Central npriglits 12a by a :ajimilar angleiron 1.6. The nprigilits lf2 are preii'erahly extendenl ahoveithe others t0 forni part of a :supporting 'frame for a lre/ntal top-sign or panel l?. slmwn in lj 7 and tl, thv. top member is "rami with a rectangular upward extensuni Si haviintY ita` ii} riglit liars secured ifi the projecting npper portions oi? the lign-lights 12% i T he several aprights oi? the main fi-arno are .referahly Spaecil uniformly and. he-

tween each pair thereof arran "il a. vertieal row oi i'erij:i.iig iil:ir panelramen 19 arli ol.l whieli ifrontainfl: a sii oi? dass ir other manipulent or trans "l rfia iai ailapteil tn he illuminated on iiirear Hille. as hereinafter nuire fully flesrrniezl.. ln in@ .forni shown, e ii oi thi-5 paneifrainef; is lient from a :straight roni'iniionfi har 'or hl oiE angie-iron notrhed at points forming; three the. rornvrs. an shown at 2li in (l, ann initereil at il@ enfinA to ifnrin the 'fourth rorner. these enils .heingy tieil together il): an angle-har til riveteil or otherwise seriireil thereto.

The iront lian' a o" these pana traine` ari-r arranged tranaversevv sign and yerm-eil to the ailjauent i v riveli` 2; or other :niiahle fanta-fir 'l` ie Vl'ron llangi ol' the j :aiiel-ifranies in. upper row are alroi riv il. to the top nimh-- hers l-l. while the 'front flanges olf the paniek iranien in the lowerniot row are lilzew rivelml io the top han: oil the lulesliaperl lie 'frames lll. lidiar/rait horixonal rows: of the panelrainiA are preiieiahlv .spared apart, as :shown at :23, 1o that the, s "1 presentfi less area to the wiiul. The panel-iranrw.I olf Snrh horizontal rows may he tieil 'together liv short Llmrr; 2l. ihe flangiay ot whieli are riveteil lo the vontignoiis flanges; ni the,

1`ranie. to project rearwarilljiT beyond t" 11n ainl lea ve their rear portions lfree and nnobtrneteil for the attachment oi: the 'tieliars 2li and braces 2 Eaeh of the, sv j tit-l5 is inanimate@ in lili) panel.

dividually preferably by an incandescent electric lamp iti arranged centrally in rear thereof and inclosed by a case or housing; 2S carried by the correspoinlingij panel-tame. This case may he constructed ot sheet metal and is closed on all sides7 except its .lront side where it is provided Awith a projecting marginal flange 2l() seatedaeainst the inner or rear liange ot the panel-frame. which flange arranged lengthwise ot' the sijzn and to which it is riveted or otherwise secured. ln its preti-irreal l'orin, the back lll of each lamp-case is concavo-convex throughout its length in a horizontal direction. and its inner sui-tace is coated with a suitable .lightretlecting material. such as white enamel to r'etlect the light against the back ol the signrl`o etl'eetually Ailluniinate the extreme ernls ot the sign-panel as well as its intermediate parts, an auxiliary pris-matic reflector 32 may be employed in each lampcasing. rlhis prism is arranged vertically with its apex facing the sign-panel and cxtonds trom top tobottom of the lamp-case, so that the rearward rays ot the lamp are reliected by the sides ot the prism upon the end portions ol' the sign-panel. The prism provide(L with an aperture ior receiving the neck ot' the bulb.

it desired? a circular concavereflector ll may be placed over the 'liront ot the lamp bulb to rel'lect its torward rays rearwardly against the main rotlector or surlace ol the lamp case. This auxiliary reflector has supporting arms or holders` ll which embrace the bulb.

lily this arrainnfment ot rel'lerlors7 the light is ditlused over all parts ot the signpanch which is thus unil'orinly illuminated from top to bottom and trom end to end.

ln practice, the central topmost signpanel is i.,.itenc.lcd to be illuminated continuously during; the nip'ht-nse olE the sigla while the. remaining signs are intein led to be flashed or illinninated interniittraitly,' Any suitable controllinpv mechanism may be employed lor this purpose. lThis forms no part ot my invention and it is ther-clore not illustrated.

horizontal shade lll is preferably 'ar- 'angied to project forwardly 'troni t ie lower edge ot said central top-panel to avoid illuniination ol the remaining` sign-panels, eX- cept when illuminated by their own lamps.

The concavo-conVex back ot the lainpcase7 in addition to serving;` as a rel'lector, also materially stillens the case.

lt will be noted that the panel-trames ll) in addition to carrying; they sign-panels. also act as tie-mcn'1bers`for connectingv and stillieningithe adjacentuprights ot the main trame. thus simplifyingy the structure and at the saine time producing, a trame olE the necessary strength and rigidity to withstand high wind pressures. This constructirm` also enables the 'size ot the sign to be readily increased or reduced by employingl a greater or less number o'lI vertical rows ot panels.

l claim as my invention:

l. Ain advertising sign, comprising,` spaced uprights, tic-members ol' inverted U-torin arranged between adjacent uprights and connectingtheir lower portions, and panel.- trames. carrying advertising panels and ecnnectingsaid uprights above said tic-menihers.

2, An advertising sie-n7 comprising spaced uprights, panel-trames carrying: advertisinfb` panels and arranged in horizontal ro\vs each panel frame' being fitted between a pairv ol iipi'iglits, the j )anel-iiran'ies in adjacent horizontal rows being spaced apart, and tie-bars arranged in the spaces between said rows and connecting;` the adjacent paneltrames An advert'isinte` sign7 comprising spaced nprights, angle-iron panel-iframes' carrying advertising panels and fitted between said uprights, the liront flanges ot said paneltrames being` substantially l'lush. with those olE the uprights and narrower than the 'nprights, and brace-members secured. to 'the rear portion ot said uprights.

fl. Inl an advertising,` sign, the combination ot a panel-traine7 an advertising,- panel arranged in said trame7 an open-.laced lamp case applied to the rear side of' said panelliran'ie and having` a concave back provided with aniinternal reliecting surface7 an npright reflect-ing prism located centrally on said reflecting surface, and a lamp arranged in said case in 'front/ot' said prism.


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