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Publication numberUS1339179 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 4, 1920
Filing dateJun 14, 1918
Priority dateJun 14, 1918
Publication numberUS 1339179 A, US 1339179A, US-A-1339179, US1339179 A, US1339179A
InventorsGeorge P Elmen
Original AssigneeGeorge P Elmen
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US 1339179 A
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Patented May 4, 1920.



INVENTOR Geo ryefl 17 Z1 21: n. "iz ATTORNEYS g G. P. ELMEN.


1,339,179. I Patented May 4, 1920.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Ma a, 1920.

Application filed June 14, 1918. Serial N'o. 240,045.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, GEORGE P. ELMEN, a citizen of the United States, residing at Lincoln, in the county of Lancaster and State of Nebraska, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Vibrators, of which the following is a specification.

This invention has reference to certain new and useful improvements in vibrators, especially those of the massage type and the invention primarily has for its object to provide a vibrator in which two distinctly different strokes, one a percussion stroke and the other a brushing stroke, can be obtained or a combination of the said two strokes may be had.

Another object of my invention is to provide, in a device of the character stated, an improved construction of the controlling means for setting the power transmission connections between the crank disk and the applicator or plunger, that is simple and inexpensive in the manufacture thereof, by which the several adjustments can bepractically instantly made for adapting theapplicator to the percussion stroke, the brushing stroke, or' the combination or. mixed stroke.

With other objects in view that will hereinafter appear, my invention embodies, in a vibrator of the character outlined, certain details; of construction "and combination of parts specifically brought out in the following description and the appended claims and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of my in- Vent1on. r

Fig. 2 is a longitudinal 'section thereof taken practically on the line 2-2 on Fig. 3, parts being in elevation.-

Fig. 3 is a cross section thereof taken on the line 3-3 on Fig. 2, the shifting or controlling members of the power transmission connected with the applicator arm, being positioned to impart a percussion stroke to the said applicator arm.

Fig. fl: as detail cross section of the housing, the upper end of the applicator or plunger and the stroke controller devices, the latter being. shown. as adjustedfor imparting the brushing motionto theplunger or applicator.

Fig. 5 is a similar view, the parts being adjusted for imparting the combined brushmg and percussion stroke to the applicator.

Fig. 6 is a perspective view of the slotted head block. l i

Fig. 7 is a detail planview that illustrates the correlation of the controlling or head block turning member and-the driving member that attaches to the crank diskand imparts movement to theheadblocks In the practicalarrangement ofmy invention, the main or supporting casing 1, in which the driving (electric) -motor is mounted and which has the usual handle, is of the conventional form, as-indicated in Figl. v y

The front section 2 of the casing supports the operating parts of the vibrator and to it is attached, by any suitable means, a housing 8 for the power transmission devices that connect with the applicator or plunger arm 10, presently again referred to.

The housing 3 includes 'a; neck 6 in which the applicator arm 10 is reciprocably mounted in the usual way with' 'the lower end thereof extended beyond the said neck 6, as shown.

In my improved construction of vibrator, the upper end of the plunger or applicator member 10 is formed as a ring-shaped band 11 to fit over a vertically reciprocable and rotatable head block '7, engaged by the band 11 and the said end, as shown, carries a steel bearing sleeve 8, which latter may, however, in practice, be omitted.

The head block? has two elongated recesses or slots -71, one at each end and the said slots extend across their respective ends and are arranged at right angles to each other, and to make the head block of light weight, the slots may extend inwardly nearly close enough to merge, as is clearly shown in Figs. 2, 6 and 7.

9 designates the motor shaft, the outer end of which extends into the housing 3 and upon thesaid end is mounted a crank disk 12 that is located in close relation to the inner face of the head block 7.

By referring now more particularly to Figs. 2 and 3 of the drawings, it will be noticed a short 'bar' or member 13 seats v within the slot 70 on the inner face of the block 7 and connects with the eccentric stud pin 12 of the disk 12.

A similar member that is hereinafter termed the controller block 14 seats in'the elongated recess or slot 71 in the outer face of the head block and to such" controller block 14:, midway the ends thereof, is fixedly connected a short spindle 15 that journals in the front side of the housing and which carries a thumb knob 15, as shown.

To hold the said knob 15 and the head block to their adjusted position, a spring disk washer 17 is mounted upon the spindle 15 between the knob and the housing and to properly center the block 7, a similar spring washer 18 is located between the head block 7 and the inner wall of. the housing 3, as is clearly shown in Fig. 2.

It is to be understood that the applicator or plunger arm operates through a rocker bar, indicated by a? on Fig. 2 mounted in the lower end of the neck 6 to allow for the sidewise or brushing movement of the said applicator or plunger arm. The thumb knob 15 also serves as an indicator for designating the set of the transmission mechanism, the outer face of the housing 3 having suitable indication points a, Z), and c that designate the percussion, the brushing, and the combined percussion and brushing strokesrespectively for which the plunger may be adjusted.

From the foregoing description taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, the complete construction, the manner of its operation, and the advantages of my improved vibrator construction will be readly apparent to those skilled in the art to which my invention relates.

The connection of the controller block with the head block 7 is such that the said block 7 can be instantly adjusted within. the ring-like head of the applicator or plunger 10 by turning the said knob 15.

By turning the knob 15 to the vertical position, the controller blockor bar rotates the block 7 until the said block or bar 14 is in the vertical position and the short bar 13 is at a horizontal position, thereby providing for the up and down or full percussion stroke of the applicator.

WVhen the thumb knob is turned, in either direction, right or left, to the horizontal position, the other member 1.3 assumes the vertical position and owing to the peculiar connection of the head block 7 with the said member 13 and with the applicator head portion, brushing movement of the applicator is provided for and, by setting the thumb knob midway between the two positions mentioned, the combination or mixed stroke of the applicator is had.

lVhat I claim is:

1. In a vibrator, a support, an applicator having longitudinal and lateral bearing in the said support, a drive shaft, a connection between the drive shaft and the said applicator, and means for varying the direction of movement of the applicator, the said means including a head block having rotatable connection and plunger movement with the applicator, the said head block having a transversely elongated socket in that face adjacent the drive shaft, a follower mounted in the said socket, and crankpin and disk connections that join the drive shaft and the follower, and means operable externally of the casing for setting the head block to locate the follower at a horizontal, a vertical or a midway position relatively to the drive shaft, said means including a tension device for holding the head block to the shifted position.

2. In a vibrator, a support that includes a housing having a neck provided with a spherical bearing seat, an applicator arm, one end of which extends through the said bearing seat and the housing and whose other end terminates in a ring-like band, a drive shaft, a crank disk on that end of the shaft adjacent the applicator, a power trans mission connecting the crank disk and the applicator, said transmission consisting of a cylindrical head that forms the bearing connection for the ring-like band of the applicator arm, the said head having a transversely extended elongated socket in each 'of the opposite ends thereof, the said sockets being disposed at right angles to each other, a controller block mounted in the socket in the outer face of the head, a bar held in the socket in. the other face of the head with which the crankdisk pivotally connects midway the ends thereof, the controller block having an attached spindle that journals in and extends through the housing, a thumb knob attached to the outer end of the spindle, whereby the controller block can be turned to rotate the headto bring the crank disk connected bar at the different positions for effecting the desired changes of motion of the applicator, and tension devices for holding the head block to the thumb knob controlled position.

3. In a vibrator, a support,'a first motion crank shaft, a vibrator plunger arm, an oscillatable bearing in which said plunger arm is reciprocably mounted, a circular head block having a diametrical groove on each side, one groove being extended at right angles to the other, a strap, carried by said plunger arm, in which said circular head block is located, a slide operable in one of said head block grooves and apertured to re ceive the crank of the first motion shaft, a second slide operable in the other groove of said head block, anv adj usting, shaft mounted in a bearing in said support andv keyed to said second slide block, and means by which said adjusting shaft may be turned to turn said head block for purposes of adjustment and. thereby to vary the stroke of said plunger arm, and means for holding said adjusting shaft in the positions to which it is set.


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