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Publication numberUS133923 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 17, 1872
Publication numberUS 133923 A, US 133923A, US-A-133923, US133923 A, US133923A
InventorsCarlos A. Cook
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Improvement in portable files
US 133923 A
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C. A. 000K.

Portable Files.A

vNo.133,923. Pafentd Dec.17,1872.

4 Eff. 4' vin" yvvlTNEk-,EEEI- INVENTUFI To all whom it may concern:

Be it'known that I, CARLOs A. COOK, of Chicago, in the county of Cook and State 'of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Portable Files, for letters, papers, &c., of which the following is a full, c1e ar,and exact description, which will enable others yskilled rin the art to which my invention appertains to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying Y drawing forming a part hereof, in which- Y Figure 1 represents a perspective view of l my improved-portable file; Fig. 2, a top view A of the same; and Fig. 3 a vertical transverse sectional view through one of the side pieces of the same, and showing the manner in which the partition-slides are held in their proper places. L n K My invention relates to that class of devices which are made in the form of a box, divided into compartments open at one end, and commonly known as pigeon-holes.7 Such ,devices are commonly used for the purpose of filing letters, papers, and other documents therein; but an objectionable feature in their Juse, as now made, is that, in hanging or otherwise placing them against the -walls of an oce or other room with the openends of the compartments parallel to the wall, as is freqnently desirable in order to economize space,

-' necessary, for the reason that the compartments'project longitudinally from the wall. Another objectionable feature of devices of this kind. so made is that, in order to render them lightv and readily portable, the partitions .e forming the compartments are made as thin as possible without impairing their` strength sufficiently todestroy their utility, and an insuffidesignate the contents of each compartment; l and this objectionable feature would be still more objectionable if these devices were made of thin metal, such as sheet tin 'or zinc.

The object of my invention is to remedy these defects and simplify the construction of devices of thiskind, so that they may be rendered compact, readily portable, and cheap; and to that end, my invention consists in the arrangement of the various parts ofthe device herein shown and described. Y


they project further into the room than isl cient space is thus left whereon to plainlyV OARLos A. COOK, OE CHICAGO, ILLINOIS.


Speclilcation forming part of Letters Patent No. 133,923, dated December 17, 1872.

In the drawing, A' represents my improved portable file. B is the back piece or rear side thereof. This `back piece may be extended 'above the compartments, and perforated, so.

that the file may be suspended in the manner shown, if desired. 'C' is the front of the file. In making the file of light metal, such as tin or zinc, which material I deem preferable for its construction, the front piece may be bent tical slide, E, may also be inserted in the case for. the purpose of dividing the same into two series of compartments, and preventing the forward side of the case and its attachments from sagging when papers and documents are led therein.- Each compartment may be plainly designated by the letters of the alphabet, marked 'on the face of the file, as shown, or in any suitable manner. F F are doors hinged to the rear piece B', so as to be capable of swin ging back in the manner indicated by the dotted line at f in Fig. 2, and so as to swing forward and close the open ends of the compartments, as indicated at f', Fig. 2; but these doors may be dispensed with if not deemed de- A portable file for letters, papers, and other documents, consisting of aV series of compartments or `pigeon-holes, arranged substantially as shown and described.


Witnesses: N. C. GRIDLEY,


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Cooperative ClassificationA47B46/00