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Publication numberUS134077 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 17, 1872
Publication numberUS 134077 A, US 134077A, US-A-134077, US134077 A, US134077A
InventorsJames Laege
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James laege
US 134077 A
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Speciiication forming-part of Letters Patent No. 134,077, dated December 17, 1872.

` the following description, taken in connection with the accompanying drawing, wherein- Figure 1 represents a perspective view of my improved check-valve and strainer or sandscreen, and Fig. 2 a transverse vertical section of the same.

The general form of the frame for supportf ing the valve is similar to those already in use for such purposes, and is intended to be tted and packed in the barrel of the pump in any of the well-known ways. But in order to accomplish the object of my invention, in addi'- tionto the ringf with its bail d and circular valve-seat g, I have furnished the disk-like valve b with a stem top and bottom, the upper stem e extending vertically intp the arch of the bail d, while the lower stem k is guided by a perforated bridge n, and in which bearings the valve is free to play up or down. This construction, combination, and arrangement of parts is such as to prevent all lateral vibration of the valve, thereby causing it to drop and set more evenly on its seat than when guided by a single stem. To the lower edge of the valve supporting arrangement g is screwed a ring, h, to which is soldered or otherwise secured a wire-gauze netting, constituting a strainer or screen, A, which, in this case, extends some distance below its supportingring, and, being smallest in diameter at its lowest end, resembles in shape a ladys thimble, but may be made cylindrical or other shapes without departing from the spirit of my invention. This screen A is applied for the purpose of preventing the upward passage of detritus, usually sand or other extraneous matter, that otherwise, and 'but for the interposition of the screen, would be drawn in by the iiowof water, and seriously interfere with the proper working of the valve, so much s as to destroy the action of the pump.

As this screen is necessarily constructed of light wire-gauze or netting, any accumulation of foreign matter on its outside incapable of passing through its meshes, when acted on by the strong suctiona-l force of the pump, is liable to produce a collapse of such screen. To prevent any such contingency I have placed within the netting or screen a strong spiral wire or guard, s, so arranged with respect to its interior sides as to rest against them in such a manner that thereby any undue drawing in or collapse of the screen is prevented.

The attachment ofthe screen directly to the valve-sustainin g parts, instead of to the pumpbarrel, as in ordinary cases, admits of such parts being readily drawn out for repairs or otherwise without interfering with the tubing.

I claim- The conical screen A, fitted with an internal coiled-wire support, s, in combination with the circular valve b provided with a lower stem, k, an upper stem,'e, and bail d, secured together by the rings f g h, in the manner shown and described.

JAMES LARGE. Witnesses:


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