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Publication numberUS1340863 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 18, 1920
Filing dateNov 7, 1919
Priority dateNov 7, 1919
Publication numberUS 1340863 A, US 1340863A, US-A-1340863, US1340863 A, US1340863A
InventorsHarriet W Knight
Original AssigneeHarriet W Knight
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Ornamental telephone-concealing hood
US 1340863 A
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' `2 SHEETS-SHEET 2- Fatemi Hay 18, 1920.


y n. nimm.


In llllllllllnllllln..

l ,is

y minninr w. maar, or 'nnwronm-N. Y. Y

To `all 'whom ztmay concern:

Be it known that I, Hnnnrs'r W. KNIGHT,

' a citizen ofthe United States of America,

residing at New. York, in the county and State of New York, have invented certain Y new and useful Improvements in Ornamental Telephone-Concealing Hoods, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description.

This invention relates ,to hoods for tele phones and has for one of its principal ob jects to provide an ornamental hood for surrounding and substantially concealing a telephone.

Among other objects the invention aims to provide devices of the above mentioned character which are simple and consequently inexpensive from a manufacturing standpoint, and which may readily be attached to or detached from a telephone.

vention is hereinafter disclosed Referring to the drawings which illus- I trate-what I n w consider preferred forms of my invention:

, Figure 1 is a front elevation of one .form

4 of. my invention.

Fig. 2 is a fragmentary elevation, partly sectionof a part of the structure illustrated in ig. 1.

Fig. 3 is al view similar to 4vFig.. i but illusv trating a modification.

Fig. 4 is a fragmentary detaii'view, partly in section, .of a further modification.

Fig. 5 is a fragmentary detail elevation illustrating a further modification.-

My invention comprises a skirt lmember and a head member provided with means for so securing them to a telephone that the latter will be surrounded an substantially con cealed by the skirt, and the skirt member will be surmounted by the head member. The invention may be embodied in various -forms,`one of which is shown in F ig. 1 and which may be constructed substantially as follows: 4 The head member3 1 is shown in the form of a dolls head and the skirt member 2 may be secured thereto by Igathering the skirt at 3 to grip the neck 4. he device is designed particularly for use in connection with a desk telephone. tele-phone of this type specimen@ of Letters raient.

Other ob jects and. advantages will appear 'astlieiin v the .transmission of speech.


Patented May 18, 1920.

Application med November 7, v1919. SerslrNo. 336,519.

.is illustrated in dotted lines and comprises Y the usual pedestal. 5, transmitter 6, mouth-,l

ieee 7, receiverhook 8 and receiver 9. {ea-ns are provided `for supportin skirt and head on the telephone. hns I have shown a split ring 10 of heavy card-` board or other suitable material, adapted to encircle the transmitter 6. A block or plug 12 adapted to be entered upwardly into and Said L (iiiV lthrough the neck portion 4 has secured thereto an elasticband 13 which encircles l the split ring 10. It will be seen that the ring 10' may be slipped or snapped onto the transmitter and thereby detachably secures the device to the telephone.

liVi-ien the device is mounted on a 'telephone, as above described, the latter will be substantially concealed. The skirt 2 may be made wholly or. partly of a comparatively stiif fabric such as moire' silk or taifeta,v so

ythat it will iiare outwardly and assume substantially a bell` shape or it may be made of softer material to hang as shown in the drawing. In order to insure that the skirt will not cling closely to and reveal the contour yof the telephone, means for causing the skirt to Hare outwardly in all radial directions may be provided. One form of such means is shown as comprising a hoop j i "While the voice vibrations might he trans- Y mitted through the skirt and into the mouthpiece 7, I prefer tc provide the skirt with a slit 15 through which said mouthpiece is adapted to project. By virtue of this con.

or ring 14 secured Within and to said skirt. I

struction the device oliers no impedance to v y Y Furthermore `in order to facilitate access to the receiver 9 the skirt may be slit at 16 and detachable fasteners or snaps 17 may be provided for closing and opening this slit.v It desirable a cap 18 on the head may be. secured at its ends to the skirt 2 thereby not only increasing the ornamental effect but relieving theskirt against strain where it surrounds the neckl 4. y

Obviously my invention is susceptible to modification in various respects. Thus the head member 1 instead of being made in the form of a dolls head may assume the form of a block or tubular cap portion 4 about which the skirt 2 is adapted tof be ein gathered at 3. The block 1' may be prod-i V"vided with an opening 20 for a purpose vu'liichwill hereinafter appear. The elastic band 13, which is attached to theblock 1',

.s and the split ring need no furthersdescription. While the ring 10 may be pro-l vided with an opening adaptedto register with the opening 2O so' as to receive the stems of flowers I prefer to place the slit 22 of the transmittenclampng ring 10 uprmost to receive the stems of the flowers m the vfollowing manner; The ring may be `ringwith reference to the block'when the `ring is spread to receive the stems of the' flowers. The slit 22 is thereby Aprevented from becoming displaced with respect to the opening with which it should register.

Instead of holding the {iowers in the man- 'l "r ner above indicated a cylindrical vplug Z5 provided with stem-receiving holes 26 may `be inserted in the opening 20 so as to rest-on the transmitter 6. g

The head member 1, referred to above, need. not assume the form in which it consists only of a dolls head but a. head mem-V bersuch as that shown in Fig. 5 may be employed. In this form of the invention the head member comprises not only a dolls head 30 but the trunk portion 31 as well. The skirt 2 may be secured to the head mem. ber at 3 as described in connection with Fig. .1. -With the exception of one additional '-1, feature, hereinafter described., the remainder of the device shown in Fig. 5 `may be substantially the sameas that shown in Fig.

l1. `In order normally zto conceal the mouthl:piece 7 a ildp 'of cloth, lace or other suitable material 35 may be sewed yor otherwise sa cured at its upper edge to the skirt 2 so as to hang as indicated in Fig. 5. When it is desired to speak into the transmitter the {iap 35 may be. raised.

In accordance with the provisions ofthe patent statutes, I have herein described the principle of operation of my invention, 'to'A gether with the apparatus which I now consider to represent the best embodiments thereof but I desire to have it understood that the apparatus shown is only illustrative and that the invention can be carried out by other means. Also, while it is designed to use the various features and elements in the combination and relations described, some of these Imay be altered anfi'others omitted and some of thefeatures of each modification may be embodied in the others without interfering with the more general result-s tends to such use.

'hat I claim is: 1. A hood for telephones combination, a skirt, a head member, and

comprising inV 'and effects outlined, and the invention ev means for supporting said member and skirt on a desk telephone whereby the skirt sur-- rounds the telephone and the head member kprojects upwardly therefrom.

2. An ornamental hood for .telephones comprising in combination, a head member,

. a skirt member secured thereto, and means for. securing said members to a desk telephone to cause said skirt substantially to Vconceal the telephone.

3. A hood for telephones comprising in combination, a skirt, means for causing said skirt to iiare outwardly in all radial directions, ahead member, and ,means for sup porting said member andskirt on a desk ltelephone whereby the skirt surrounds and 'substantially conceals the tele hone and the head memberprojects upwar y therefrom. 4. An ornamental hood for telephones comprising in combination, a head member a skirt member secured thereto and provid with an opening, and means for securing said members to a desk telephone to cause said skirt substantiaily to conceal the'tele- `phone and the telephone mouthpiece to project through said opening.

5. An ornamental hood for telephones anr comprising in combination, a head member,

a skirt member secured thereto and provided with an opening, means for causing said skirt to lare outwardly in all radial direc tions, and means for securing said members to a desk telephone to cause said skirt substantially to conceal the telephone and the telephone mouthpiece to project through said opening.

6. An ornamental hood for telephones comprising in combination, a skirt member rovded with a. mouthpiece-receiving opening and a'slit for facilitating access to the telephone receiver, and means for securing said skirt to a telephone substantially to conceal the latter.

7. An ornamental hood for telephones comprising in combination, a skirt member rovided with a mouthpiece-receiving opening and a slit for facilitating access to the telephone receiver, means for securing said skirt to a tele hone substantially to conceal the latter, an means for causing said skirt member to fiere outwardl.

8. -An ornamental hoo for telephones comprising in combination, a dolls head, a skirt secured thereto and means for securing said head and ski"t to a telephone to cause said skirt substantially to conceal the telephone.

combnaton, a. ower-recexnng-head member, a skirt member seemed-,thereto yand means for securmg sald head member to av 'i telephone to cause said skirt substantially to conceal the telephone. Y Y.

v 10. An ornamental hood for-telephones comprising in comb'matom' a head member,

' askirt member secured thereto and provided Y lo with an opening, means fonseeurmg said `zxfxembers to Aa. desk teephone to cause-seid skirt substantially to conceal the teler-hone and the telephone ziouthpiece, to project through said opening, and a mouthpiececoncealing means secured to one of said l vmembers and movable to a position away from the mouthpece.

In testimony Wfaereof'y I hereunto ax my signaturen HARBIET W.` KNIGHT'.

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