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Publication numberUS1342488 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 8, 1920
Filing dateJun 9, 1919
Priority dateJun 9, 1919
Publication numberUS 1342488 A, US 1342488A, US-A-1342488, US1342488 A, US1342488A
InventorsCharles S Woods
Original AssigneeCharles S Woods
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Wall-cleaning machine
US 1342488 A
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APPLICATION man sumz a. 1919.

Patented June 8,1920; 2 SHEETS-SHEET I. 3 3 1 8 1 1%. E 3 7 I INVENTOR. CHARLES 5.1442005 ATTORNEYS WALL CLEANING MACHINE.

' APPLICATION LED JUNE 9 1919- Patented June 8, 1920.

2 SHEETS-SHEET Z- 5 -ll lllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII llllllllll IlllllllllllIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllh INVENTOR.

CHflElA-S 5. Wows.






To aZZ w hom it may concern.

Be it known that 1, CHARLES S. Wooos, a citizen ofjthe United States, and a resident l of Indianapolis, county of Marion, and

and provide a simple and efficient device for State of Indiana, have invented a certain new and useful Wall-CleaningMachine; and I do hereby declare that the follow ng is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, reference'being had to the accompanying drawings, in which like numerals refer to like parts. V

This invention relates to a device for mechanically cleaning walls and cellmgs, and is especially adapted for. use in the interior cleaning. of buildings.

The object of the invention isto construct rapidly cleaning the walls and ceilings mechanically. r 1

In thedrawings, which are made a part of this application, Figure 1 is a side elevation of the machine showing it in celling cleaning position. Fig.2 is the same as Fig. 1 showing it in extended position for wall cleaning. Fig. 3 is a side elevation showing the machine in lowered position for wall'cleaning. Fig. l is a cross section taken on the line 44:- of Fig Fig. 5 is aplan view looking down with the cleaning attachment removed. Fig. 6 is an enlarged view of the side elevation of the cleaning attachment. Fig. 7 is a plan view of the cleaning attachment. V

In the drawings there is shown a telescoping tower having a base section composed of uprights 1O portablymounted on the rollers 11 and having cross n1embers12 joining and bracing said uprights 10 on three sides of the base section.

There is an adjusting section'having uprights 13and cross members 14 mounted on three sides thereof for bracing said uprights. The fourth side of the tower is left clear as shown in Fig. 4. Mounted adjacent the upthe spring pulleys 18, which are mounted on the upper cross member of the base section Specification of Letters Patent.

for supporting and holding the adjustable section in position. The uprights 13 form tracks upon which the slidabl'esupporting frame 19 is adapted to ride through the medium of the rollers 20. It will therefore be seen from the foregoingdescription that the I Patented J uneS, 1920. Application filed June 9, elajs erial mamas-5e.

adjustable section may readily be adjusted l to any position in the base section, and the supporting frame 19 may be adjusted to any position in the adjustable section through the medium of'the cords 21 connected-with the spring pulleys 22, whereby the various heights of the ceiling may be engaged.

Mounted on the frame 19 there is 'a platform 23 on which 'is'secured an electrically driven motor 24, which drives a shaft '25 supported in the bearings 26-for propelling the cleaning mechanism in its vertical position,.as shown in Fig.2. vThe shaft 25 is provided with a gear 27 in position to mesh with the gear 28, which drives the worm gear 29 which meshes with the roller 30,-the gears 28 and 29 being mounted on a stub shaft, as shown in Fig. 5. The roller 30 is mounted on the shaft 31 which extends directly'upwardly to engage" and drive'the cleaning mechanism in a horizontal position for cleaning a ceiling, as shown in Fig. 1-

. Mounted on the standards 32 there is an attaching plate 33 upon which the base of the cleaning mechanism is removably secured. The cleaning mechanism is cormposed of a base frame 34 shown in Fig. 7

which has the fingers 35 extending laterallyfrom the bottom thereof adapted to pass through the slots 36 in the attaching plate 33 and secure the frame thereon when turned out of registration with said slots.

On one end of the frame there is a rotary cleaning disk'37 and on the opposite end there is a rotary drying disk 38, whichare driven by the gear 39 which meshes. with, and is driven by, a gear 40 on the shaft 31. The ear 39 meshes with and drives a gear 41 on the disk 38, and the gear 42 on the disk 37 through the medium of the'pinion 13, so that both disks will be driven in the same direction. The ends of the shafts'25 and 31 are slotted so as to eiilgage a key extending from the gear 40. ounted on the side of the platform 23 there is asupportingv plate 44 which is similar to and serves the same purpose as the plate 33, when the cleaning mechanism is mounted on the side. By means of tlllS construction the cleaning mechanism may be readily removed from the platform 23 and mounted on the side plate "44, or vice versa, and the cleaning disk 377.;

will clean the walls by means of a brush or other suitable medium, while the disk 38 ,will wipe off or dry the surface by'means "of any suitable covering, both of said disks being rapidly revolved bytlie motor, and being so manipulated that the wiping disk will follow in thepath of the cleaning disk-.e

' The'invention claimed is:

lgAn apparatus for cleaning walls and the like, including a telescoping tower, a

plurality of rotary cleaning disks for en-- gaging and cleaning the surface of said walls',- a platform slidably mounted in said tower; for supporting and carrying said cleaning'disks arranged so as to be lowered j to the bottom of said tower for permitting said disksto engage and clean the. lower portion of said walls,fand a motor mounted on; said platform for driving I and rotating said disks.

12; An apparatus for cleaning Walls and the like, including an adjustable tower, a

support adjustable on said tower so as to vpermit its being lowered to the bottom thereof,a vertical and ahorizontal mount on said support, cleaning means adapted: to be" interchangeably secured on said mounts for cleaning either" a vertical or a horizontal surface, and 'mechanical means ffor driving'said cleaning means.

3. Apparatus for cleaning walls and the like including any adjustable support, a vertical and a horizontal mount on said support, cleaning means adapted to be inter changeably secured on. said mounts for cleaning either a vertical 01 ahorizontal means for driving support to the bottom thereof, a vertical 7 and a horizontal mount] on said support,

cleaning means adapted to be interchangea'bly secured on said mounts for, cleaning 7 either a vertical or a horizontal surface, and mechanical means for driving said cleaning means, whereby the lowerpor'tion of the wall. may be cleaned when said support is lowered. to the bottom off'said frame;

V a 5. A cleaning device including an adjustable tower, a platform carried within said tower, a verticalanda horizontal support on said platform, and a cleaning means having a plurality of'di'sksadapted to be 'removably mounted on said supports,"and

mechanical means mounted on said'platc form for: driving said disks in either their 'vertical or horizontal position," whereby they mayengage and clean a vertical or horizontal Wall. r

In witness whereof, I have hereunto af- A fixed my signature.

R-L'Ess. woons

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