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Publication numberUS1342786 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 8, 1920
Filing dateDec 14, 1918
Priority dateDec 14, 1918
Publication numberUS 1342786 A, US 1342786A, US-A-1342786, US1342786 A, US1342786A
InventorsRoy White David
Original AssigneeRoy White David
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Plant-irrigating device
US 1342786 A
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Patented June 8, 1920.

gvwwtoz W wg I a citizen of the United States, residin at mm BOY warm. or 01110400. rumors.

rm'r-mmeume Device.

Specification of Letters latent.

Patented June 8, 192a.

Application filed Msm 14-, 1915. semi-no. 200,717.

- To all 'iehomc't'may concern: lv

Be it lmown that I, DAVID RoY WHITE,

Chicago, in the county of Cook and tate 'of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Plant-Irrigating Devices, of which the following is a specification. v

This invention relates to plant irrigating devices and has for its primary object to improve the constructionand increase the efiiciency of devices of the character shown and described in my prior Patent No.

. 1,216,642, issued February 20, 1917.

flower pot adjacent to the It is a more particular object of the invention to provide very simple and reliable means for automatically supplying moisture by capillary attraction to the earth in a roots of the plant.

In detail the invention consists in an im proved supporting base for theflower pot having a top wall provided with an opening, said base constituting a water receiving chamber, and absorbent means extending into the water chamber and having a disk-like mat dis osed upon said top wall and upon which t e pot is immediately supported.

It is also a further general object of my invention to provide a device for the above purpose which is very durably constructed and may be manufactured and sold at relatively small cost.

Having the aforementioned objects in mind, the present invention c'omprehends certain novel and improved combinations of elements and the structural characteristics thereof as will be more fully developed in the following description and subsequently incorporated in the subjoined claim.

In the accompanying. drawing, wherem similar reference characters designate corresponding parts throughout the 7 several views;

'Figure ing the 1 is :l aperspective view illustratrefer embodiment of my lmproved p ant irrigating device.

Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view. Referring in detail to the drawing 5 designates the bod section of the pot suporting base an 6 the top section thereof. hese base sections are'prefe'rably formed of stamped sheet metal and the inclined annular wall of the body section is vertically 4 56 extended'at its upper edge to form a clamptilt .sorbed by the sponge and also thoroi iglhly ing flange 7 the purpose of which will presently appear.

The top section 6 consists of a single metal sheet stamped or pressed to form a wall 8 constituting the top of the water receiving chamber 9. At the outer edge of this wall the vertical flange 10 is formed and the lateral flange 11 extending outwardly from said vertical flange. The edge of the flange 11 is downwardly and inwardly turned to provide a reinforcing bead 12.

The wall 8 is formed with a central opening 13'v and additional diametrically opposed openin s 14 ad'acent to its outer edge. In assembling the ase sections the flange 10 of the top section is forc'ed downwardly the annular'flange 7 of the body section and said latter flange is thereby sprung outwardly and caused to tightly clamp or against the outer face of the flange 10.

parts are thus securely held in assembled relation andthe possibility of their relative accidental displacement obviated.

The chamber 9 is supplied with water through the openings 14, and within this chamber a piece of sppnge or other suitable absorbent material is disposed, as shown at wise conveniently secured. This mat, indicated at 16, is preferably, though not necessarily, of circular form and of such diameter that it will not cover the openings 14. The flower pot, shown at P, is immediately supp in its n thepractical operation of the device, it will be-understood that the water is ab;

bottom wall with the usual opensaturates the fibers of the mat 16. us, by capillary attraction, the water is drawn upwardly and the moisture is disseminated through the earth in the pot which surrounds the roots of the plant. In this manorted upon the mat 16 and is provided ner a copious supply of moisture to the plant roots is automatically maintained and the growth of the plant to full maturity greatly facilitated, without necessitatin frequent care and attention. Any excess 0? .water will collect u n the wall 8 and drain back into the'cham bzr 9 through the open ings 14, theflange 10 efi'ectually preventing appreciated that I theescape of such water over the edge'of the supporting base.

It will be understood that the sponge, as it absorbs the water, swells or expands to a diameter greatly in excess of the diameter of the opening 13. Therefore, the mat 1-6 will be held against displacement in the event it should adhere to the pot when the latter is lifted. Also the water chamber may be inverted to empty the contents thereof without detachment of the water conducting means.

From the foregoing it is believed that the construction, several advantages of the invention will be fully and clearly understood. It will be have materially simplified the construction of my prior invention and at the same time increase its efficiency, serviceability, and convenience in practical use. The improved device may also be manufactured at considerably less cost than the patented; invention above referred to. While I have herein referred to the device as constructed of sheet metal it is manifest that it'ma'y also be formed of clay or other refractory materials, if desired.

In the proceeding description and accommanner of operation and I panying drawing I have disclosed one ractical embodiment of the invention, w ich, however, may likewise be exemplified in numerous other alternative constructions. Accordingly, 'the invention as herein claimed is to be considered as inclusive of all legitimate equivalents for the various elements employed as well as other contemplated arrangements thereof, which may satisfactor-s 1lyaccomplish the desired results.

What I

irrigating device. for lants including a water receiving cham er having a body section and a top section, the latter section being formed with an annular flange fitting within said body section and engaged by the wallthereof, the top section being centrally formed with an opening and additional diametrically opposed openings, an absorbent mat disposed upon said top-section over the central opening and between the additional openings and upon which a potted plant is adapted to be immediately supported, and water conducting means connected 'to said mat and extending into said chamber.

In testimony whereof I aflix in Si ature.


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