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Publication numberUS1343350 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 15, 1920
Filing dateDec 8, 1919
Priority dateDec 8, 1919
Publication numberUS 1343350 A, US 1343350A, US-A-1343350, US1343350 A, US1343350A
InventorsSamuel Coburn
Original AssigneeSamuel Coburn
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Sand-blast tumbler
US 1343350 A
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s. co'BuRN.



Patented June 15, 1920.




vented certain new and useful Improvements.

in Sand-Blast Tumblers, of which the fol?I Y rlowing is a specification.

My invention relates to a tumbler equipped with a novel sand blast mechanism, thefchief characteristic of which the provision of a vhousing or protecting pipe or cover. for the sand blast pipes arranged concentric with the tumbler and readily removable with the sand blast pipe through the tumbler trunnions without interrupting the operation of. the tumbler. The sand apparatus can thus be removed, inspected, repaired and replaced without requiring the tumbler to be dismounted and in fact the changes can be made Without stopping the tumbler. In accordance with my arrangement the tumbler is provided with hollow'trunnions at either or both ends and the air blast guard or protector is detachably mounted in separate bearings or brackets therefor at each end of the tumbler'.

My invention also comprises the novel details of construction and arrangements of parts, which in their preferred embodiment only are illustrated in the accompanying drawings which form a part of this specification, and in Which:-

Figure 1 is an enlarged vertical sectional View through the tumbler.

Fig. 2 is a cross sectional View of a modified arrangement of the sand blast nozzles in the guard pipe.

Fig. 3 is a sectional view taken through the line 3 3 of Fi 2; and

Fig. 4 is a simi ar sectional View taken through a modified type of guard for theV sand blast pipe.

Similar reference numerals refer to simi` lar parts throughout the drawings.

As illustrated in the drawings,"'1 represents formally any standard type of round, steel-plate, barrel tumblers having heads 2 at each end to which are attached hollow trunnions 3 which turn in bearings 4, the tumbler being driven by a s ur gear 5 meshing with a driving gear Fnot shown), or may be driven in any manner commonly practised in this art. Thetumbler is provided with one or more perforatedplates 7 for the escape of surplus sand, this perfo- Speeication of Letters Patent.

Patented June 15,1920.

Appiicationnied December s, 1919. serial No. 343,34e.

rated section of the drum being covered outside of the body of the tumblerby a steel pocket 8 so constructed that it will collect and discharge the sand in the boot of an ele' -vator not shown, or any suitable conveyer.

A pipe 9 leading from any suitable source of compressed air and sand serves to "deliver the mingled air and sand through a blast pipev 10 at each end of `the tumbler, each pipe 10 beingconnected by a coupling 11 to a guard pipe 12 in which the sand blast pipe i 10 is mounted, this guard pipe being mounted at each end in bracket supports 13 disposed adjacent to the bearings 4 and preferably mounted on the same bearing bases 11. v

with said bearings. The pipe 12 extends from end to end through the trunnions 3 and heads 2 of the drum and through a duct collecting pipe 15 with which the adjacent drum trunnion is adapted,'in its normal operation, to rotate free 'of frictional contact. A sand blast nozzle 16 von the end of each pipe 10 is arranged in the guard pipe 1'2oppos1te sand blast ports 17 in the, underside of the guard pipe. The nozzles fit slidingly in the guardpipe andl both supportv and center the sand blast pipes therein.

I have shown the supply pipe 9 and blast pipe 10 as formed integrally, but this is not essential. In such an arrangement the coupling 11 comprises a disk 18 which has a central hole to receive and center the blast pipe in the guard pipe, this plate 18 being bolted to a ring 19 adapted to screw on the end of the guard pipe so as to be readily detachable, 4in which case the nozzle and blast pipe vcan be drawn out of the guard pipe and the guard pipe slipped endwise out of its bearin s.

-In Fig. 2 show a modified arrangement with the supply pipe entering only one endv of the tumbler drum. Here the blast pipe 10 is closed at its outer end by a flange plug 20, which forms a support and guide forthe pipe at its inner end while its other end, if needed, may be' supplied' with a centering flange 21. The blast pipe is formed in sections with interposed screw coupling sleeves 22, each of Vwhich is provided with a sand blast nozzle 23 and as Worn the nozzle couplings can be removed and replaced. They are arranged opposite the sand blast ports 17 in the guard pipe 12, which is mounted as in Fig. 1, or in any other suitable manner in the drum.

As shown in Fig. 4 the guard may be in the shape lo f-an invertedangleiron 2 4 in stead of thepipe, the ironfbeing bolted to the brackets 13 or otherwisel detachably securedA in'place. Clips 25 serve to mount thesand blast pipe ,10i in thelapex of theangle iron 24;. Thepipe 12 Vor guard'l: serve to protect the sand blasUsfpipe--fand nozzles: romfdame age lfrom the castings in the tumbler and `-being 'disposed-concentric'with the drum the guard 'and lsand `blastfpipe' or pipescanrbe removed' togetherat any time desiredv 'by 'Y d i'smount'ingthe Acoupling '1l from'the pipe l2 and draWing-thelatterendivise through the d'ruin', Acarijvin'gfwith it tl; 'viozzlebearingend --of the sandrpil'i, thus per- Y -mitti'ngfthe l'atterito be'fwfiQffmouI-ited, repaired* 'and replaced" Without interrupting Y the "operation'of the.` tumbler.

` ters Patent7 -is 'f The-Sand jblast can be applied from either endof 'the machine' mostconvenient, and the most `'iinportz'mt feature of my invention is the simplieity'and ease with which the sand blast cani 'be"repaired l andthe inexpensive. l characterof itsc'onstruction and manner'of mounting;

f VHaving thus described my invention, what I claim as new land desire to secure by Let- `1; In a tumbler, a drumhaving end trunnions, one 'at least of Which is hollow, a lguard''adapted to be passed through the hol- 'low' trunnion anddisposed substantially .cen-

tr'ally'l through the drum, means to ixedly support the ends of said guard, and a sand. blast pipe"V entering `the drum through a trunnion andprojecting thereinto under and in position to be protected bythe guard,

said pipe having a sand blast nozzle, there being an aperture in the-guard opposite said sandblast nozzle,'substantiallyas de- 2.. A tumbler mountedy to turn on hollow trunnions, trunnion bearings, a sand blast pipe entering vthe tumbler through an end trunnion, .and a fixed guard for said sand blast pipey mounted externally and inde- .pen'dently ofthe drum andA projecting centrallyrv into vthev .drum through a trunnion thereof. v o 3. "The combination 4in, a tumbler, of a drulnhaving hollovs7V end trunnions, end bearings forv `the ltrunnions, a Aguard projecting substantially centrally through the drum and through its trunnions but free of Y engagement therewith, external bracket supportsv for theguard, Ia sand blast pipe projecting through .the trunnions into the drum guard, and'means to support said pipe from the guard, said `guard and pipe being removable ndependentlyof the drum through its trunnions.` l v Inftestimony whereof Iaixmy si nature.

Witness: v


in position to be protected overhead by said v SAMUEL COB RN.

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