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Publication numberUS1343726 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 15, 1920
Filing dateFeb 1, 1919
Priority dateFeb 1, 1919
Publication numberUS 1343726 A, US 1343726A, US-A-1343726, US1343726 A, US1343726A
InventorsMax Jakobson
Original AssigneeMax Jakobson
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Cup or box
US 1343726 A
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1,343,726. Patented June 15, 1920.-




Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented June 15, 1920.

Application filed February 1, 1919. Serial No. 274,418.

To all whom it may concern.

Be it known that I, MAX JAxoBsoN, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of the borough of Manhattan, in the-city, county, and State of New York, have in vented certain new and useful Improvements in Cups or Boxes, of which the following is a specification. i

The present invention relates to improvements in cups or boxes, and particularly such cups or boxes as confectioners boxes for holding charlotte russe or the like. These boxes are usually formed of two pieces, that is, a side strip having its ends joined by gluing or staples, and a bottom piece held'in place by glue applied to its edges. These boxes, because of the time and skill required to set them up and the waste from imperfect boxes, were quite expensive and were furthermoreuntidy and unsanitary. Very many persons dislike to eat from these boxes and therefore remove the contents and this is usually done by forcing the bottom upwardly which was both awkward and precarious as the sudden breaking away of the bottom would cause the contents to be precipitated from the box.

According to my invention I propose to provide a box which may beset up without the use of glue or staples and in which the bottom is easily removable, and at the same time is securely supported at its under side so that any danger of the weight of thecontents causing the bottom to drop, is entirely obviated. I further propose to provide a box, the side walls of which are cylindrical, being of the same diameter at its top and bottom so that the box will sit substantially when filled without danger of toppling over as is the case with tapered boxes. As one embodiment ofmy invention, I propose to provide a box formed entirely from a single piece of paper and in which the bottom will be supported by a hanging connection member extending from the upper edge of the box at one side and at its other side is supported from beneath.

With these and other objects in view, embodiments of my invention are shown in the accompanying drawings and these embodiments will be hereinafter more ful described with reference thereto and the invention will be finally pointed out in the clalms.

In the accompanying drawings:

Figure l is a perspective view of one embodiment of my improved box;

Fig. 2 is a plan view of the flat blank from which the same is formed;

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of a modified form;

Fig. 4 is a perspective view of a further modified form; and i r Fig. 5 is a vertical sectional view tal-ten along the line of Fig. 4.

Similar reference characters indicate corresponding parts throughout the several figures of the drawings.

Referring to the drawings and more particularly to Figs. 1 and 2 thereof, an embodiment of my invention shown therein, oomprises a side strip 10, the upper and lower edges of. which are in a straight line in the flat position shown in Fig.2. For the puri pose of ornamentation,-the upper edge is scalloped as at 11. At one end of the stripthere is provided a vertically disposed slit 12 spaced inwardly from the side edge of the slit and having its extremities substantially spaced from the upper and lower edges. At the other end of the strip there is formed a tongue 13, the upper projecting portion 13 of which is pointed while the lower projecting portion 13 is rounded. The reduced or neck portion 14 formed by the inclined edges 15 and 16 at the end of the strip and the inclined ed es 17 and 18 of the projecting portions 13 and 13* is substantially less in width'than the length of the slit 12 while the distance between the ends of the projecting portions 18 and13 is greater than the length of the slit. This construction enables the tongue to be en gaged with the end of the slit without bending the same, the reduced neck portion permitting sufficient transverse movement of one end of the strip relatively to the other to enable the rounded projection 13 to be engaged with the slit after engagement therewith of the pointed projection 13. When so engaged, the expanding of the side wall due to the inherent elasticity of the cardboard from which it is formed, will cause the inclined edges 17 and 18 which Q 7 ess,

are equal in inclination, to engage the extremities of theslit as shown in Fig. 1 so nection piece or web 21, and at the point of the strip 10 which is diametrically opposite from the connection piece 21 in the set-up position of the boX, there is provided a semicircular cut 22, the ends of which are pointed in the dlrectlon of the lower edge of the strip and are at a distance from the upper edge substantially corresponding to the length of the connection piece 21. W

When the ends of the strip 10 are connected above pointed out to term the cylindrical side walls of the box, the bottom is "forced down into the same by bending along the lines 23 and 2% so that the con nection piece 21 lies flat against the side wall. At the same time the tab formed by the semi-circular cut 22 isbent inwardly, the bottom resting upon it. Preferably the bottom will be of such size as to snugly lit the side walls forcing'the inclined edgesl? and 18 of thetongue tightly against the ends of the slit 12, the-result being that a 7 very rigid and substantial box is provided. \Vhen it is desired to remove the contents from the box, the tongue 13 may be disengaged from the slit thereby removing the side wall from the contents or on the other hand, the side walls may be kept intact and the bottom pushed upwardly. F or the pun pose of posltively controlling the removal ofthe contents so that the same will not he practically hanging from the rumor edge of theside strip. 111 Fig. 3 lhave illustrated a slightly modified formoi construction in which the circular bottom 25 is separate from the side strip and the side strip is provided with diametrically opposite semi-circular cuts 26 and 27 -forming tabs, which when they are struck inwardly form supports for the bottom.

. ln h igs. -l and 5.1 have illustrated a further modified form in which the sidestrip is provided along its length with an indentation or bead 28 which constitutes a circumferential ledge upon which the bottom is supported in the set-up position of the box.

' I have illustrated and described preferred andsatisiactory embodiments of my invention but it is obvious that changes may be made therein within the spirit and scope thereof as defined in the appended claims.

1. As a new article of manufacture, a container' comprising a side strip adapted to be formed into a cylinder and having itscenter line straight in its flattened position, said strip being provided at one end with a slit at right angles to said center line, a.

tongue at the other end of said strip at right angles to said center line relatively greater in its dimension at right angles to said center line than the length of said slit, and having a reduced neck portion substantially narrower than the length of said slit and forming upper and lower tabs upon said tongue, said tabs having their edges adjacent the body of said strip inclined in di verging lines extending from the said neck to the said portion of said tongue of: greater dimension than said slit, and being of equal angular relation to said center lineof said strip, said tongue adapted to be engaged with said slit, the engagement ofsaid tongue with said slit permitting relative movement to increase or decrease the diameter otsaid cylinder, said diverging inclined edges of said tabsiadapted to be engaged by the ends of saidslit with a wedge tit of 'increasii'ig tightness as said cylinder is enlarged to maintain said cylinder against distort-ion from it's cylindrical shape, -a circular removable bottom having a diameter 'corre: sponding substantially to the interior diameter ot said cylinder in its maximum enlarged position, and adapted by engagement with said cylinder to produce and maintain said wedge fit of said tongue and slit, the right angular relation of said "tongue and slit to said center line and the equal arr gular relation of said inelinededges of said tabs to said centerline-adapted to con sta nt-ly maintain the cylindrical shape oi said strip when sa d tongue is engaged with said slit, and means adapted to support said bottom atlts under side. 1

2. As 'a newarticle-or"manufacture, a container comprising aside strip having interlocking means at its. ends adapted to cooperate toyhold said stripin set-up cylindrical form, a removable circular bottom free of peripheral projections,- an integral connecting member connecting said bottom at a portion of its edge to the upper edge of said strip, and inwardly proyecting meanson said strip opposed in position to said connecting member adapted to support said bottom at its under side.

In testimony that I (3181111 the ioregolng as my invention 1 have signed my name.

- M X aAKo BsoN.

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U.S. Classification229/104, 229/197, 229/4.5
International ClassificationB65D3/28, B65D3/00
Cooperative ClassificationB65D3/28
European ClassificationB65D3/28