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Publication numberUS1343892 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 22, 1920
Filing dateFeb 15, 1919
Priority dateFeb 15, 1919
Publication numberUS 1343892 A, US 1343892A, US-A-1343892, US1343892 A, US1343892A
InventorsSalvatore Bagnulo
Original AssigneeSalvatore Bagnulo
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Shower-bath attachment
US 1343892 A
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1,348,892. Patented June 22,1920.




1,343,892, Patented June 22, 1920.


UNIT En 4s'Ivifl1.-:s

PATENT orries.l

sALvAToitnL Briantino,l or. REVERE, MASSACHUSETTS;

snowiin-BATH ATiAcHivLENT.

' Specification of Letters Patent. Patent-.etiw Junges, 1920 Application'led`Februaryf15, 1919.l Serial No. 277,204. n i l To all 'whom it may concern: Y. v `Be it known thatyl, SALvA'roRn BAGNUi,

a subject Vof4v the Kingl of-It'aly, andfresident of Revere, countyv of Suolk,` Coinmonwealthof' lVfassachusetts,- have invented an improvement in zShowerLBath `Attachments, of which the followingl description, in con-5 nection with the accompanying drawings,` is a specification, like characters on the drawings yrepresentinglike parts in each kof. the severalviews. 1' f rIhis invention relates-to shower or spray attachments adapted f for v use in connection with usual household bath tubs or other'.

bathing apparatus. More particularly the invention has to do with a shower or spray attachment adapted to. be fitted inV ay bath tub ina manner so as to extendy around yadjacent/the peripheral edge thereof and hey supported by Vsuch edge to discharge a sprayy or shower wholly. downward and inwardof the tub. i A lprincipal,object ofthe invention is to provide a low down shower attachment ofthekind.described equipped with hangers for supportinglit fromthefriin of the tub and spaced inward therefrom so that the tub, andthe appliance also can be easily cleaned, such hangers being also preferably adjust' able to permit the mounting :ofthe .appliance at different heights with respeet'to the tub accordingto ythe character of the tub itself and thepreference of the user. Ay further important object `is vtopi-Ovide a shower at-V tachment of the kind stated equipped with an outer? 1 angularly .adjustable portion adapted` to beset in differentv positionsat will for throwing `the `spray orshowerto a l greater or less height over the shoulders and arms of the bather. f Astill further object is-tov providega-shower attachmentV of the kind stated with a shower head arranged for optional useto directa shower or spray upon the head ofthe bather. .Afurther object is to provide a shower or spray attachment capable of being quickly and conveniently applied to` ordinary bath tub fixtures and preferably equipped with means vadapted to prevent the clogging up .of thespray holes of the device in use. The foregoing and Vother objects and advantages yof the invention will more fully appear-from the following ydetailed description, and .the-distinctive features of novelty will be pointed out 1n the appended claims.

Referring to the drawings: i Figure l is a plan view showing anattachment constructed in accordance with myV invention applied Ito a ybath tub;

- lfiggpxl isy a vlengthwise vertical section thereof online 2 2 of Fig. l; l V Fig isa transverse section on line 3-3 of Fig.`2;

F ig. 4: is a partial elevation partly in Sec-.

tion on a largerscale showing the ineans; for attaching the device to abath tub fixture;

ofthe device;

Fig. 6 isa plan view ofthe joint machine in Fig. 5;

Fig. and 1 Fig; Slis adetail elevation of the hanger employed7 thek pipeA conduit being shown yin section;k l f The attachnientor appliance of the invention" is `adapted to befitted to a usual or standard type of bath tub T having ausual or suitable water supplyfixtureF with la 'i'` isa section on line 7 7 of Fig. 6;

downwardly extending delivery nozzlel F ends through which fit' the opposite lateral branches l()b of the fitting l0. The fitting 10 also has a fourth downwardly extendingy passage l()C relatively larger thanv the passages through the lateral branches '10b and this is controlled by a turning plug valve 101 equipped with a suitable handle 10e. A suitable strainer or `screen member 12' is preferably'- associated vwith the inlet nipple l0?,

this being 'shown as 'clamped in place atthel inner end ofsaid nipple'r against a shoulder of the fitting l0. The lateralbranchesv 101 of the fitting l0 have secured thereto by means of couplings 13, oppositely extending pipes .14, lsf which extend outward to nearv the sides of the 4tub and are then bentso as to extend longitudinally thereof and spaced a little distance therefrom." These pipes and also the angular extensions thereof to be presently described are for-medwith small holes 14 at quite close intervals therealong, these holes opening inward of the tub and adaptedto discharge water ina shower 'or spray from opposite sides of the tub inward A I andsomewhat downward upon the ybodyl of the bather. l The pipes 14 extend preferably sok n' f 65. Fig. y5 is a detail elevation showing ajoint loosely fitted to the pipe 14 and adapted to be set up by a clamp screw 15b to secure the same rigidly to the pipe, the engaging surface of this clip being preferably serrated as indicated at 15c to obtain a more reliable hold on the pipe when clamped in place. Each clip 15 is also equipped with a spacing and buffer piece 151 which may be of rubber or the like adapted to engage the side of the tub and hold the pipe spaced therefrom so that there is sufficient clearance between the pipe and tub to permit complete and convenient cleaning. Extending up from the clip 15a of the hanger is a bent arm 15e-which may be covered with a sheath of rubber or the like, this arm being adapted to engage the curved top of the tub to hold the appliance in place. It will be noted that by loosening the clips 15a and turning them angularly the arms 15e may be made to hold the appliance at different ranges of elevation according to the requirements of the particular user and also the height and character of the tub. rIhe extremities of the pipes 14 have secured thereto ball heads 16 to which are pivoted swinging sockets 17 having water passages therethrough extended through some little arc of the socket face which engages the ball 16 as seen at 17a whereby the passage 16a through the ball 16 will continue to deliver water through the passages of the socket 17 throughout a considerable range of swinging movement thereof. rlhe sockets 17 have secured thereto pipe extensions 1S which extend outward around the outer end of the tub spaced from the edge thereof` similarly as the pipes 14, and likewise formed with spray holes at frequent intervals therethrough discharging inward of the tub. I preferably mount at the outer end portion ofv this pipe extension 18V a swinging spray head 19 this being carried by a pipe arm 19 that is swiveled to the pipe 1S as indicated at 19h. rlhe pipe 18 is formed with a passage 18a adapted to discharge water into the pipe arm 19'LL through the swivel 191 when the spray head 19 is swung inward to operative position7 but arranged to shut off the iiow of water whenthe spray head is swung backward to inoperative position, the swivel 191 then serving as a shut off turning sleeve as will be evident from Fig. 2. This spray head 19 is adapted to be used for delivering a shower to the head or upper portions of the body of the bather and may be conveniently adjusted for this purpose, the friction of the swivel head 19b being sufficient to hold the spray head in adjusted position, or if desired a clamp screw (not shown) may be used for this purpose. The

holes of the strainer 12 are made somewhat smaller than the spray holes 14'L1 in the pipes 14 and thus itis insured that no particles of sediment or the like large enough to clog the holes 14u will be permitted to pass into the pipes 14.

With the attachment fitted in place on the fixture F, when it is desired to use the shower a usual fixture valve F iS opened to the required extent and the turning plug 1()d closed, thus forcing the water outward through the-pipes 14. Whenl it is desired to discharge water into the tub directly, the valve 10h is opened, and the passage through the nipple 13I being large enough to permit the full delivery of the water, the flow through theV pipes 14 will vhence cease. When desired the entire attachment may swung upward away from the tub and out of the way by utilizing the couplings 13 asv swivel joints, the pipes 14 turning thereon to permit the attachment to be swung backward past the vertical where it will remain out of the way but ready for instant use when again swung downward to engage the tub. The swinging mounting of the outer Vpipe portion 18 permits the same to be set adjustably according to the preference and re'- quirements 'of different users and as any individual user may wish to have the spray directed to a greater or less height. Likewise the adjustable clamping provision of the hangers 15 permits the entire attachment to be set at a substantial range of variable elevations within the tub so as to make the appliance conformable and serviceable to best advantage for persons of different sizes as well as for different types of bath tubs. A further marked advantage of the present improved appliance is its economy in the use of water for shower bath uses, since by reason of the fact that all of the water is directed downward and inward upon the body of the bather, practically all of the spray is utilized and with the result in saving of as much as 50 per cent. of the water commonly used for an average ten-minute bath. The spacing buffers 15d are so proportioned as to .space the pipes relatively close to the tub walls yet far enough therefrom so as to permit convenient cleaning both of the tub and of the pipe. I am aware that the invention may be embodied in other specific forms without departing from the spirit or essential attributes thereof, and I therefore desire the present embodiment to be considered in all respects as illustrative and'not restrictive, reference being had to the appended claims rather than to the foregoing description to indicate the scope of the invention.

Having described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

adapted to extend around the inner edge of the top of the tub with spray openings directing .the water inwardly, said conduit' consisting in an inner portion supported from the tub, and an outer portion hinged thereto and adapted to be swung for Verticaly adjustment.

2. A shower attachment 'for bath tubs, comprising a spray pipe conduit formed and adapted to extend around the inner edge of the top of the tub with spray openings `di` reetng the Water inwardly, said conduit consisting in an inner portion mounted on v the top of the tub, and an outer. portion hinged thereto for Vertical adjustment, said outer portionhaving a spray head mounted for swinging movement thereon.

In testimony whereof,` I have signed my name to this specification.


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