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Publication numberUS1344446 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 22, 1920
Filing dateDec 26, 1917
Priority dateDec 26, 1917
Publication numberUS 1344446 A, US 1344446A, US-A-1344446, US1344446 A, US1344446A
InventorsEngman Evald J
Original AssigneeWill & Baumer Company
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US 1344446 A
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E. 1. ENG N.


TlON 6.26.1917.

Patented June 22, 1920.

APPLICA 1,344,446.

JJ 0 Z.

l A rro/awsy.




To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, EVALD J. ENGMAN, a. citizen of the United States of America,and resident of Syracuse, in: the county of'Onondaga, in the State of New York,.have invented new and useful Improvements in Candle-l'folders, of which the following, taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, is a full, clear, and exact description.

This invention relates to certain improvements in candle holders adapted to receive and support candles having a central lengthwise air passage of relatively larger diameter than the wick which is passed loosely therethrough, and refers more particularly to a sheet metal supporting base for the candles of sanctuary lamps, in which the candles are usually placed within a cupshape receptacle of glass.

The primary object is to provide the sheet metal base with a longitudinal bifurcated central stem of ust suflicient size to readily enter the lower end of the central lengthwise air passage through the candle, and at the same time to permit the wick to be passed therethrough when inserting it through said opening so that when the stem is inserted in the candle it will not expand or mutilate the adjacent end of the candle, nor obstruct the passage of air therethrough for supporting combustion when the candle is lighted.

Another object is to form the stem in such manner that the base thereof will overlap upon the main body around the central opening therethrough to form raised bosses for holding the bottom of the candle slightly above the'upper face of said main body for the circulation of air from the sides toward and through the central opening.

A further object is to provide the sheet metal base with integral bosses projecting from the lower face thereof and preferably made in the form of embossed letters or conventional characters adapted to rest upon the bottom of the candle receptacle to hold the main body of the plate a slight distance above said bottom, thereby preventing excessive adhesion between said plate and bottom of the receptacle by overflow. of the melted portions of the candle on to the bottom of said receptacle, and permitting the remnants of the candle with the metal base Specification of Letters Patent. Patented June 22, 1920,, Application filed December 26, 1917. ,Serial No. 208,841. I i i thereon to be more readily removed from the receptacle when desired.

Other objects and uses relating to specific parts of the holder willbe brought out in the following description.

In the drawings i F gurel is a vertical sectional view of the candle receptacle and candle therein, except; that the wick and sheet metal base are" shown in elevation.

F1gs. 2 and 3 are, respectively, an enlarged inverted plan and a top plan of the detached sheet metal base.

Figs. 4 and 5 are still further enlarged transverse vertical sectional views taken, respectively, on lines 44 and 5-5, Fig. 3.

As illustrated, the holder comprises a cupshape receptacle -A- of glass or other suitable material preferably tapered toward the bottom, and a sheet metal base 1- for receiving and supporting a candle a and a wick .-a/.

The sheet metal plate 1 is preferably made in the form of a circular disk having a central opening --2 and a pair of opposite integral tongues 3- cut from the main body and having portions near their unctions therewith folded or bent toward the central opening 2 over and upon the upper face of said main body to form substantially flat bases 4. parallel with, but rising from, said upper face to support the candle --a a slight distance above the main body and thereby allow the free circulation of air beneath thecandle to communicate with a central flue or passage -btherein.

The ends of the tongues are bent upwardly or axially of the opening 2- therein and are preferably concavo-convex in cross section with their concay'e sides facing each other, thereby forming a bifurcated stem, the diameter of which is approximately equal to that of the passage -b in the candle in which it is adapted to be inserted, and also forming an inter venmg passage registering with the openng -2 to permit the wick a to be passed therethrough and thence upwardly through the passage -bin the candle for ignition at the tip when desired.

:The plate or disk 1 is also provided I with downwardly projecting bosses 5 which are preferably made in the form of letters or other conventional characters for identification of the manufacturer of this particular product, and also serve as feet to rest upon the bottom of the receptacle -A-- to support the mainbodyof the disk or plate 1- slightly above said bottom,

to prevent excessive adhesion of the over.- flow. of the melted material of the candle between said plate or disk and bottom of the receptacle, thus permitting the disk to be more-easily and quickly removed when desired.

What I claim is:

1. In a candle support, a sheet metal plate having integral tongues, the bases of which are bent radially toward the center and flatwise against the upper face of the plate to form a raised seat for supporting the bottom ofthe candle above the main body of the plate, and their ends extended up- 2. In a candle support the combination with a cup and a candle therein, of a sheet metal plate supported on the bottom of.the cap and having a center hole for the wick and integral angular tongues, the bases of which lie flatwise against the upper face of the main body at opposite sides of said hole to support the bottom of the candle clear of the main body of the plate, said plate having bosses projecting from its underside to support the main body of said plate clear of the bottom of the cup.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 15th day of December, 1917.

EVALD J. ENGMAN. Witnesses:

H. E. CHAsE, Amos M. CANNON.

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U.S. Classification431/291
International ClassificationF21V35/00
Cooperative ClassificationF21V35/00
European ClassificationF21V35/00