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Publication numberUS1344635 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 29, 1920
Filing dateAug 4, 1916
Priority dateAug 4, 1916
Publication numberUS 1344635 A, US 1344635A, US-A-1344635, US1344635 A, US1344635A
InventorsHill George W
Original AssigneeAmerican Tobacco Co
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Cigarette pouch-package
US 1344635 A
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1,344,635. Patented June 29, 1920.

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Application iiicdaugst 4,

To all whom it may concern.'

Be it known that I, GEORGE W. HILL, al citizen of the United States, residing at New York city in the county of New York and State of Njew York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Gig-y arette Pouch-Packages, of which the fol' lowing is a specification.

This invention relates to certain novel anduseful improvements in cigarette packages. In the present invention it is my pur pose to provide a cigarette package embracing among other features, a box-like casing adapted to have the. cigarettes initially containedtherein, preferably in a row, or rows, said casing being designed to be inserted within an outer cover' of pouch-like construction, which is equipped with means ca pable of manipulation to bodily shift the casing outward through the mouth of the pouch4 to enable the `individual cigarettes to be. readily and conveniently removed from the casing.

Itis also my purpose to provide`a cigarette package of this character wherein the outer cover or pouch is preferably formed of a suitable fabric, or of a leather, such as pigskin or the like, which will present a neat and attractive appearance, and which will be retained by the purchaser for future use, instead of being discarded, as is com monly done in' the case of ordinary cigarette boxes or containers.

Furthermore, I propose'to provide a cigarette package wherein the box-like casing in which the cigarettes are initially packed, is provided `with a bendable or removable flap which may be manipulated or broken down to expose the adjacent ends of the cigarettes,` thereby enabling the latter tobe more readily removed, said bendable flap, when the casing4 is arranged within the pouch, corresponding to a similarly located flap forming a part of the front wall of the pouch whereby both of the flaps may be simultaneously bent outward to enable a person to have access to the cigarettes.

Another object of the invention is the provision of a cigarette package wherein the cigarettes will be protected against breakage due to exterior pressure, and furthermore, such cigarettes will also be protected against atmospheric influences and the entrance of dust, diit and other'for- Specification of Letters Patent.

e Patented June 29,1920. 19116.` serial No. 113,092.

eign substances which might tend to injure or destroy such cigarettes.

.I also aim to provide a packa e lwhich will embody the desired features o simplicity, attractiveness and convenience.

With the above recited objects, and others of a similar nature in view, my invention consists in the construction, combination and' arrangement of parts set forth and falling within the scope of the appended claims.

In the accompanying drawings, f 'n Figure 1 is a perspective view of the pouch member of my improved package.

Fig. 2 is a similar view showing the'cigarette-containing casing yproperly inserted vwithin the pouch member.

Fig. 3 is a perspective View of the casing removed from the pouch.

Fig. l is a perspective view of the coinplete and closed package.

Fig. 5 is a perspective view of a modified form of pouch member. y Referring now to the accompanying drawv ings', in detail.

A indicates theinner casing or container in which the cigarettes yare `initially packed, preferably in a row or rows, such cigarettes being shown as C. The outer cover, which is in the nature of a pouch or pocket, is indicated as an entirety by the letter'B. The casing or containerA is preferably in the nature of a box-like member which may be made from ablank of card-board, boxboard or other suitable relatively stiff mal terial, `this boX including the bottom wall 1, the end walls 2, the rear wall 3 and the front wall 4. This latter is preferably` `scored along the line 5 to provide a flap 6, which may be bent or folded outward, or if desired may be completely severed from the front wall to expose the upper ends of the cigarettes C, thereby-enabling the latter to be more readily and easily grasped and removed asoccasionally required. This box-like casing or container A is adapted to be received by, and contained within the pouch or pocket B' which is best shown in detail in Fig. l.

VVhen a purchaser receives a package of cigarettes from a merchant, such package may cigarettes and contained within the pouch or pocket B, and after the cigarettes of such embody the casing A filled with the package have been consumed, the casingA may be discarded. However, it is not 1ntended lthat the pouch or pocket, B, be

thrown away by the personbut on the contrary the purpose is to have this pouch or pocket constitute a permanent possession for the consumer, inasmuch as other casings A containing cigarettes may be placed therein from time to time.

Further, I prefer to make this pouch of fabric, of leather, or of other pliable, durable material, pigskin being particularly adapted for this purpose.

This pocket or pouch B comprises -a bottom wall 7, a rear wall 8, and a front wall 9 and side walls 10, and with the side walls uniting lthe front and bottom walls along the ing an ordinary snap fastener.

In order to draw, or partially draw the cigarette-containing casing A out through the mouth 15 of the pouch or pocket andl thereby expose the casing with the cigarettes, as shown in Fig. 2, so that the indi-v4 vidual cigarettes may be conveniently removed, I attach to the inner face of the rear wall 8 ofthe pocket as at 16, one end of a strap or ribbon 17, and the said ribbon being looped downwardly as at 18 and then reeved through slot 19 in the front wall of the pouch or pocketpthe free end ofthe strap or ribbon being exposed at the outside of the pouch or pocket and at its terminal provided with a tab 20 forming a finger grip for enabling the ribbon to be more easily manipulated to shift the contained casing A with the cigarettes. `A reinforcing strap 21 is located at the outer face of the pouch or pocket adjacent to the slot and forms a guide or bearing over which theribbon may run.

ket, the cigarettes are.packed in the casing or container A, and the latter is placed in the pouch or pocket which may be closed as shown in Fig. 5.- When it is desired to haveV vaccess to the cigarettes in order to remove ing the casing A and projecting the 4upper portion of the latter through the mouth of the pouch or Docket as shown in Fig. 2. The.

flap 6 of the casing Amay then be bent out-l When preparing the package for the mar- .adjacent the open top pouch in which the casing is slidably received 180 pocket, and this movement will result in restoring the ribbon or strap to its original position ready to be manipulated to again elevate the casing when necessary.

In Fig. 5 I have shown a slightly modified frm of outer pouch or pocket. In this case the looped `strap or ribbon is omitted, and

the front wall 9 is partially cut away froml its top edge down as shown adjacent to both side edges as shown at 22 to provide a flap 23, which may be folded downward and y80 upward along the. crease or score 24. It will be noted that this flap 23 corresponds `somewhat to the flap 6 of the cigarette-container casing A, so that when the casing is arranged within the 'pouch or pocket, the 8 5 two flaps will lie in juxtaposition.

' Consequently, when 'the person wishes to have access vto the cigarettes within the casing, it isonly necessary to open back the flap 12 of the pouch or pocket and grasp both 90 the flaps 6 and 23 simultaneously bending the same downward and thereby exposing the top ends of the cigarettes.

From the above description taken in connection with the accompanying drawings,

the manner of packaging the cigarettes andy Aof using the package will be readily understood. It will be seen that the arrangement is such that ready and convenient access may be had to the cigarettes within the package, and at the same time when the package' is closed, such cigarettes are reserved from the deleterious influences o atmospheric changes, andagainst the entry of all foreign substances which might tend to injure the same.

Furthermore, the outer pouch or pocket forms a neat, attractive article, especially Vwhen made of leather, such as pigskin or the like, and is such that it will be not discarded after the cigarettes originally contained therein have been used, but will be preserved for future andsuccessive use.

While I have herein shown and .described the preferred embodiment of the invention,

I wish it to be understood that Ido not confine myself to all the recise details of construction herein set fort by way of illustration, as modification and variation may be made without departing from the spirit of the'invention or exceedingthe scope of 'the appended claims.

What I claim is- 1. A cigarette package comprising a boxlike casing ofrelatively stiff material and in which the cigarettes are initially packed, said'casing having a permanently open top portion, and a bendable .front wall portion rtion, and a flexible anvdqemovably contained, such pouch hav-A with which it is connected, and means associated with the pouch and operable from outside the front Wall of the latter for mov ing the casing partially outward through the top end or mouth of the pouch to expose lthe cigarettes Within the casing, said` means being concealed when the iiap is closed.

2. A cigarette package comprising a boxlike casing of relatively stiff material adapted to initially have a rowl of cigarettes, and the said casing having an open end portion and the front Wall provided With a bendable flap to, expose the top end portions of the cigarettes, and a flexible box-like pouch corresponding in shape to the shape of the casing and adapted to receive and contain the latter and its cigarettes, said pouch having a cover fla-p, and a strap attached at one end of the inner rear Wall of the pouch and having its intermediate portion constituting a loop, the outer tree end portion of such strap extending through a slot in the Wall of the pouch to the outside of the latter and normally lying beneath the cover-Hap While the latter is closed, such strap being adapted to receive the lower portion of the casing and to move said casing outward partially through the mouth of the pouch when the loop of the strap is shortened by pulling on the exposed end thereof.

3. A cigarette package -comprising a box like casing of relatively stiff material adapted to initially contain and protect the cigarettes, having an open end portion the front Wall of which is made bendable at a point below the top end portions of the cigarettes so that the latter may be easily grasped for removal, a pouch composed entirely of flexible 'material having its lower end closed and its upper end open, adapted to slidably receive and removably contain the casing and its cigarettes, a strap fastened at one end to the inner ace of one of the Walls of the pouch and extending beneath and Wrapped about the lowerl end portion of the contained casing, the tree end of said strap exn tending through a slot formed in the opposite Wall of the pouch from that to which the strap is fastened, and a closure iap extending rom one vertical Wall of the pouch and adapted when in closed position to overlie the open end of the pouch, to extend beyond the bendable portion of the front Wall thereof and to be fastened thereto.

In testimony whereof I aiiix my signature in the presence of two Witnesses.


Witnesses RICHARD J. Bomen, J. R. CUMMINGS.

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