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Publication numberUS134617 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 7, 1873
Publication numberUS 134617 A, US 134617A, US-A-134617, US134617 A, US134617A
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Improvement in butt-hinges
US 134617 A
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No.134,617. Patented 1311.7, 18m.


isAAe L. THOMPSON, on sAnDIs, onro.


Speeiicution formingr part of Letters Patent No. llltl?, dated January 7, 1873.

from strain, as hereinafter described.

In the accompanying drawing, Figure lis a viewof the rear ofthe butt, showing the supporting-arms as when the butt is applied or as when in use. Fig. 2 is a orosssection of' Fig. l, taken on the line ocx.

binnlar letters ot' reference indicate corresponding parts.

A A represent the leaves of the ordinary butt-hinge. B is the pintle-tube. .O is the pintle. The screws I) witnwhich the butt is fastened are liable to get loosened and start from the wood,espeeially if the butt be subjected to rough usage. To strengthen the conneetion and render it durable under all circumstances, one or more such as arms E have been connected to the pintle, which arms are attached to the wood at about a right angle with the leaf, as represented in the drawing. This arm or strap has been heretofore secured by screws F alone. To avoid the necessity ot' using more than one screw for the purpose, and that of small size, so as to detract from the nished appearanoeof the door as little as possible, I provide the arms E with round lugs G, which enter the wood of the door and easing, as shown. -They may be driven `into the wood when the hinge is applied to the door, thereby saving time and labor.

I claiml The combination, with the leaves A A and pintle C of the hinge, of the armsE provided with the lugs Gr, as and for the purpose specined.


Titnessesz I. O. PADEN, JAs. B. THOMPSON.

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Cooperative ClassificationE05D3/02