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Publication numberUS1346292 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 13, 1920
Filing dateOct 27, 1919
Priority dateOct 27, 1919
Publication numberUS 1346292 A, US 1346292A, US-A-1346292, US1346292 A, US1346292A
InventorsJohn A Becklund
Original AssigneeJohn A Becklund
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Steam turbine-engine
US 1346292 A
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APPucATloN FILED 00127, 1919.

Plld. July 13, 192..



Specification of Letters Patent.

l Patented July 13,1920.

Application filed October 27, 1919. Serial 110.333,66?.V

Y 'o all w hom it may concern Be it known that I, JOHN A. BnoKLUND, a citizen of the United States, residing at Gentralia, inthe county of Lewis and State Vof ldfashington, have invented certain new rotor comprisingy a plurality of circularA blades with intervening passages which are connected in series to afford convolving channels in which the steam is most eiliciently employed. Y

By the present invention steam is used eX- pansively and, to accommodate the differences in steam densities, the various steam passages of the rotor are in effect increased in size by dividing and subdividing the streams of the power medium to enable their traveling at approximately twice the speed of the adjacent rotor blades without requiring the latter to be spaced so farapart as to reduce the effective energy of the steam.

The expanding of the steam furthermore increases its velocity and in order thatthe steam may be applied as nearly uniformly as practical throughout the length of a rotor, the blades of the same are of progressively largerdiameters to afford'at similar rotative speeds greater peripheral speeds to the blade elements.

The invention consists in the novel construction, adaptation and combination of parts as will be hereinafter described and claimed.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is a perspective view of an engine embodying the present invention, part of the casinobeing broken away. Fig. 2 is a plan view, shown partly in horizontal section, of the same. Fig. 3 is a transverse vertical section through 3--8 of Fig. 2. y

Fig. 4c is an end elevational view of one of the rotor blades in a form now preferred by me. Fig. 5 is an edge view of Fig. 4.

The embodiment of my invention is illustrated as of the duplex type wherein dupli cate units are employed upon a single shaft in opposed relations for the purpose of overcoming axial thrusts by balancing end pressures of the steam.

y Referring to the drawings, the numeral 1() represents a casing having two axially alined conical cylinders 11, so called, having their smallest `diameters at the midlength of the casing.

Y VF or convenience in manufacture, the ends rof theA casing are provided with removable heads 12 having tangentially disposed outlets for exhaust pipes 13.

As shown, the casing is provided centrally of its length with a single tangentially disposed opening for a steamsupplypipe 14. Journaled in suitable bearing boxes, such as 15, is a shaft 16 extending axially through the casing and having mounted thereon ra drum 17 whichis preferably cylindrical. Secured to or made integral with the casing at its midlength is an arcuate wedge shaped wall 18 dividing the interior of the casing into the cylinders 11 above referred to. rlhe pointed end 1S1 of such wall is located in proximity of and is directed toward the axis of the pipe 14 and serves to divide the steam delivered therefrom into two streams, one for each of said cylinders.A

Mounted upon the drum 17 between spacy ing rings 19 is a plurality of annular blades Q() with outside diameters corresponding to the diameters of the" cylinder bore at, their respective stations. `In Figsfet and 5 l show a typical blade which is formed of a circular plate of suitable outside diameter and having an internal diameter to fit upon said drum. The plate is desirably provided with peripheral notches 21 and from one side of each of the latter,.the plate is cut as at 22 to afford a plurality of circumferentially directed tongues 23. These tongues are bent,

as shown in Fig. 5, to one side of a blade and arranged to extend in inclined directions (Fig. 2) to have the tongue ends secured to the adjacent blade.

Said tongues serve as deflecting walls whereby the streams of steam are caused to be transferred through the respective openings of the successive blades in the travel of the steam through the engine cylinders. Such openings and defiecting tongue or wall elements are provided and arranged with respect to the various blades so that the steam in its progressive travel is divided and subdivided into a number of branch streams. This characteristic of the invention will be understood by reference to Fig.: 1 showing two initial streams, indicated respectively by darts a and Z), which in. their continued travel are divided into two branch streams 032 and b2, which in `like manner are divided to afford four branch streams at and bt.

NVhere the last branches or passages open Vinto a head chamber 121, the terminal blade,

such as 201 is provided with curved buckets lwhich actto direct the streams in an opposite circumferential direction tothat at Vwhich the blades are driven whereby the .greater part'ofthe energy of the steam is Vwithout restricting itsV flow more than is sufficient tok transmit motive power to the rotary'member.- The bladesmay be made' with smooth surfaces vor with corrugations or projections at opposite sides.v

` The construction and operation Aof my invention will; be understood from the forel lcombination of a casing having axially going description.

Athat I cla1m,1s 1. In a'turbine ofthe classdescribed, a

.rotary member having interconnected peripheral blades to afford a primary series of*A convoluting passages and `a Vsecondary `,series of convoluting passages constitutingI branches ofthe first named series.

2. Ina turbine of the class described-a casing havingY a conical chamber, Aa rotary member therein having a plurality of interconnected peripheralblades affording Vconvoluting passages .between the spaces at tive blades, and curved bucket attachments for the blade adjacent to the larger end of said chamber. l

3. In a turbine of the class described, a casing having a conical chamber, a shaft extending axially therethrough, a drum carried on said shaft, series of peripheral blades mounted in spaced relations upon said drum, said blades having portions thereof extended obliquely tov the adj acentblades to afford communication between the spaces intermediate said blades and serving to pro vide 'convoluting passages between the ends of said chamber. Y

4L. -In a turbine of the class described, the combination with the casing, of a rotary Vpower member comprising a shaft, a cylindrical drum thereon, a plurality of circular Y blades mounted in spaced relationsupon the drum,l said blades being of lsuccessively greater diameters and provided with circumferentially fspac'ed apertures, and obliquely arranged wall elements locatedbetween the adjacent blades in proximity `of the respective apertures for directing the fluid power Vmedium progressively` through the spaces between the successivexblades.

5. In a turbine ofthe class described, the

alined conodial chambers and a tangentially arranged steam inlet located in a plane between said charnbers rotar member coinprising a plurality of spaced circular blades in the respective chambers, and a circumferentially tapering partition provided in the easing to direct streams of steam from 'said inlet t0 the blades in both of the casing chambers. y

Signed at Centralia, VVashington, this 11 day of October, 1919.


. E. Z. PnNNiNGToN,

C. E. YVEavEii.

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