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Publication numberUS1346311 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 13, 1920
Filing dateMar 31, 1919
Priority dateMar 31, 1919
Publication numberUS 1346311 A, US 1346311A, US-A-1346311, US1346311 A, US1346311A
InventorsFriedrich Ernest G
Original AssigneeFriedrich Ernest G
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Sanitary toilet
US 1346311 A
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Patented July 13, 1920.

nu, M n R. A M D E L H N nU H A C ll.. DI DI A 1 1 o0 w 3 Q, 1



Patent@ July 13, 1920.




Application filed March 31,

To all whom t concern:

Be it known that l, ERNnsT G. FRIEDRICH, a citizen oit the United States, and a resident of the city of Indianapolis, county of Marion, and State of indiana, have invented certain new and useful Improvemen'ts in Sanitary Toilets, of whichthe i'ollowing is a speciiication.

Wy invention relates to improvements in toilet seats and seat covers in general and more particularly to means for washing and cleansing' such seats after usage.

The principal object ot my invention is the construction of a toilet seat that will be washed and wiped after cach usage thereof. A, nl'nrther object is to provide `a seat that will be washed and wiped while in an upright or 'vertical position. A Jfurther ob` ject is to provide a seatthat will be automatically washed by a predetermined iiow of water whenever the seat is raised or closed and which must be wiped before seat can be released for further usage. A further object is to provide a seat controlling mechanism that may be readily adapted for operation by a coiiiintheslot mechanism. A further object is to provide a mechanism that shall be automatic in action for closing' and washing and manually operated tor release and which shall also be simple and inexpensive of construction and adapted lto application on standard toilet fixtures.

lWith these objects in view, and such others as may appear, my invention relates to details of mechanism and construction illustrated in a preiierred `ll'orm in the annexed drawings, it beine' understood that such modification thereof may be made as shall come within the spirit of the appended claims. p

1n the drawings Figure 1 is a `trout view ot the device with seat in closed position. Fig. 2 is a plan view. Fig'. 3 is a vertical side elevation. Fig. 4 is an enlarged view o'l the .coin controlling` mechanism, Fig'. 5 being' a side elevation of said mechanism,

' and Fig. 6 ascctional.' plan view oi the coin slot. Fig'. is an enlarged fragmentary sectional View oni line 6-`G of Fig. 1. Fig. S is a partial front elevation of an alternative construction ot thelwiper mechanism, Fig'. 9 being a sectional plan view of the water controlling' valve in closed position, and Fig. 10 a sectional plan of valve in open position.

Specification of Letters Eatent.

1919. Serial No. 286,504.

Referring more particularly to the drawings wherein like numbers refer to like parts throughout, the numeral 10 indicates a toilet bowl ot' any conventional design to the rear portion 11 ot which a vertical cover or housing 13 is iixedly attached as by bolts 12. The cover 13 is of bos-like construction having a front cover or Jface 14 through which an arcuate recess 15 is formed for the reception of the seat 1G. The seat 16 is preferably cut away at its inner portion as at 18, leaving a connecting section or neck 17 to support the middle portion of cover 14, the seat being hingedly connected as at 19 to the supporting' extension 20 of cover Patented July 13, 19120.`

13. SeatlG may be provided with an inner and outer flange or rib 21-21 to assist in sealing the opening 15 against the leakage of water therethrough.

Centrally located in cover 13 is a stud 22 which may be provided with a reinforced bearing 23 carryinga projecting` pin 24 to engage one end of a helical spring 25, the opposite end oil? said spring beingV connected to a pin 28 on a sleeve 27 surroundingr a portion of the stud 22. Fixedly attached to sleeve 27 is a Alexible element 29 adapted to be wrapped or wound on said sleeve as at 26,- the opposite end of said flexible element being attached for wrapping engagement upon a roller 37 attached to shaft 36 rotatably mounted within an extended hous ing or coin box 34 attached to the upper portion oiE cover 13. Fixedly mounted on sleeve 27 is a wiping` arm 30 carrying a wipingV element 81 oil any suitable flexible material, the outer extremity oi arm 30 being' carried and `guided in a slot 32 formed in the periphery of cover 18. Arm 30 may be backwardly extended as at 30 in order to `give a double wipingcontact on the face ot the seat.

,Fixedly attached to shaft 36 is an arm 35 carrying a handle or linger grip 39 projecting through an arcuate slot 38 in one face of the housing; 34. Pivotally mounted on arm 35 as at 41 is a pawl 40 riding; through an arcuate housing 42 Xedly mounted on a partition 47 within said housing 34. Communicating; with the arcuate housing 42 is a coin receiving opening 43 and a spurious coin'or slug discharging duct 44 communicating with an opening 45 through one wall of said housing 34, acceptable coins being discharged Jfrom housing 42 at vits extremity 46. The free end of pawl 4Q is arcuately adapted to the circumference or" a coin 48.r An opening 4:9 liav` ing a reducedportion 50 is formed in the lower edge of 'housing Zl2 through which coins or slugs olf smaller diameter or yless thickness than the prescribed coin will pass and be ejected through opening 45, while an acceptable coin will restrin thearcuate end of pawl 40 and will support said pawl during ,its passage' over the enlarged portion i9 of said slot; "if an attempt is made to operate the device without a suitable coin,

` the point 52oi`pawl 4L() will drop by kgravity arm may be provided with an electrically li'eatable coil or elementy 53 connected by a -wire 54 to any outside source of electric current, as at 55, an arcuate :contactshoe 56 beingslidablygengageable with said coil, said shoefbeing electrically connected as at 57 to the opposite side oi said `electric circuit, con.-

y tact between-the element53 and shoe 5613eingbrokenwvhenarm.30 is in retracted or inoperative position.` l The seat 16 isfraised from its horizontal 'position 16 to its closed position withinthe cover 13 by any suitable meansVasa spring `65 or counterweight (not,shown),and is re* tained 1n closed position "by a pawl62 engaging a notchor recess V63 in the outer pe-VV .riphery of said seat, said pawl being pivotally connected to a lever 60 pivotally connected as at 61 to the .housing 3d, a lug` 64 being iixedly mountedon the liexib'le element 2.9to engagewiththe lever 60 to release said seat 'by disengaging itffrom paw-l 62.

YVater is admitted through any suitable pipe 66 to which is attached a valve housing 68 with, preferably, a conicalseat` 69- atc one-portion of its bore, the yremaining portion 71 of the bore lbeing straight A valve plugr82 having` asimi-l Y larv conical por-tion 70 andstnaight portion .72 is mounted with-in the bore Votthe valve, Y said plugfhaving a central bore/i4 andan annular chamber .S1 for the reception of a helical spring 79..' Within the bore 74 is loosely ittedfa. plunger 75 Vhaving an enlarged head 76, Vsaid plunger engaging a lighthelical spring 8O within said.borea bypass 77-conneeting saidborefM with said l inletpipe `66 when said valve is closed. Wa-

ter is discharved `from said valve through an outlet pipe 67 and may be ydistributed over Y 13 by the spring 65.

vsuitable coin within the coin slot the lever hythese Letters Patent is:

within .the cover Y said toilet seat' tlirougliany `desired system of spray ducts or headers (not shown).

In operation the seat 16 is normally held in vertu-:al lclosed position within the cover On the insertion of a 35 may be arcuately moved carrying with it the Viiexible element 29 which causes retation ofA the arm 30- and thoroughly wipes said seat by the wiping element 31 (or 53). Strike Glcontacting with lever operates the pawl 62 and releases Vthe seat which may be lowered as desiredgVVhen the seatiis'rcleased from a horizontalposition it is again raised to a verticalV position by` spring and contactswith the head 76 oi plunger 75V which has been forced outwardlyv by spring 80. Plunger- 7 closes the by-pass 77 and through. the water imprisonedwithin the bore 7t` thev plug82 is forced from its seat and allows' the free passageof water to the outlet pipe 67 from whence it is distributed` over the seat.` The Water slowly v'escaping around the loosely ittedplunger 67. AA suitable drain spout orsluice may be provided tocarry thewater from the.

coverl'into-.the body of the 'bowl 1.

Having thus Vdescribed my invention, what I claim 4as new and desire toprotect A1. In coin-b'nation wi l1 a toilet bovvl a housing rigidly fixed to said bowl, av seat hingedly mounted on said housing, astud centrally located within saidihousing, an arm rotatably mounted on said stud, a sleeve iXedly attached tok said arm, a wiping element ,carried by said arm, a lieXible. clement mounted .on said sleeve for rotation ot Vsaid varni,means for operating, said iieXi-bleelenping the flow of water t0 the discharge pipe i ics ment, means` for Vejecting water upon said l seat wheiiin saidrvertioalnclosed position and means for carrying said'ejected water from said housingto saidbowl, substantiallyl as described. i

2; In a sanitary.toiletl a fixed vertical housing connected'to a bowha seat receiving recess in one wall of said housing, a -seat hingedly mountedr upon said housing, spring actuated ,mea-'11s,V for raising-saidlseat from a horizontalto a vertical position with-in said recess,a loclr for retaining saidseat :in said Araisedposition, a wiper armV mounted -for ried by said iienible element for Vreleasing said seat restraining lock, a water controlling valve within said housing, means for actuating saidvalve by the closing :of said seat, meansfor closing said valve after an interval of time and means for spraying said Water upon said seat and ejeetiog said water into said bowl, substantially as described.

3. In a sanitary toilet an upright housing, a recess within said housing, a hingedly mounted seat closing said recess when in raised position, a rotary wiping element manually operated from without said ho11sing, electric means Yfor heating said wiping element, a Valve within said housing, means for opening said Valve with the closing of said seat, means for closing said valve after an interval oi time, means for distributing water from said valve upon said seat and for returning,` said water to said lirst mentioned bowl, substantially as and for the purpose described.

ln testimony whereof I have signed my named to this speciiication in the presence Aof two subseribino witnesses.

netnsfr e. FRIEDRICH. Witnesses:


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U.S. Classification4/233
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