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Publication numberUS1346602 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 13, 1920
Filing dateSep 10, 1919
Priority dateSep 10, 1919
Publication numberUS 1346602 A, US 1346602A, US-A-1346602, US1346602 A, US1346602A
InventorsLoran Johnston Clarence
Original AssigneeHorace P Brown
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US 1346602 A
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Patented July 13, 1920.

e,ZZ%/z/a9 56% A TTOR NE Y5 by aninterruptedknife which pierces only JUHDJSTON, Q25 UAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, ASSIGNDL',

BROWN, Uh OAKLAND; GALIFORNIA or en's-irate To (ZZZ whom it may concern 2 'Be ithnown that l, Eminence L. J 01-moroiv, a citizen of thellnited States, residing at Oakland. in the county of Alameda and State of Califo'rniaj have invented new and" useful improvements in,lnterfolding1-Machinesj of which the following is a specification. 'Thisinvention relates to cutting and' interfolding two webs of paper to form paclrages consisting of a series of sheets wherein;

the severed endsof two adjacent sheets outfrom one web he within a' central fold of a from incoming to folding. position. Such means include a row of pins to puncture the sheets or suction means to retain the sheets in place on the rolls. Tt has also been pro posed to onlypantially sever the incoming webs in the first instance, leaving enough stool: intact to insure that the webs shall be carried around the roller. Then when the folding takes place the severing of: the par-- tially cut web is completed; This is done at the points where the web is uncut. its an incident to-the operation of this knife it penetrates also the other web and thus in the finished product each sheet will be found to contain perforations along the line of its fold. This of course, is highly objectionable in paper sheets intended fortoilet use.

ln the present invention while it entirely out the sheet at the time of folding, and thus am enabled to do away with means for controlling the loose ends, T first tuclr the incoming web in the gripper or folding jaws to such adepth that when the other web is inserted therein and severed the severing device will not extend to the bottom of the tuck. Tn other words, each incomingweb is given a preliminary tucl: in the folding jaws at alternate points along the length of the Webs, and, thereafter a knife comes into cooperation with the folding jaw to insert the remaining-web and simultaneously sever,

the depth of penetration of the knife being ing the sheet along cachines of ltrecifibefiion st t Patented not 13, 1923 al -replication filed September 10, 1919; Serial No. 322,832.

less than the depth of the tuck in the outside sheet. *Thus there is no danger of puncturr the line of its fold. 1 in the accompanylng drawings l'igure 1 shows a vertical, sectional view .of a machine-embodying my invention.

' l ig's. 2 and 3 show} detail sectional views illustrating different positions of the tucker blade and folding jaws.

h1g5. a and 5 show detail sectional views illustrating diflerent positions of the coopcrating severing device and folding 'aws.

Figs. 6 and 7 are diagrams of inter-folding webs before and after the inside web is cut. The machine herein shown comprises preferably cooperating cylinders 10 and 11, each provided preferably with two reciprocating knives 12 placed at diametrically opposite po nts on the cylinder and two sets of gripper or foldingjaws, each of the latter consisting of one movable jaw 13 and one stationary member 1 These jaws are placed also at diametrically opposite points and at 90 from the knives. A knife on one cylinder cooperates with a pair of jaws on the other cylinder. A cam mechanism 15 "controls the operation of the movable jaws and a cam mechanism 16 controls the opera-- tion of the knives or severing devices.

A web of paper 17 is fed in at each side of the machine, and, overlying each cylinder is a cooperating roll lei carrying a pair of tucker blades 19 to cooperate with the folding aws on the cylinder. The web of paper first passes between the cylinder and roll and the function of the tucker blades is to form a tuck in the web. as shown in Figs. Q'and 3. Thecam mechanism at this point causes the movable jaw to open while the tucker blade forms the tuck, and thereafter the movable jaw closes to retain the tuck until such time as the folding; jaws come into cooperation with the severing devices on the adjacent cylindeia ln this position, as illus trated by Figs. 4 and 5, the movable jaw opens to allow the severing device to be projected between the two jaws The cam v one of said Webs at the time of folding withi not come into contact" with the web of paper .From the foregoing it will be seen that the mechanism necessary to produce folded and interleaved sheets of this character has'been greatly simplified by. reason of my improved method of folding and cutting the sheets; The usual control means has. been eliminated and a better result is produced in that the sheets are not punctured at any point.

Various changes in the construction and arrangement of the several parts herein shown may beresorted to without departing from the spirit of my invention as disclosed in the appended claims.

Having thus described my 'inven'tien,

what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. In an apparatus of the character de scribed, means for folding a pair of Webs of paper and means for completely severing one of said webs at the time of folding without puncturing the other web. In an apparatusof he character described,'means forfolding a-pair of webs of paper and means for completely severing out puncturing the other web, said means acting alternately so that first one .web is severed and then the other. Q

3. A method of lnterfolding paper which consists in alternately folding one web witha n the other and simultaneously severing the inside web. 7

aeeaeoa 41.1%. method of interfolding two websof paper which consists in forming a tuck in eachweb at altennate points and folding the remainder into said tuck'and simultaneously severing it.

5. An appar'atus' of the character -"de.-'

scribed-comprising means for feeding a pair of Webs of paper, means for forming a tuck ineach web at alternate points and means for inserting the other web into the tuck and simultaneously severing it.

6. In an apparatus, of the character described, a pair of codperating cylinders be tween which are fed two Webs ofpaper, a set of folding jaws on each cylinder, means to cooperate with each set of folding jaws to form a 'tuck in each web at alternate points and a severing device carried by each cylinder to cooperate with the folding jaws on the other cylinder and actin'g'to insert a web into the tuck on the other Web and simultaneously sever it."

7. In an apparatus of the'chaiacter de-.

scribed, a pair of-cooperating cylinders between which a pair of Webs of paper are fed, a set of, folding'jaws on each cylinder, a roller cooperating with each cylinder and provided with 'a tucker blade which serves to form a tuck in each web at alternate points and severing devices carried by each cylinder, the severing device on one cylinder coiiperating with the folding jaws on the other and operative to insert a .Web of paper into the tuck formed in the other web to simultaneously sever the webwhich is-inserted.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in the presence of two'subscribing witnesses.


EDMUND J os. FAn NA, V G. E. Fnrsnm.

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U.S. Classification270/39.9
International ClassificationB65H45/12, B65H45/24
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