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Publication numberUS1346683 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 13, 1920
Filing dateOct 14, 1919
Priority dateOct 14, 1919
Publication numberUS 1346683 A, US 1346683A, US-A-1346683, US1346683 A, US1346683A
InventorsReynolds Joseph N
Original AssigneeReynolds Joseph N
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US 1346683 A
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1. N. REYNOLDSI HAND covEmNGl APPLICATION FILED OCT. 14, 1919. 1,346,683, Patented July 13, 1920.



APPLICATION FILED OCT. 14,I9I9. 1,346,683, .Patented July 13, 1920.





Specification of Letters Patent.

Application led October 14, 1919. Serial No. 330,542.

useful Improvements in Hand-Coverings,

of which the following is a specification.

The object of this invention is to provide a glove or mitten which will. permit the wearer to obtain an effectual grip upon tools or ilnplements operated and controlled by him and is designed more particularly for automobilists to enable them to maintain a firm hold upon the steering wheel of an automobile.

In traveling over rough or slippery roads accidents are frequently caused b the steering wheel slippingin the hand of the driver so that the steering 'gear frequently becomes locked and disastrous results follow. My invention seeks to provide an inexpensive and simple device by which the safety of the occupants of an automobile will be assured and accidents due to the failure of the operator to control the steering wheel at all times and under all circumstances will be prevented. To this end I provide a glove or mitten with a gripping surface which. will positively prevent slipping of the steering wheel in the hand of the operator. i

The invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is a plan view of one embodiment of my invention;

Fig. 2 is a cross section on the line 2 2 of Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a view of another embodiment of the invention; Y

Fig. 4 is a section on the line 4 4 of Fig. 3; v

Fig. 5 is a view of a mitten embodying the invention;

Fig. 6 shows another embodiment of the invention;v

Fig. 7 is a section on the line 7-7 of Fig. 6.

The glove 1 will, in its general features, be of the usual construction having a wrist portion, a palm portion, and a thumb and fingers. The glove will preferably be constructed of textile material such as canvas, indicated at 2, and upon the grippin or working surfaces of the textile glove, apply a thin membrane of rubber, indicated at '3, and vulcanize this membrane onto the canvas or other textile material so that it will be inseparably connected therewith. The rubber will be serrated, ribbedor other- Wise provided with a roughened surface, as shown at 4. The membrane may be iven various forms and in Fig. 1 I 'have illus trated one application of the invention in which a plurality of circular gripping surfaces are provided on the glove in the palm of the same, as shown at 5, and at intervals along the fingers and thumb, as shown at 6. 'Fhe working face of the membrane will have circular or spiral ribs 6 formed thereon and it will be obvious that the roughened surface thus produced will permit the user to maintain a firm grip upon the steering wheel of the vehicle under all circumstances:r

By providing a thin rubber membrane upon the glove so that it may be worn un er all Weather conditions without discomfort and while I have shown complete fin ers 7 it is to be understood that the back o the glove and the backs of the fingers may be open, if preferred, when the glove is to be worn in hot weather. It is also to be understood that, while the membrane is shown extending entirely around the fingers in Fig. l2, a plurality of separate membrane's having the respective areas defined by the several groups of ribs may be employed.

In Figs. 3 and 4 I have shown the glove provided .with a single continuous mem# brane 8 upon 'the surface of which intersecting ribs 9 are formed, the membranes and the rib's extending over the entire palm portion of the glove and over the entire inner surfaces of the fingers and being shown as extending over the innermost portion of the thumb but not entirely over the face of the thumb. It may, of course, extend over the entire face of the thumb if so olesired. A single membrane such as shown in Fig. 3 may be more rapidly applied to the glove than a plurality of small separated membranes such as indicated in Fig. 1 and may, therefore, be preferable as the cost will be somewhat less than is the case with the embodiment of the invention illustrated in Fig. 1, but the form shown in Fig. 1 may perhaps produce a glove, the fiexibility of which will be considered greater or more desirable than is the case with the glove shown in Fig'. 3. However, the particular form of the membrane and the particular design ofthe gripping surface imparted thereto may be varied at will, the essential Patented July 13,1920.

feature being the provision of a light comfortable glove which will have a rough Y may be applied to mittens, and in Fig. 5 I

have shown a mitten `provided with a rubber membrane having intersecting ribs 9 of the same form as those shown in Fig. 3. In Figs. 6 and 7, the gripping surface is shown in theform of parallel ribs 10 extending from the Wrist portion of the glove to the tips of the fingers.

' said membranehaving a plurality of closelyarranged definite projections forming a y roughened gripping surface approximately coextensive with the palm and linger portions of the textile body, the area uncovered by the projections beingslight relative to the area covered by them.

In testimon whereof I aflix m signature.` JOSEP N. REYNOLD [11. s]

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European ClassificationA41D19/015G, A41D19/00P2C