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Publication numberUS1347471 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 20, 1920
Filing dateJul 25, 1919
Priority dateJul 25, 1919
Publication numberUS 1347471 A, US 1347471A, US-A-1347471, US1347471 A, US1347471A
InventorsConnors Alford A
Original AssigneeConnors Alford A
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Book-holder for beds, &c.
US 1347471 A
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Patented July 20, 1920 INVENTOR. ALrofia/iomvops A TTORNEYS.




Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented July 20, 1920.

Application filed July 25, 1919. Serial No. 313,356.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that 1, Au ora) A. CoNNons, a citizen of the United States, residing at Universal City, in the county of Los Angeles and State of California, have invented new and useful Improvements in Book-Holders for Beds, &c., of which the following is a specification. v

My object is to make a bookholder for beds, easy chairs and the like, and my inven tion consists of the novel features herein shown, described and claimed.

Figure 1 is a view in elevation showing a bookholder embodying the principles of my invention attached to the head board of a bedstead, the other parts of the bedstead being broken awayand omitted.

Fig. 2 is a cross sectional detail upon an enlarged scale and upon a plane parallel with Fig. 1 and showing the clamp for attaching the bookholder to the bedstead.

Fig. 3 is an enlarged sectional detail on the line 3-3 of Fig. 1 and looking in the direction indicated by the arrow.

Fig. 1 is a top plan View of one of the joints as seen looking in the direction indicated by the arrow 4 in Fig. 5.

Fig. 5 is a side elevation of the parts shown in Fig. 4 and looking in the direction indicated by the arrow 5 in Fig. 4.

Fig. 6 is a fragmentary perspective showing a book upon the bookholder ready for use.

The horizontal upper rail 1 of the bedstead head board 2 is circular in cross section, and the clamp 3 is adapted to rigidly engage this rail. The details of the clamp 3 are as follows:

The swivel head 41 is formed rigid with the clamping jaw 5, the arm 6 and the screw bearing 7. The clamping jaw 5 fits against one side of the rail. The arm 6 extends horizontally from the head a in the opposite direction from the jaw 5, and the bearing 7 extends downwardly from the forward end of the arm 6. The clamping screw 8 is screw seated through the bearing 7, the adjustable clamping jaw 9 is swiveled upon the point of the screw 8 and engages the rail 1 in opposition to the jaw 5. The screw 8 has a wing head 10 for manual manipulation. The point of the thumb screw 8 is reduced to form a pintle 11 extending loosely through the center of the jaw 9 and a head 12 is upset on the end of the pintle 11 to make a swivel connection and to prevent separation.

The swiveled head 13 hasa pintle 14 tending loosely through the swivel head 4. and the pintle 14 has an upset portion 15 t i hold the pintle from being withdrawn. The upper end of the swiveled head 13 is bifurcated to form a bearing 16. The arm 17 has a single bearing 18 fitting between th parts of the bifurcated bearing 16, and a thumb screw 19 connects the bearings 16 and 18 together, so that the arm 17 extends horizontally when the swiveled head 13 is vertical.

The arms 20 and 21 are substantially like the arm 17, and the three arms are connected together by thumb screws 22 and 23. The swivel arm 24' is comparativelv short and is connected to the arm 21 by a thumb screw 25. The swiveled head 26 fits upon the pintle 27 formed at the lower end of the swivel arm 241 and is held in place by the upset portion 28. The swiveled arm 29 is tapped into the head 26. The hook 30 is formed upon the lower end of the swiveled arm 29 and the book frame 31 is mounted upon the hook- 30.

The details of the book frame 31 are as follows:

The attaching plate 32 is formed at right angles to the supporting plate The central frame bar 34 is connected to the attaching plate 32 by the thumb screw 35. The side bars 36 and 37 are connected to the ends of the attaching plate 32 by thumb screws 38 and 39, the fingers 40 and 41 being placed upon the thumb screws 38 and 39 in front of the attaching plate.

The brace 42 is connected to the upper end of the central frame bar 34 by a thumb screw 43 and to the upper ends of the side bars 36 and 37 by thumb screws 44- and 45. The socket 416 is connected to the bar 34 and the'hook 30 fits in the socket 46, so that when the swiveled arm 29 is vertical the book frame is tilted with the upper part forwardly of its lower part.

The book 17 is placed behind the fingers 40 and 41 upon the supporting plate 33 in front of the central frame bar 34 and the side bars 36 and 37, and the upper inner ends of the fingers 40 and 41 press against the face of the open book and hold the book from falling forwardly and hold the book open, so that a person may lie on his back,

' .:or in an inclined position upon the bed, or

jin an easy chair or the like and bring the jbook into convenient position for reading. The joints controlled by the thumb screws V claimed. 7 if I claim: 7 p

1. A bookhololer for beds and the like comprising a clamp adapted to engage the upon the clamp having a vertical axis and having a bifurcated upper, end, an arm adapted to be clamped within the bifurcated end of the swivel and extending .outwardly therefrom, a second arm connected Ito the first arm by a clamping joint, a third {arm connected to the second arm by a {clamping joint, and a book frame connected to the third arm by a clamping'joint and adapted to hold a book in position to be read by a person lying upon'his back upon a bed. c v 2. A bookholder for beds and the like comprising a clamp having a swivel head, a rigid clamping aw extending one way 'fromthe swivel head, an arm extending the other Way from the swivelhead, a screw bearing extending downwardly from the outer end of the arm', a clamping screw I adjustablev clamping jaw carried by the clamping screw in oppositlon to the rigid clamping aw; a swiveled head havmg a 22, 23 and 25 are constructed to clamp by,

parting from the spirit of my invention as a round horizontal head rail of a bed, a swivelmounted through the screw bearing, and anv pintlerexten ding loosely through the swivel head and upset, the upper end of the swiveled head'bemg bifurcated to form a bearmg; anarm having a slngle bearing fitting the bifurcated bearing, and a thumb screw connecting the bearings together so thatthe arm ,is horizontal when the swiveled head is vertical;-a second arm hinged to the outer end of the first arm; a third arm hinged to the second arm; a short swivel arm hinged to the third arm and having a tpintle; a swiveled head fitting upon the pin tle,the 'pin'tle being upset aswi'veled armi V tapped into the swiveled head and having a hook formed'upon its lower'endy and a book frame mounted uponthe hook.

3. In a bookholder, a vertical arm having a pintle upon its lower end, a swiveled head through which; the cpintleextends, the pmtle being upset, at swlveled arm screwed into the swiveled head and extendingdown- 'wardly, a hook upon thejlower end of the swiveled arm and extending 'upwardly and outwardly at an mcline; a book frame hav- I ing an attaching plate formed'at right angles to asupporting' plate,a central frame gage the leaves; and means for connecting" the vertical arm to the head rail o'fa bed so that a person may 'lie'flat upon his back upon the bed andrea'd the book;

Intestimonywhereof I have signed my name to this specification.

"ALFORD-VA, co NoRs. a

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U.S. Classification248/445, 248/447.2
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